Investigating Trump–Operation Chernaya Rabota


I’m thinking of conducting a Go Fund Me crowd funding campaign to cover the costs of investigative reporting on the Donald J. Trump global empire of business interests and I want to know if my readers are willing to contribute to the costs involved.  I’m calling this project “Operation Chernaya Rabota.”  I won’t explain that unless you ask but a select few of my closest colleagues, cohorts and collaborators will know exactly the historical inspiration for this terminology.

Detectives Diary is uniquely positioned to investigate this topic.  As an example of what we’re capable of check out our reporting of The Small Freaky World of White Collar Crime.

cali-131338-blueI served seven terms as Chair of the Board of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), the world’s largest private detectives’ membership organization.  Prior to me nobody ever served more than three terms as chair or president, so I must have been doing something right.  It also gave me life long access to Private Investigator and other data base circles and resources throughout the world.  Some examples of the people that I would consult with and use for these projects:

  • “Cousin Igor”–I call Igor “Cousin” because our grandmothers were both Jews from the region of Gorodieshe, Ukraine.  All Ashkenazic Jews are at least fifth or sixth cousins of each other so we have to be related.  The first licensed investigator in the whole former Soviet Union and ex-KGB, Igor knows where all the bodies are buried in the entire former “Eastern Bloc.”
  • Phil and Yin–from Britain, they’re world travelers and are more in tune than anybody in the world about who can do what wherever in the PI world.
  • owensOwens International–an international data base firm that specializes in international business credit reports (competitor to Dun & Bradstreet) they have done incredible and efficient work for me tracking down information on a very shady Russian firm that enabled us to effect service of federal process on them bypassing the Hague Convention.

Here’s the kind of investigation we’d like to do:

  • Has Trump considered what his Azeri business interests mean for our relations with Armenia? When President Clinton backed the routing of an oil pipeline to Turkey that bypassed Armenia, the James A. Baker Institute warned of the possibility that American troops and resources might have to protect the pipeline as just one example.

    Has Trump considered what his Azeri business interests mean for our relations with Armenia? When President Clinton backed the routing of an oil pipeline to Turkey that bypassed Armenia, the James A. Baker Institute warned of the possibility that American troops and resources might have to protect the pipeline as just one example.

    First we order an Owens International Report on the companies that Trump owns or partners in.  For example he has a partnership in Azerbaijan.  What kinds of conflicts of interest does that pose?  How will it influence America’s relationship with Armenia, Azerbaijan’s arch-enemy?  An Owens report for an Azeri business costs $219.00 (which is what we need to crowd fund because we’re doing this in the public interest).

  • After we get the Owens report, it will provide us with leads to follow up, such as Freedom of Information Act requests to federal agencies like the State Dept, Commerce Dept, Treasury Dept etc. and to have private investigators in that region of the world follow up with onsite investigative sleuthing.  That too will involve costs.
  • I graduated cum laude with a Political Science & Chicano Studies double major at CSUN, then completed 22 units towards an M. a. special major combining both disciplines before dropping out to become a PI

    I graduated cum laude with a Political Science & Chicano Studies double major at CSUN, then completed 22 units towards an M.
    A. special major combining both disciplines before dropping out to become a PI

    When the investigation is complete we’ll analyze it’s implications for U.S. policy.  I did 22 units of graduate work at CSUN with a 4.0 GPA and one of my areas of concentration was International Relations, so I actually know something about the subject, unlike President-elect Trump.

  • You’ll see our investigative results and our analysis right here in the pages of the Detectives Diary.

Want to get involved with Operation Chernaya Rabota?  Let me know whether you’re interested in crowd funding the effort or participating with other resources you might have.

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Does General Flynn Deny Genocide?


michael-flynnIt is pretty conclusively established that Lt. General Michael Flynn, who’s slated to become National Security Advisor to President Elect Donald Trump, is a lobbyist for Turkey.  That brings up an important question:  does he deny Turkey’s World War I genocide against 1.5 million Armenians?  See:

Nobody, but nobody gets hired by the Turkish government who doesn’t tow their line that there was no genocide, that Armenians revolted and that anybody killed was just unfortunate collateral damage.  It’s nonsense.  First the Turks drafted 500,000 Armenian men of draft service age, had them build fortifications and then killed them, leaving the remaining women, children and old men virtually defenseless.

