Aunt Doris Just Said it All about Donald Trump


A comment from reader Harriet Elliott:

Jan, like Aunt Doris, all the four sons of my grandmother volunteered to fight in WW2,  Trump is a chicken hawk- did you hear that song?

Since you so kindly offer me space to post (are you objecting that you never okayed me getting off message?), I want to bring to the attention of your readers the lawsuit by former employee John St. Clair Akwei who talks about neural monitoring by the N.S.A.  Normally I would disregard such spooky (both senses) stuff, yet this old lady is actually a target of all this expensive satellite to brain shit.  No Kidding.  Please google to learn more!

Mark Delpapa: Electronic Wanted Poster



DOB:  7/17/60 [May use variations, like 7/1/61]

Lives in the Northwestern San Fernando Valley area

I’m eager to get in touch with anybody who has information on Mark Delpapa. Note that this doesn’t mean that he has done anything wrong. If you know anything or know anybody who might know anything about him bad, good, or otherwise, please e-mail me at:

I’m specifically wondering whether you know if he’s ever (a) claimed to be a paralegal and (b) if he did, did he accept money or other property for his services from you or somebody else.

His known criminal record:



One Hundred Points of Fear


100 Points of Fear (with a tip of my hat to Egon Bondy and the Plastic People of the Universe and the Czechoslovakian “Velvet Revolution”)

Trump is afraid.

  1. He is afraid of journalism.

  2. He is afraid of reporters.

  3. He is afraid of editors.

  4. He is afraid of fact checkers.

  5. He is afraid of pundits and columnists.

  6. He is afraid of bloggers.

  7. He is afraid of pollsters and polls and even of Poles.

  8. He is afraid of science.

  9. He is afraid of meteorologists.

  10. He is afraid of biologists.

  11. He is afraid of physicists.

  12. He is afraid of astronomers.

  13. He is afraid of social science.

  14. He is afraid of political scientists.

  15. He is afraid of economists.

  16. He is afraid of historians.

  17. He is afraid of sociologists.

  18. He is afraid of information and truth.

  19. He is afraid of books.

  20. He is afraid of research.

  21. He is afraid of statistics.

  22. He is afraid of philosophy and logic.

  23. He was afraid to go to Vietnam.

  24. He was afraid to protest the Vietnam War.

  25. He is afraid of bacteria and viruses.

  26. He is afraid of venereal disease.

  27. He is afraid to shake hands.

  28. He is afraid of the law and of courts.

  29. He is afraid of judges and lawyers.

  30. He is afraid of juries and their verdicts.

  31. He is afraid of international treaties.

  32. He is afraid of the United Nations.

  33. He is afraid of diplomacy and diplomats.

  34. He is afraid of the European Union.

  35. He is afraid of the Russians and of Vladimir Putin.

  36. He is afraid of the Chinese and of Xi Jinping.

  37. He is afraid of Mexico and Mexicans.

  38. He is afraid of the Democrats.

  39. He is afraid of the Republicans.

  40. He is afraid of the Libertarians and the Greens.

  41. He is afraid of Hilary Clinton.

  42. He is afraid of Bernie Sanders.

  43. He is afraid of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

  44. He is afraid of John McCain.

  45. He is afraid of Lindsay Graham.

  46. He is afraid of Ted Cruz.

  47. He is afraid of John Kasich.

  48. He is afraid of Marco Rubio.

  49. He is afraid of his own Vice President.

  50. He is afraid of the right, of the center, and of the left.

  51. He is afraid of the educated.

  52. He is afraid of the uneducated.

  53. He is afraid of Islam.

  54. He is afraid of Christianity.

  55. He is afraid of Judaism.

  56. He is afraid of non-Abrahamic religion.

  57. He is afraid of Atheism and Atheists.

  58. He is afraid of that which he does not understand.

  59. He is afraid of that which he does understand.

  60. He is afraid of his own ignorance.

  61. He is afraid of people who think he’s ignorant.

  62. He is afraid of undocumented immigrants.

  63. He is afraid of documented immigrants.

  64. He is afraid of American citizens.

  65. He is afraid of foreign citizens.

  66. He is afraid of Gay people.

  67. He is afraid of Lesbians.

  68. He is afraid of Bisexuals.

  69. He is afraid of Transgender people.

  70. He is afraid of Intersex people.

  71. He is afraid of straight people.

  72. He is afraid of art.

  73. He is afraid of books and poems.

  74. He is afraid of theatres and films.

  75. He is afraid of CDs and DVDs.

  76. He is afraid of writers and poets.

  77. He is afraid of actors.

  78. He is afraid of painters and sculptors.

  79. He is afraid of musicians and singers.

  80. He is afraid of dance and dancers.

  81. He is afraid of the free flow of information.

  82. He is afraid of foreign literature and papers.

  83. He is afraid of technological progress.

  84. He is afraid of letters.

  85. He is afraid of telephones.

  86. He is afraid to let people out.

  87. He is afraid to let people in.

  88. He is afraid of changes of the ruling clique in Moscow.

  89. He is afraid of his own security force.

  90. He is afraid of the Secret Service.

  91. He is afraid of the FBI.

  92. He is afraid of the CIA.

  93. He is afraid of American spies.

  94. He is afraid of foreign spies.

  95. He is afraid of today’s evening.

  96. He is afraid of tomorrow’s morning.

  97. He is afraid of each and every day.

  98. He is afraid of the past and of the future.

  99. He is afraid of jokes, satire, and honesty.

  100. He is afraid of freedom and democracy.

So why the hell are we afraid of Trump….and as Madonna spoke truth to power, FUCK YOU!

