Carol McArthur live at the UnUrban 


Carol McArthur

Carol McArthur

Carol McArthur and Peter Quentin put on a variety night at the UnUrban Cafe 3301 Pico Blvd Santa Monica Saturday November 12, 2016.  Mike Stern performed one of my all time faves, Lesley Gore’s feminist iconic hit You Don’t Own Me, which made it to Billboard #2 in 1964.  Hear the performance at:



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BOYCOTT HOME DEPOT to Dump Trump & Miguel Santiago



Trump’s Embezzlement of Foundation Funds

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Beverly Pelton: Trump Supporter’s Anti-Semitic/Anti-Native American hate campaign


Beverly D. Pelton changed her Facebook Profile photo to a Trump-Pence poster on November 6

Beverly D. Pelton changed her Facebook Profile photo to a Trump-Pence poster on November 6

A lawsuit has been filed against arch right wing Trump supporter Beverly D. Pelton (aka Needham aka Eichenbaum), Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 639831, [click link to download copy of lawsuit from] alleging that she has carried on a campaign of defamation and harassment based in part on her anti-Semitic accusation that actress/producer/director Joanelle Romero is supposedly not American Indian/Native American/Indigenous American because she is Jewish….as though those two facts are mutually exclusive.

Pelton, who regularly posts typically Trumpite communiques on her FB page

includes denunciations of abortion rights, immigrants, Obamacare and even re-posts from the nutcases at has been taken seriously by the typically unsuspecting liberal Los Angeles City establishment who’ve used her accusations as an excuse to deny funding to the Red Nation Film Festival.  Reliable sources tell me that the insane story cooked up by Pelton has found its way to the Los Angeles City Native American/Indian Commission which has apparently believed and repeated the rumor.

The lawsuit also alleges that part of Pelton’s harassment of Romero included her impersonating Hell’s Angel leader Sonny Barger in an extortionate shake down campaign.

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Trump’s Embezzlement of Foundation Funds



Click here to my website to download an official complaint form to the New York Attorney General Charities Bureau to demand that Donald & Melania Trump be treated like anybody else who embezzles non-profit funds:

In an un-reported move by the mainstream media, the Trump Foundation on October 26, 2016 got around to “nunc pro tunc” (after the fact) filing its paperwork with New York State going back to it’s bylaws from 1987 because it didn’t have the legal right to even raise funds without the requisite filings.  HOWEVER, as you’ll see below, no amount of paperwork can absolve Donald from embezzling the Foundation’s funds.  The Foundation’s bylaws clearly state:

The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc. is established. as a Type B not-for-profit corporation to provide monetary or financial aid exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes, and to solicit, receive, maintain and disburse funds for these purposes, all as more specifically set forth in its Certificate of Incorporation.


No director, officer, or employee of or member of a committee. of or person connected with the Corporation, or any other private individual shall receive at any time any of the net · earnings or pecuniary profit from the operations of the Corporation

Havi Schatz Donald Trmp portrait

Havi Schatz Donald Trmp portrait

Buying a painting of Donald Trump with $10,000 of Foundation Funds and hanging it in a for-profit bar at Mar-a-Lago is not consistent with the law or the by-laws.  See



My proposal to add 18 USC 671 to federal law to deal with Donald & Melania's Trump's non-profit embezzlement

My proposal to add 18 USC 671 to federal law to deal with Donald & Melania’s Trump’s non-profit embezzlement




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Janet Wood Reno R.I.P.


L to R: Harriet Eliot, Cynthia Conover, Janet Reno, Jan B. Tucker, Linda Pruett

L to R: Harriet Eliot, Cynthia Conover, Janet Reno, Jan B. Tucker, Linda Pruett

As America was about to elect its first female President its first woman Attorney General passed away from the effects of Parkinson’s Disease.  Janet Wood Reno (the original family name “Rasmussen” was Americanized when her father emigrated from Denmark) was literally a giant of a woman standing 6’5″ tall.  With that physique my old friend Patricia Ireland — former President of the National Organization for Women — once told me that she’d been a tremendous athlete on the Miami, Florida area women attorney’s softball league where they’d played together.

When I was first elected Chair of the Board of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), the world’s largest group of private detectives, the President, Clarick Brown, also stood 6’5″ tall and when he introduced Janet Reno as a speaker at our state conference it was one of those rare times when he stood eye to eye with a woman.  The way we got Janet Reno as a speaker bears some explanation because in those days she had a pretty strict rule that she was only available for women’s organizations.