My own party, the Peace & Freedom Party, does not have clean hands on this issue either, having recently re-elected (recycled) Kevin Akin, another anti-Armenian flack whose son is the chief foreign policy wonk for Senator Ron Wyden.  Wyden, who was once described by Counter Punch as to the right of Ariel Sharon, frequently tows the pro-Turkish line of the Israeli government.  See my critique of Akin’s bigotry against Armenians at

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On Thanksgiving Take Action Against DAPL to actually give thanks




Stop the Pipeline from going through sacred Native American land.

native-american-genocideThere is no reason to threaten the water supply or use sacred Native American land.  The pipeline will be 1,170 miles when it’s done –  just make it a little bit longer.  Go around the land. Maybe it needs to be 1,300 miles long? Whatever it is – let’s respect the sacred land, let’s respect the needs of Native Americans.

It’s Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful.  We’ve taken enough from the Native Americans.  We took 99% of their land and 90% of their lives  On Thanksgiving, November 24, 2016, of all days, we ask the US government for peace, protection of nature and the precious resource of water.



·       Spread the word, use social media to post before Thanksgiving Day

·       Post a glass of water on your thanksgiving table and take a pic – post on Thanksgiving

·       Take out your phones at the Thanksgiving Table and everyone call, email, tweet, fax or otherwise contact:

  •  Your congressional representatives
  •  Jack Dalrymple, Governor of North Dakota 701.328.2200: phone
    701.328.2205: fax
  •   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Email:
  • Army Corps of Engineers (Twitter to: @USACEHQ)

* If you can please call, email, tweet, fax or otherwise contact  between 3 pm and 7 pm in your time zone so that the people you are emailing know it was from your Thanksgiving meal.


Dr. Tara Rose & Jan B. Tucker

My hat is off to Dr. Tara Rose who came up with this idea. Tara and I are fellow members of the Inglewood South Bay Branch of NAACP and she is a true humanitarian.



For something else important for reflection and education this holiday season, check out the 13th Annual Red Nation Film Festival going on right now till the 21st of November in Los Angeles:


Update:  the letter I just faxed to North Dakota Governor Dalrymple

dalrymple-ltr_001 dalrymple-ltr_002

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In Defense of Rudy Giuliani & the MEK Connection


Rudy Giuliani with MEK leader Maryam Rajavi

Rudy Giuliani with MEK leader Maryam Rajavi

I hate to say anything nice about Rudy Giuliani but the Democratic Party’s criticism [] of his ties to the MEK (Mujahadin e Khalq) is serious hypocrisy:  then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took MEK off the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) in 2012 just before the 2012 November election just in time to curry favor with the Iranian expatriate community:

MEK Soldiers

MEK Soldiers

I had long advocated this step.  MEK should never have been on the FTO list in the first place!  I wrote about this in at least two past blogs:

and more importantly at:

In the latter blog I wrote that:

In order to be listed as an FTO, the group has to have committed at least one of a whole list of violations of federal law, with some nexus to having harmed America or Americans. I did Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests to the Justice Department, Department of Defense, FBI, CIA, and State Department to try to elicit any evidence they had that MEK had EVER violated one of those laws. Their response: NADA, NOTHING, ZIP.

The Catch 22 is, when the State Department designated MEK as an FTO, it failed to give the organization notice as required by the law itself. They contested the designation and the Supreme Court threw it out on the technicality that no notice was given. So the State Department promptly re-designated MEK as an FTO and gave it notice. By this time, not trusting the U.S. government to play fairly, MEK had moved out of the country. When it was re-designated, it didn’t bother to contest the issue for a second go-round.


Rudy Giuliani is undoubtedly a pig, a racist, and a sexist, but on this issue he’s been on the right side.