Oneil Marion Cannon Friend & Comrade R.I.P.

Oneil Marion Cannon

My friend and comrade Oneil Cannon, former Los Angeles County Chairperson of the Communist Party USA, has passed on.  One of the grand old men of the L.A. left, the best reminiscence I have of him is totally apolitical:  back in the early 80s he gave me one of his collard green plants which I transplanted to where I then lived in Silverlake and taught me his collard recipe.  Something I’ve never told anybody on the political front though, as a loyal union printer, he counterfeited 1,500 corporate proxies to prevent the police from ejecting union picketers at the scene of a corporate shareholders’ meeting during a strike and corporate campaign on behalf of the Graphic Communications International Union, District Council 2 (now part of the Teamsters).  It was a tremendous act of civil disobedience!

From the family’s Facebook event page:



January 28, 1917 – January 20, 2017

Oneil Cannon died in his sleep at 12:20 a.m., the last morning of President Barak Obama’s Administration. He was wearing one of his Obama T-Shirts at the time.

* Oneil Cannon was known to activists as the union printer to the left. His print shop, Fidelity Educational Press printed leaflets, journals and brochures for community organizations, political campaigns and churches especially those looking for a “Union Printer”

In 1985 he co founded the Paul Robeson Community Center, a multi-racial Community Center in South Los Angeles, whose mission is inter-racial and inter-cultural understanding through education.

Fought along with his wife, Adele, to bring equal education to South Los Angeles, including the multi year struggle to bring a Junior College to South Los Angeles, which culminated in the establishment of Southwest Community College, which held its first classes 50 years ago, in 1967.

Born in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, on January 28, 1917, son of a minister and Great Grandson to Salina Eggerson, a slave and her Irish slave-owner, Charlie Cannon. Having lived 100 years, he was a living link to the past. He remembered being visited by this iconoclastic former slave-owner/great grandfather, who regularly brought Oneil and his siblings candy and little gifts 44 years after the end of slavery.

As a young insurance agent in New Orleans, joined a left union, the UOPWA – the United Office of Professional Workers of America, when it began organizing insurance agents in New Orleans. There he began meeting Longshoremen and other left Union members, who all went to the same meetings and supported each other. Ultimately, his boss fired everyone associated with the union, who said that “Universal Life is not going to be coerced by a bunch of communists.” which was the first, but far from the last time that he would hear the term “communist” being used to justify the firing or isolation of people active in the movement for social change.

He also got to know students at Tulane and Dillard University (sometimes called the “Red Schoolhouse” because some of the leading people there were “left” and also because Black and White students used to associate there together – which in the late 30’s and early 40’s was unheard of – and against the law. At one point they were all arrested, not because of communist activity, but because they were violating the miscegenation laws which outlawed Blacks and whites from being together anywhere.

After World War II, he moved to Los Angeles, and brought his wife Elizabeth and children, in order to, as he put it “leave the stranglehold of discrimination and racism in the south”, to join most of his sisters and brothers who also migrated to L.A. after the war.

In 1955 he married a Jewish fellow activist, Adele Rosenfield Goodman Cannon. As an interracial couple they continued to support each other in their fight for justice for the next 54 years.

He “broke the color line” in the Printing Industry by fighting along with Progressive white trade unionists to become the first African American member of the Printer’s Union in Los Angeles.

Although he became a member of the printers’ union in the early 1950’s, never-the-less, he was unable to find work because the printing industry remained segregated—thus he founded his own company: Distinctive Press, later to become Fidelity Educational Press.

Charlotta Bass

He learned printing at Frank Wiggins Trade School, the predecessor to Los Angeles Trade Technical College and sometimes worked for Charlotta Bass, the publisher of THE CALIFORNIA EAGLE, the progressive Black newspaper. He also started his first print shop in the basement of the EAGLE, but moved elsewhere as his business grew.  [Charlotta Bass ran for Vice President on the Progressive Party ticket with Vincent Hallinan in 1952; my parents voted for them–Jan Tucker]

He taught printing to generations of printers, including at “S.T.E.P.” one of the “(Anti) Poverty Programs in South Los Angeles.

As part of the South East Inter Racial Council, he fought to

o Bring “Negro History Week” into the L.A. City Schools;

o End segregated housing and restrictive covenants, including guarding the homes of pioneering Black families when they moved into formerly all white enclaves, and picketing stores and banks demanding that they hire African and Mexican Americans.

Became a member of the Communist Party U.S.A. and became the Educational Director of Southern California, and a member of the Southern California and National Central Committees of same.