The then-executive director of CALI, Sharon Hilke, was like myself a long time feminist activist in her private life.  When she told me the snag in trying to get Reno in that CALI was not a women’s a group, I told Sharon to tell Reno’s booking agent that “The Chairman of the Board of CALI is a feminist and has instructed me to get Janet Reno.”  Whether that had anything to do with it or not I don’t know, but we got Reno and the above photo is the result of that meeting.

Current NOW President Terry O’Neill issued the following statement on Reno’s passing:

Terry O'Neill

Terry O’Neill

Janet Reno was a trailblazer. She broke what once had seemed to be a never-to-be-shattered glass ceiling, when President Bill Clinton made her the first woman to serve as Attorney General of the United States. She was straightforward, no-nonsense, resolute and determined to, as she often said, “do the right thing.”

In the 1970s, Reno served as state attorney general for Dade County, Florida, where she focused on an issue that at the time was not receiving much attention—domestic violence. She found that 40 percent of the homicides over a 20-year period were related to domestic violence, and she opened Florida’s first domestic violence unit. As U.S. Attorney General, she was responsible for implementing and enforcing the Violence Against Women Act when it first took effect. She made sure that the full force of the federal government was behind VAWA from day one.

Reno was enthusiastically supported by Florida NOW when she ran for governor in 2002. Although she didn’t win that election, she inspired women to get engaged and stay engaged in the political process. We will miss her deeply — and we carry her memory forward in the ongoing struggle for equality for all women.

When Janet Reno was nominated to be Attorney General, just a few weeks after the death of her mother, she said, “My mother always told me to do my best, to think my best and to do right.” Janet Reno always did.

 CNN posted a particularly poignant statement by Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew:
Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell of 2 Live Crew

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell of 2 Live Crew

(CNN)In the wake of the death of Janet Reno, the US’s first female attorney general, one tribute stood out from the rest.

Former 2 Live Crew member Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell penned some kind words to honor Reno, who died Monday morning following a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. She was 78.
Campbell — whose career has encompassed everything from record label mogul to adult entertainment purveyor and aspiring politician (he ran for mayor of Miami-Dade County in 2011) — posted the tribute on his site.
“[Reno] meant so much to the African American community,” Campbell wrote. “She always stood up for us when no else would.”
His rap group was at the center of an obscenity trial in the 1990s over the lyrics on their “As Nasty as They Wanna Be” album.
In his tribute Campbell noted that “At the height of my fame, Reno was the only state prosecutor who didn’t come after 2 Live Crew for singing explicit lyrics when every law enforcement official in the state wanted to throw our a**es in jail.”
“In fact, she defended our first amendment right to be as nasty as we wanted to be,” he wrote. “When I formed the Liberty City Optimist Club, Reno was the first person to make a donation to the youth program.”
Campbell, who in 1989 wrote and produced the song “Janet Reno” about her zero tolerance for fathers who did not pay child support, said Reno was beloved in the Miami black community for being their champion.
“As Miami-Dade County State Attorney and the first woman U.S. Attorney General, Reno handled her high profile jobs with professionalism,”Campbell wrote. “She never allowed politics to dictate her decisions. Reno was a true Florida icon.”
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Guillermo Suarez: Credible or Incredible?


For background, first read

Guillermo Suarez has and makes an excellent "beard"

Guillermo Suarez has and makes an excellent “beard”

California Bar suspended Attorney Guillermo Suarez recently made a series of accusations to activistas en el movimiento about me in an “Open Letter” which my friends interpreted as an attempt to get me killed.  While that is worrisome, the accusations which he levelled against me could also have had the effect of getting my jailhouse clients shanked through guilt by association.  If I am a government snitch or agent as Suarez has alleged (trying to couch the accusation as though it’s only an “opinion” as though that matters) that puts my clients at jeopardy in prison because there are a lot fewer rational people in that environment and rational decisions are rarely made or even possible.  I had no choice but to sue Suarez and his cohorts for defamation so that at least my clients could counter any insinuations against them by pointing out that I slapped him with a slander suit because that is what a rational person does when somebody makes an accusation which calls into question your qualifications for your trade, industry or profession.