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Same Page-Misma Pagina Coalition Endorsement Process



spc-picture_001San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles NOW (SFV-NELA NOW), California League of Latinos And Chicanos (CALLAC), Miss Revolutionaries, Bring Hollywood Home Foundation (BHHF), United For Education Coalition (UFE), L.A. Progressive, California Leadership Institute (CLI), Todos Unidos (TU)

Brad Sherman with Same Page Coalition members

Brad Sherman with Same Page Coalition members

Endorsements by the SPC are considered important prizes in Los Angeles area elections. During the 2012 election cycle, both of SPC’s endorsees, Representative Brad Sherman and long-shot Steve Fox went on to win their races. Running 10% ahead in the polls, Sherman sent a last minute mailing to every Democratic and Independent registered woman in his district touting the SFV/NELA NOW endorsement and went on to beat his opponent, Rep. Howard Berman, by an astounding 20 points on election night. During the 2013 Los Angeles Municipal elections, all four of the major Mayoral candidates sought and were interviewed by SPC for endorsement. In the runoff, with the exception of SFV/NELA NOW which made a triple endorsement in the primary which became a runoff dual endorsement, all other SPC endorsing groups endorsed Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti for the runoff.

Jan B. Tucker & Cindy Montanez

Jan B. Tucker & Cindy Montanez

A 2006 professional poll commissioned by then-Assembly member Cindy Montanez demonstrated that amongst San Fernando Valley endorsing organizations, the voters considered the SFV/NELA NOW endorsement to have the highest integrity. SPC attributes the credibility of their endorsements to their strict non-partisanship (member organizations have made past endorsements of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens, and Peace & Freedom Party candidates) and conflict of interest policies to insure that interested individuals cannot participate or must limit participation in specific races, even based upon a mere appearance of impropriety.

­SPC recognizes that our joint candidate questionnaire is one of the most difficult in California because it is completely subjective and cannot be “scored.” Some candidates bristle at having to answer questions that have nothing to do with the office they are running for. This is because in the era of “term limits” politicians play musical chairs with greater frequency. You may be running for dog-catcher today and state legislature two years from now. We do not want to help your career if you are diametrically opposed to our positions on critical issues.

In addition to your questionnaire response we request that you provide us with a copy of your most recently filed FPPC Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests or any equivalent federal filing.

Additionally, SPC will chart your progress in office to “hold incumbents’ feet to the fire” by comparing the promises and representations they made during the endorsement process to your performance in office. SPC will seek periodic face to face meetings with those elected to review their efforts to implement their promises and to help build public support for the reforms they have demanded and we expect you to pledge yourself to such periodic review following the election.

Joint Candidate Interview Committee of the Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition 2016-17 Candidate Questionnaire

For candidate convenience, the Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition will jointly consider candidates’ questionnaires and jointly interview candidates. SFV/NELA NOW, Bring Hollywood Home Foundation, Miss Revolutionaries, UFE and CALLAC will make their own independent endorsements; CLI and Todos Unidos do not endorse as 501(c)(3) non-profits, and L.A. Progressive likewise does not endorse, but participate for purposes of political education, for the public. The process begins with your submission of responses to the  questionnaire which you can download from:

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Black Panther Party Alumni Association breakfast 

  All Power to the People!


Kwaku discusses the philosophy of Nuey P. Newton and the historical development of the Black Panther Party

Kwaku discusses the philosophy of Nuey P. Newton and the historical development of the Black Panther Party


R.W. Akile founded Los Angeles Kwanzaa


Akile discusses planning for this year’s December 31, 2016 Kwanzaa Gwaride parade and cultural festival

O.G. Black Panthers meet every second Sunday at Simply Wholesome, Slauson & Overhill by Inglewood & Ladera Heights.  A recurring matter of discussion at these meetings are issues surrounding the activities of General TACO (“Taking All Capitalists Out”) aka Mischa Culton who was condemned and exposed by a tribunal of well respected community activists over allegations of everything from torture to sexual abuse.  I have a personal stake inn this ongoing discussion because in the wake of the Tribunal Culton and his followers have leveled “agent baiting”” accusations against the Tribunal members and their supporters — accusing theem of being government informers and agents.  This is the same kind of accusation that has been made against me by Culton’s former (and now State Bar suspended) lawyer, Guillermo Suarez.  For background see


