United States vs. Daniel Nicherie
Case No. 04-CR-00354-DSF
United States vs. Anthony Pellicano (D. Nicherie)
Case No. 05-CR-1046-DSF
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case include:  Ami and Sarit Shafrir, Menachem "Mike" Klein,
Hai and Assaf Waknine, Anthony Pellicano, Alexander Procter,
Marvin Green, Blake Tek Yoon, and many others.  

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Are You a Victim of Pellicano & Cohorts'
Identity Theft & Fraud?

J.B. Tucker & Associates has obtained a database from some
17,000 refund checks that were supposed to be issued by Amtec
Audiotext, Inc.  See the link below to see if your name is in the
data base. According to our sources, a computer disc containing
"personal information" as defined in the California Civil Code was
seized by the Israel border police, the Mishmar Hagvuel, from
Sarit Shafrir.  It was later turned over to Israel's foreign
intelligence service, the Mossad, and thereafter made it's way to
the U.S. Department of Defense which investigated whether this
data had been used to defraud the United States government.

Daniel Nicherie's former attorneys obtained a detailed statement
and created an analysis as to how identity theft data was used in
a variety of fraudulent ways, including:

  • Small billing fraud where odd amounts would show up on credit
    card billings and telephone billings for no apparent reason in
    ways that most people would not question
  • Billings for non-existent magazine subscriptions
  • In connection with extortion directed against military personnel
    who were threatened with false allegations that they had viewed
    gay pornographic websites and coerced into allowing the use of
    their military issued credit cards for "empty box" shipments

If you think that you could be a victim of identity theft or fraud in
connection with US v Pellicano, Amtec Audiotext, Amlon Publishing
Group, Federal Transtel or other entities, click here to search at
Editorial by Jan B. Tucker
At the height of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's, H. Rap Brown of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
summed up our system of criminal procedure (note I say "criminal procedure" as opposed to "criminal justice") by opining that
"Justice in the United States means 'just us' white folk."  Partially due to the continuation of outright bigotry and prejudice and in a
large way through the indifference of prosecutors who are lily white and grew up in white middle class American households (who
feel good about themselves because their associations with Coconuts and Oreos enables them to pretend that they're pursuing
race-neutral policies of meting out "justice," H. Rap's dicta is still all too very true.

The way that "justice" is supposed to work when prosecutors use reasonable discretion in deciding who to prosecute, who to give
immunity to, who to ignore, who to throw the book at and who to grant leniency to has a lot to do with their perspective--their point of
view.  Most reasonable people regardless of point of view would agree that it's appropriate to give deals to white collar non-violent
criminals to get them to "roll-over" and testify against violent criminals, especially murderers.  But that is not what's going on with the
United States Attorney's Office in relation to the Pellicano case and related matters.  What seems to be going on is that
zealously granting leniency to people involved with violence, threats of violence and people that they know or should know are
murderers in order to put away non-violent alleged white collar criminals.

What pisses me off even more is that these white boys don't seem to care one iota that the primary white collar victims of the scam
artists that they are ignoring happen to be African American and Latino.  

Case in point:  Representative Diane Watson took the lead in helping the Leimert Park community business owners and residents run
an arms dealing operation out of the neighborhood that was trading in explosives, like C-4 and hand-grenades (sound familiar to what
was found in Tony Pellicano's office?).  Well our sources tell us some very interesting things that the African-American community
didn't even know:  the whole operation was probably funded by laundered ecstasy money handed out by recently convicted Israeli
mobster Hai Waknine.  Waknine pleaded guilty to racketeering just before he would have had to face Daniel Nicherie's mother who
was about to testify about how she'd paid $100,000 to prevent Waknine from having Daniel 'wacked' while awaiting trial.

Furthermore, the same cabal that has put Daniel Nicherie behind bars was in part motivated to do so because he'd been blowing the
whistle on their "small billing" frauds that were specifically targeted against African American and Latino communities throughout
America.  For instance, a boiler room with thousands of employees was set up to target a poor community in Philadelphia.  
Telemarketers placed calls to the households in the community and whether or not the residents agreed to buy anything, using the
fact that the telephone call was answered as justification of the purported "mistake," the people had charges added to their telephone
bills, month after month after month.

Another direct attack on the African American community that is being ignored by prosecutors, not because they're overt racists but
probably because they either just don't care about Black and Brown people or else because they're P.I.A.M.F.'s (
Pendejo Ignorant Ass
extortion plots that occurred in the 1990's orchestrated by some of the same players who have now set up Daniel Nicherie (see
the story below,
Games Lawyers Play) about how African American rap artists were targeted for extortion.

Finally, after Daniel and his father, Emmanuele Nicherie financed a class action suit on their own dime on behalf of 5,700 primarily
African American and Latino employees in the aerospace industry who'd been chemically poisoned, they attempted to buy a hospital
to give desperately needed care to 400 of the sickest people.  Again, the same crowd of mobsters put the arm on them to sell the
hospital.  When Emmanuele Nicherie refused, because the mob wanted to get its hands on the hospital's billing data base to help its
small billing fraud operation, they put a bomb in Emmanuele's car which exploded.  He barely escaped death but decided to abandon
his philanthropic endeavor on behalf of the toxic poisoning victims and let the mob have the hospital.

Do you think that the United States Attorney's office cares about this?  Don't bet on it.
On Feb 6 07 the Bonanno
Crime Family was hit with
federal indictments of 19 of
its alleged members.
On Feb 13 07 a Third
Amended Complaint was
filed in Nicherie v Pellicano
alleging Bonanno mob
bilked millions using
telephone company billing
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