Here are some more reasons why Suarez has a complete lack of credibility:

Suarez, Guillermo, SBN 181893; State Bar discipline Case No. 12-O-17453

In the stipulation Suarez entered into in the above captioned case, the first fact stipulated to is stated as follows:

  1. Between September 2011 and October 2012, Respondent was employed as an attorney at lnland Empire Immigration Service, Inc. (“Inland Empire”), a California corporation owned and operated by non-attorneys, and in existence prior to Respondent’s employment.

The Real Facts

  1. Inland Empire Immigration Services, Inc. (IEIS) is not a California corporation; the Secretary of State has no record of it per the online search function (unless it changed its name in which case you need the new name to find it on the website’s search function).

  2. IEIS has no fictitious business name filed with the Sacramento County Clerk-Recorder (assuming arguendo that it was not maintaining an office in San Bernardino County, which it is, and that it was incorporated in another state or alien jurisdiction).

  3. IEIS has no fictitious business name filed with the San Bernardino County Recorder.

  4. IEIS has no San Bernardino City Business License.


If IEIS was not incorporated, not registered with the Secretary of State, County of San Bernardino or City of San Bernardino as any kind of legitimate business entity it had no legal right to charge fees for its services. By holding itself out as a corporation, the members of this association in fact would be in violation of Section 532 of the California Penal Code.

If IEIS was never a corporation Guillermo Suarez could not possibly have believed that he was either an employee or an independent contractor for a California corporation called IEIS, unless somebody presented forged corporate documents to a bank or other financial institution to enable IEIS to set up a checking account by which he was paid.

Because no legitimate financial institution would allow a checking account to be set up for IEIS sans appropriate paperwork:

  1. Employees and independent contractors would have to be paid in cash or by an instrument or account from some other entity, in which case money laundering was occurring in violation of 18 USC 1956 because the fees charged were unlawful to begin with.

  2. Customers/clients of IEIS would have had to pay in cash, by financial instruments made payable to some other entity or individual other than IEIS, or else use bank cards to make payments to some other entity. Again, since these transactions involved inherently illegal charges for services, each transaction was a violation of 18 USC 1956.

Therefore, Guillermo Suarez would be in violation of B&P Section 6068(a). He also would have violated 6068(i) by failing to reveal these facts to the State Bar and allowing the State Bar to believe untrue facts in order to conceal the criminal behavior of his confederates.

By accepting any payments whatsoever under these circumstances, whether as an “employee” or as an “independent contractor,” (i.e., whatever he was pretending to be), he would have been charging an illegal fee in violation of RPC 4-200. Whether or not the fees were unconscionable or not, 4-200(a) also bans the acceptance of illegal fees.

In Stipulation to “facts” in this matter, stipulation 2 read:

  1. Inland Empire utilized non-attorney employees to prepare and file immigration forms on behalf its customers. In preparing the immigration forms, the non-attorney employees would make strategic legal decisions such as assessing a customer’s eligibility for relief under the various provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act, making recommendations as to which particular form of relief to seek where the customer is eligible for multiple forms of relief, and ultimately deciding which immigration forms to file on behalf of the customer. Additionally, in the course of consulting with the customers, the non-attorney employees would provide legal advice such as predicting the customer’s likelihood of success in obtaining relief. By permitting its non-attorney employees to make strategic legal decisions on behalf of its customers and furnish legal advice to its customers, Inland Empire was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

Real Facts

  1. Guillermo Suarez was publicly listed on the internet as the “owner” of IEIS.


  2. Monica Urzua, an IRS Registered Tax Preparer, was publicly listed as “Chief Executive Officer” on the internet.

  3. Monica Urzua’s address and telephone number as a tax preparer were the address and telephone used for IEIS in public internet listings.


It is a common practice for tax preparers, especially in immigrant communities, to create additional revenue streams from their existing clientele. They may associate themselves with insurance brokers, real estate agents, and in some instances, attorneys. By providing an attorney with a cubicle in their existing storefront office, it makes it simple to turn over a tax preparation client to the attorney to help them solve a legal problem they have.

There are of course, legitimate and illegitimate ways to do this.

There is a spectrum in how to create a “bust out” scheme. In the most sophisticated bust out scheme, a crime organization gets control (through a buy-out or by other means) of an existing corporate entity that has a significant time period of existence and a good credit record. This is best done when the owners are of the same affinity group (such as an immigrant community with close knit or family ties) when they are ready to retire and go back to the home country, where they will be beyond the reach of American law.

