Bio: Margo Simone

Born under the winter constellation’s brightest star Sirius, twinkling vividly and serendipitiously transfixed by the muse of probe besets the style, swagger and legacy of the writer, Margo Simone. Jotting poems, whimsical narratives and participation in oral interpretation prevailed curious streaks of imagination amid the patois accentuating urban culture. Credulously Los Angeles Trade Technical College facilitated the qualitive format toward journalism and business proficiency encouraging and effecting the transition to radio broadcasting at Elkin’s Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. Diversfied stints at WXLL AM radio, WGNX channel 46, Prime Cable public access stimulated professional growth and hands on expertise. The culmination of these dynamic skills concurred the multi-media production of Bessie & Me a play funded by the Fulton County Art Council. Intermittent passage of fads, friends and time lead to the privotal moment along the path juncturing in West Los Angeles at UCLA’s creative writer’s program. The genres developed were screenwriting, television: episodic and comedy and penning for periodicals. Further accomplished or by hocus pocus a science fiction script won acceptance to USC’s Guy Alexander Hawk’s Screenwriter workshop. Explicitly the list of writer credit’s constitute serious, speculative and fey artistic compositions: Freelance Articles- Collective Consciousness, Visionaries & Pieces of Dreams, Talking about Buddha, The Holy Dollar, An Almost Forgotten Story, Guess Who Owns Me Now, Misogynist, Old Enemies, A Diverse World. Commentaries- Another chapter, Bliss, Maybe The Elders Exaggerated . Fatuously faithful and absorbingly reminiscent, Ms. Simone’s muse smiles having observed the metier completion of a screenplay texured to the broad ethnic spectrum of urban life and two roman a clef novels presently available for publication.

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same!


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L to R:  Jan B. Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, Roland Freeman

L to R: Jan B. Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, Roland Freeman

On the second Sunday of the month one can casually patronize Aunt Rosa Lee’s Soul Food cafe and for the price of a meal rub shoulders with a faithful round-up of comrades, i.e., activists for social change, watchers of current events affiliated and not affiliated with the Black Panther Party. Hold on to your hat, this clique isn’t tooting violence or destruction. The unwritten mission statement is being active and consciously engaged to advent change towards community empowerment. Be advised this is a congenial, informal breakfast; not a speaker’s forum open to ranters.

Michael McCarty (Chicago Black Panther) , Jan B. Tucker

Michael McCarty (Chicago Black Panther) , Jan B. Tucker

The atmosphere was palm shakes and hearty prattle. Mike McCarty (formerly of the Chicago Black Panthers) passed a book titled, ‘The Burglary‘, a behind the scene account of the clandestine files pertaining to J. Edgar Hoover. The melodramatic was on scale with cloak and dagger espionage concerning covert government operatives.

Dedon KamathI, KPFK Show Host

Dedon KamathI, KPFK Show Host

Breaking bread was Jan B. Tucker, long time civil rights activist, Carlos Callejo and Guillermo Suarez, representing Movimiento Liberacion Nacional (MLN), specifically announcing the Forty-fourth National Chicano Moratorium Commemoration on August 30, 2014 and a call towards solidarity. Also present, the KPFK FM radio personality, Dedon Kamathi, the host of a Saturday afternoon show. He established several fundamental directives towards harnessing human resources and being a watcher of current events leading toward the ultimate catastrophe escalated by over population and a shrinking labor market, be it Armageddon, revolution or both.

Black-Brown Solidarity in action:  Carlos Callejo, Dedon Kamathi, Guillermo Suarez

Black-Brown Solidarity in action: Carlos Callejo, Dedon Kamathi, Guillermo Suarez

As a footnote the former agenda of the original Black Panther Party was to organize breakfast and employment programs. However, their national notoriety was televised by their efforts to test the integrity of the law pertaining to the constitutional right to bear arms. Thereon, the group collided with law enforcement agencies when brandishing arms in public areas within the penal code.

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