Following are the leaflet condemning and exposing Culton and a Code of Conduct for movement activists and organizations that is being formulated and debated to deal with these kind of actions.


unwanted-posterconduct-1_001 conduct-1_002 conduct-1_003 conduct-1_004 conduct-1_005

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Carol McArthur live at the UnUrban 


Carol McArthur

Carol McArthur

Carol McArthur and Peter Quentin put on a variety night at the UnUrban Cafe 3301 Pico Blvd Santa Monica Saturday November 12, 2016.  Mike Stern performed one of my all time faves, Lesley Gore’s feminist iconic hit You Don’t Own Me, which made it to Billboard #2 in 1964.  Hear the performance at:



  • +  Live at the UnUrban1


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BOYCOTT HOME DEPOT to Dump Trump & Miguel Santiago



Trump’s Embezzlement of Foundation Funds

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Beverly Pelton: Trump Supporter’s Anti-Semitic/Anti-Native American hate campaign


Beverly D. Pelton changed her Facebook Profile photo to a Trump-Pence poster on November 6

Beverly D. Pelton changed her Facebook Profile photo to a Trump-Pence poster on November 6

A lawsuit has been filed against arch right wing Trump supporter Beverly D. Pelton (aka Needham aka Eichenbaum), Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 639831, [click link to download copy of lawsuit from] alleging that she has carried on a campaign of defamation and harassment based in part on her anti-Semitic accusation that actress/producer/director Joanelle Romero is supposedly not American Indian/Native American/Indigenous American because she is Jewish….as though those two facts are mutually exclusive.

Pelton, who regularly posts typically Trumpite communiques on her FB page

includes denunciations of abortion rights, immigrants, Obamacare and even re-posts from the nutcases at has been taken seriously by the typically unsuspecting liberal Los Angeles City establishment who’ve used her accusations as an excuse to deny funding to the Red Nation Film Festival.  Reliable sources tell me that the insane story cooked up by Pelton has found its way to the Los Angeles City Native American/Indian Commission which has apparently believed and repeated the rumor.

The lawsuit also alleges that part of Pelton’s harassment of Romero included her impersonating Hell’s Angel leader Sonny Barger in an extortionate shake down campaign.

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Trump’s Embezzlement of Foundation Funds




Click here to my website to download an official complaint form to the New York Attorney General Charities Bureau to demand that Donald & Melania Trump be treated like anybody else who embezzles non-profit funds:

In an un-reported move by the mainstream media, the Trump Foundation on October 26, 2016 got around to “nunc pro tunc” (after the fact) filing its paperwork with New York State going back to it’s bylaws from 1987 because it didn’t have the legal right to even raise funds without the requisite filings.  HOWEVER, as you’ll see below, no amount of paperwork can absolve Donald from embezzling the Foundation’s funds.  The Foundation’s bylaws clearly state:

The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc. is established. as a Type B not-for-profit corporation to provide monetary or financial aid exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes, and to solicit, receive, maintain and disburse funds for these purposes, all as more specifically set forth in its Certificate of Incorporation.


No director, officer, or employee of or member of a committee. of or person connected with the Corporation, or any other private individual shall receive at any time any of the net · earnings or pecuniary profit from the operations of the Corporation

Havi Schatz Donald Trmp portrait

Havi Schatz Donald Trmp portrait

Buying a painting of Donald Trump with $10,000 of Foundation Funds and hanging it in a for-profit bar at Mar-a-Lago is not consistent with the law or the by-laws.  See



My proposal to add 18 USC 671 to federal law to deal with Donald & Melania's Trump's non-profit embezzlement

My proposal to add 18 USC 671 to federal law to deal with Donald & Melania’s Trump’s non-profit embezzlement




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