In this part of the bust out spectrum, the goal is to obtain lots of product or merchandise on credit, sell out cheap and/or arrange for insurance settlements (with contrived thefts or arson), and then not pay the creditors. It is then best to be forced into involuntary bankruptcy. Then the perpetrators just walk away from the business, blaming the involuntary bankruptcy for their business’s demise.

At the other end of the spectrum are bust out schemes known as “fly by night” operations. These schemes are better suited to fee for service operations. As defined by the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, “Fly by Night” refers to:

1: one that seeks to evade responsibilities and especially creditors by flight

2: one without established reputation or standing; especially a shaky business enterprise

If IEIS never registered with any government authorities it might fall into the latter category which is why it seems to have failed to register with the State, County, or City.  Likely, it’s address and telephone number as held out publicly on the internet is going to come back with the landlord and telephone company to Monica Urzua’s tax preparation service. If anybody came looking for IEIS for back taxes, corporate registration fees, or to serve legal process on them, there would be no record of their existence with any government agency.

Unfortunately for Urzua and Suarez, somehow and probably inadvertently, listings wound up on the internet with their names linked to IEIS respectively as CEO and as owner. Stupidly, it never occurred to them that the joint use of the telephone number was traceable either.

In such enterprises, it is advisable to utilize either a “beard” or a “patsy.” A “patsy” (Merriam Webster: “a foolish person who is easily tricked or cheated”) situation is illustrated by the case of Helmut Brunjes aka Charles Oberman. Brunjes, an undocumented German National, who was listed as President, Secretary and Treasurer of “Gold Card Services,” by two women who were associates of various Hungarian Mafia crime families.  Helmut set up the bank account, made all the bank deposits and all the cash withdrawals. Preying on unsophisticated immigrants reached by ads through Spanish language print media, they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars and left Brunjes holding the proverbial bag. After Helmut was convicted on 13 felony counts, one of the women, Agnes Barak, paid off Helmut to jump bail and go back to Germany (she was later indicted on other charges while her confederate split to Belgium).

Helmut was the perfect “patsy.”

Guillermo Suarez, as an attorney, would make an excellent “beard.”

A “beard,” because it’s in front of a face, is akin to a person acting as a mask for the real ownership or operation of a financial enterprise. In some cases the beard can be used in perfectly legitimate ways to structure assets. In this case, Suarez role as a beard was necessary because the one thing that the enterprise could not risk was not having an attorney associated with it, because eventually somebody would have to appear before the federal immigration courts.

An attorney also makes an excellent beard because of:

money-laundering1. The complications presented to law enforcement authorities when money is laundered through an attorney’s trust account;

  1. The ability of the attorney and their own confederates to rely, properly or improperly, on attorney-client.

If Suarez acted as IEIS’ beard, by enabling the company to hold itself out on the internet as being (a) a corporation and (b) owned by Suarez that Suarez in violation of RPC(“Rules of Professional Conduct”) 1-400(D)(1), (2), and (3).

If he acted as the IEIS beard when it was not a legal enterprise to begin with, Suarez violated RPC 1-320, sharing his fees directly or indirectly with non-lawyers, enabled violations of the RPC and State Bar Act in violation of RPC 1-120, and violated RPC 1-300 by assisting the unlawful practice of law.

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Inglewood South Bay NAACP Freedom Fund Breakfast


This year’s Freedom Fund event was held in honor and memoriam of the late Branch Founder and long time President Rose Smith who passed away after a bout with Alzheimer’s disease.  Kudos and hats off to SADAA–Sistahs Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse–who sang the Black National Anthem and an incredible tribute song based on the 23rd Psalm!

Rose Smith founder, Inglewood South Bay NAACP

Rose Smith founder, Inglewood South Bay NAACP

Some photos from today’s Freedom Fund Breakfast:


SADAA–Sistahs Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse


Branch President Erick Holly


Inglewood City Council Member Ralph Franklin


Branch stalwart member Marie L. Miller

20161105_095227 20161105_100127 20161105_100133 20161105_102214 20161105_102231

Gwen Smith daughter of the late Rose Smith and long time former branch president

Gwen Smith daughter of the late Rose Smith and long time former branch president


Fred Shaw is a Branch Vice President and former Compton Branch President


Chapter Activist Charles Bragg

20161105_102244 20161105_102248 20161105_102258 20161105_102307 20161105_102308

























Jan B. Tucker speaking on Alzheimer's disease & public policy issues

Jan B. Tucker speaking on Alzheimer’s disease & public policy issues

Terry M. Nicholson Davis of SADAA & Jan B. Tucker

Terry M. Nicholson Davis of SADAA & Jan B. Tucker

Underscoring our Branch’s commitment to addressing the scourge of Alzheimer’s Disease which afflicted our late founder Rose Smith we will hold a community forum on January 21, 2017 at the Inglewood Library, 9 am to 11 am.  The forum will be organized by Dr. Tara Rose, NAACP member who works for the Keck-USC School of Medicine Alzheimer’s Disease Research Project, where I serve on the Community Advisory Board.  Remember, SAVE THE DATE, January 21, 2017!