Fought as part of the Independent Progressive Party (IPP) to

o Force employers to hire African and Mexican Americans where the slogan was “Don’t bank or buy where you can’t work!”

o Put Henry Wallace and the Independent Progressive Party (IPP) on the Ballot in the late 1940’s

o Elect Blacks and Latino representatives at all levels of government.

Paul Robeson

Counted among his friends many leaders and later elected officials of the African-American community. Paul Robeson was one of these valued friends, Oneil would see Paul whenever he came to Los Angeles.

Was friends with and helped elect numerous representatives of Color to political office in Los Angeles, including Augustus “Gus” Hawkins, Tom Bradley, Ed Roybal, Diane Watson, Maxine Waters and Karen Bass.

Angela Davis

Fought to free the Rosenbergs and later Angela Davis.

Demonstrated against the wars in Vietnam and continued to fight for Middle East peace.

Campaigned to elect President Obama in 2008, and wept with joy along with thousands of others when Obama was elected. He died peacefully in his sleep, wearing one of his Obama tee shirts.

He is survived by his 107 year old sister, Vera Bullen, his four Children: Lloyd Cannon (Jeannette), Lorraine Lockett (William), Brenda Marshall, Denese Lewis (Ray) and two step-children Dale Goodman and Jan Goodman (Jerry Manpearl) and his many grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews as well as his many, many friends and admirers.

Please, no flowers. Donations to two of his favorite organizations, would have pleased him greatly and would be greatly appreciated: KPFK Radio ( or 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91604 or to Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP) in his honor.

A Celebration of his life is being planned for his 100th Birthday on January 28, 2017 at 2:30 pm in Santa Monica, CA. Please accept the Facebook invitation if you are planning on coming, or RSVP to so that we can plan accordingly

A Comment from Clyde Kuhn:

I’m sure other Peace and Freedom candidates will remember Oneil (and Adele and their close friends Admiral and Dawn Dawson) for their strong and unwavering support of their campaigns, in addition to simply being the good and decent people that they were.  There could be found no finer examples of the old Left in our time.

In fond memory, and with best wishes for his (their) survivors,

Clyde Kuhn, P&F Lieutenant Governor candidate, 1982, 1986 and 1990.

A comment from Jim Smith
Name: Jim Smith



Comment: I am proud to count Oneil and his late wife and comrade, Adele, as friends. Oneil was a stalwart member of the Communist Party and the Peace and Freedom Party, but he was never dogmatic. He was often critical, mostly in private, of some policies of both groups. But that did not keep him from being a constant fighter for socialism and for an end to racial and national oppression.

Oneil’s print shop, Fidelity Educational Press, had a “political rate” that enabled many poor peoples organizations to get their message printed. When I was arrested and convicted of civil disobedience on behalf of a supermarket strike, Oneil let me serve my community service sentence in his print shop.

A short remembrance of Oneil’s life cannot do justice to his years of activity. Oneil packed 200 years of activism into his 100 years of life.



Tucker Teaches


Excerpted from California Association of Licensed Investigators  CALI eNewsletter 1-17-17

South Bay-Long Beach District Report

On Saturday, September 9, 2016, the South Bay/Long Beach District presented a Training Meeting with Private Investigator and CALI Member Jan Tucker, with the subject of “Public Records and How to get Them”.  The Saturday morning training was held at the Torrance Moose Lodge.

Mr. Tucker gave in-depth information, detailed citations of authority, provided  forms and “go-by” examples for various inquiries and requests for public records.  Because of his extensive experience, Mr. Tucker provided informative illustrations
on how investigators could use the following tools:

¿    The federal  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),
¿    The California Public Records Act,
¿    The California Legislature Open Records Act
¿    Touhy Requests
¿    California Information Practices Act.

After the presentation, Mr. Tucker had a question and answer session.  A number of attendees remarked that they were anxious to apply the newly acquired tools to their investigations.

During lunch, attendees had an informal information sharing session.  The South Bay/Long Beach District owes Mr. Tucker thanks for a great and very informative presentation.

Also, CALI Vice President Maki Kudaka and Orange County District Co-Governor Cynthia Cavalie got up early and provide extensive support for the logistics of the meeting!  Thank you!

South Bay / Long Beach 2nd Quarter Meeting
The South Bay / Long Beach District will be presenting the next Meeting/Training session on Saturday, January 28, 2017, at the Peris Restaurant, 12155 E Carson St, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716.

The meeting portion will be held at 8:30 AM-9:00 AM.  Expenditures by the District for Legislator’s Day and other fiscal matters will be proposed and put to a vote by district members.  District members are encouraged to attend to make your voice heard.

The training will be from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Private Investigator and CALI member Chris Woodward will be holding a Seminar on “Marketing your PI Business.”  Chris will show us how to expand our customer base and income flow.  More details will be forthcoming on the CALI Listserv and CALI Event Calendar.

Maki Kudaka and Isadore Hall III

After the training session I invited CALI Vice President Maki Kudaka to come over to an event with State Senator Isadore Hall, who has been a great advocate for private investigators.  Hall was recently appointed  to the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board by Governor Brown.