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Guillermo Suarez: liar, paranoid and incompetent


L to R: Jan Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, and Black Panther Roland Freeman

L to R: Jan Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, and Black Panther Roland Freeman

In a recent open letter about why he no longer participates in the National Chicano Moratorium Committee suspended lawyer Guillermo Suarez makes a series of accusations about me which are quite alarming to my friends–who immediately contacted me asking if Suarez was trying to get me killed–and which unfortunately have been taken as credible by people who don’t know me.  Here are some of the more choice accusations and my response to them:


In either late 2010 or early 2011, we were warned to be careful of the participation of JBT who was alleged to be a spy, without supporting argument. At that time, we did not follow-up on this warning. Because the allegation was a simple one sentence, we liberaled out and did not conduct any further investagation into this allegation.

If Guillermo was ever a competent attorney he would then or since have actually conducted a competent investigation of me. All he has ever done is find stuff on the internet and come up with speculation which disregards other facts that are inconvenient to his paranoid ideation. What could and should he have done:

  • Filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI to determine whether there was any ongoing investigation of NCMC

  • Filed a Privacy Act request with the FBI to see if anybody had been spying on himself

JBT’s webpage has him pictured separately with both L. Head, an ex head of the FBI and with ex-president B. Clinton. As if that is going to make him acceptable to those in the movements for national liberation and self-determination. The FBI is the political police for the settler colonial state. It must be remembered that Clinton passed and implemented NAFTA, lead to the mass incarceration of Brown and Black folks as well as beginning the militarization of the militarily imposed border and the mass deportation of our people.

Jan Tucker & Louis Freeh

Jan Tucker & Louis Freeh

L. Head”– Negro Please! Suarez proves he is an idiot because nobody named “L. Head” has ever been the head of the FBI. The former FBI Director I’m pictured with is Louis Freeh. Meeting him and reading his book was very important for my work on a federal criminal defense case I later worked on. In his book Freeh gave information which contradicted the U.S. Attorney prosecuting my client who made mis-representations to the Judge of facts about the government’s ability to decrypt digital files.

Jan Tucker & Bill Clinton

Jan Tucker & Bill Clinton

Sure, I also got a photo-op with Bill Clinton at the invitation of then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (now Lt. Governor). I also got to hear Clinton make an extemporaneous and very intelligent speech.

Suarez apparently doesn’t believe that people should listen to and learn from people who they disagree with.

Sometime in 2012, JBT began an internet flame war against both the Partido Nacional De La Raza Unida (PNLRU) and the National Brown Berets. This included personal (not political) attacks upon the leadership of these organizations. It also seemed to push the organizations against each other. It also included personal attacks upon family members of the PNLRU. It included public allegations that the Partido had not complied with certain federal regulations, which could lead to a federal investigation of the Partido. These allegations also included sexist attacks upon members of the PNLRU.

These allegations began after a failed personal relationship between JBT and a member of the PNLRU, who is the sister of the Pres. of the Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida. Because of these allegations and insinuations, and the lack of action by the leadership of the NCMC in addressing these unprincipled criti cisms, the Partido withdrew from the NCMC and has continued to organize independent commemorations of August 29. . I am self-critical that I did not strongly denounce these actions at the time.

Guillermo conveniently fails to point out that Xenaro Ayala, leader of the so-called PNLRU, was caught lying about a purported meeting with Chicano Political prisoner Ramsey Muniz. Ayala claimed he had met with Muniz in a visit to the prison where Muniz is doing life over a DEA frame up. Ayala claimed that he did not believe Muniz’s story and implied that he believed in Muniz being guilty.

No such meeting ever took place. Neither Ramsey Muniz or his wife Irma have ever met or before my telling them of this claim ever heard of Xenaro Ayala. Furthermore Xenaro is so stupid that he should have known that it would be impossible for him to have ever gotten visiting privileges with Ramsey from the Bureau of Prisons.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Guillermo has to have known that Ayala was lying when he said it. I knew better and the same day it happened I asked Ayala’s sister when Xenaro had supposedly met with Ramsey; she had no idea and had never heard about it.

Later, Guillermo lied to the NCMC about a related matter. Xenaro’s daughter, Libertad, had truncated the amount of time allotted to Kiko Salazar who was to speak at the Moratorium on Ramsey Muniz. Libertad without advance notice prior to his getting on stage, cut his time from 6 minutes to 2 minutes. Suarez who was co-emcee told the NCMC that he had concurred with the decision and had consulted with all members of the event committee and gotten their consent for the decision.

Confronted at the meeting by a member of the event committee on that point Suarez was forced to admit that what he said was simply false.

When you lie about meeting with Ramsey Muniz and prevent people from speaking on his behalf you are doing what the government wants. Assuming the best case scenario that minimally makes you an unwitting agent of the government as opposed to a witting agent of the government.

In 2014, two independent Chicano activists alleged on a public internet email list that JBT was an agent based upon circumstantial evidence. To our knowledge, JBT has taken no action against these activists. Again, the NCMC took no action to investigate these allegations, nor to censor JBT.

One of them is Chris Eichwald aka Agustin Cebada who is a notorious anti-semite thrown off his KPFK program because of his ranting and raving against Jews. The other is Randy Gamez who openly denounced the NCMC for allowing a Jew (me) to participate.

Eichwald’s looney accusations included the assertion that I had supposedly flown for the Israeli air force at a time when I was actually attending Chicano Studies classes at CSUN in the 70s….

Durin g a meeting of the NCMC in June of 2015, JBT was questioned about his relationship to Infragard, which he alluded to in a post on his blog. It is interesting to note that his blog has pictures of JBT with Louis Freeh, prior Director of the FBI and with ex-pres. Bill Clinton. ON it’s webpage, Infragard is described as an FBI created organism to assist it with the collection of intelligence and information. Despite repeated requests to address the questions presented, JBT just walked out of the meeting. He did not ask that the matter be tabled for a future time when he could participate.

According to Infragard’s webpage the California office is housed by the FBI.

Intelligent criminal defense lawyers and investigators get continuing education from law enforcement organizations whenever and wherever they can get it.

InfraGard provides free training. They are fully aware that I do criminal defense work and they don’t care. I make no pretense about my politics and they don’t care about that either.

Suarez is opposed to people exercising opportunities to get continuing education from law enforcement. Maybe that’s a reason why his law license has been suspended. Maybe he would have learned that it is unethical to agree to supervise paralegals doing immigration work and then not doing the supervision you are being paid to do…resulting in your client being deported.

You can see Suarez bar record at:

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Information Wanted Good, Bad, or Ugly


I’m eager to get in touch with anybody who has information on any of the following people, places or institutions. Note that inclusion on the list doesn’t mean that they have done anything wrong; some of the people listed may be potential victims. Note also that some of these names may be very common so do not impute anything adverse just because somebody’s name might be in the list because of its commonality. If you know anything or know anybody who might know anything about these folks, bad, good, or otherwise, please e-mail me at:

Angie Esquivel

Andrea Facchetti

Jehu Esquivel

Diana Esquivel

Leslie Esquivel

Panagiotis Bouris aka Taki Bouris

Peter Bouris

Susan Bouris

Gustavo Lopez aka Henry Gustavo Lopez Garcia

Robert Doyle Bucks

Jeffrey S. Casali

Robert Lee Brown aka R. Lee Brown

Shu Man Man aka Helen Man

James Stuart Clements I

James Stuart Clements II aka Kimo

Beverly D. Pelton aka Beverly Needham aka Beverly Eichenbaum

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How I voted November 2016


President/Vice President:  Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks, Peace & Freedom Party — Gloria was my running mate for Governor in 1998 when I was the PFP’s top vote-getter for State Treasurer.  Dennis Banks is, yes, THAT DENNIS BANKS of American Indian Movement (AIM) fame who was one of the leaders of the armed occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973.

Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez

United States Senate:  Loretta Sanchez.  Loretta’s parents suffer from Alzheimer’s disease (I serve on the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Project Community Advisory Board for Keck USC Medical Center) so Loretta and fellow Representative Linda Sanchez have been leaders in the issues surrounding America’s Number One looming health crisis.  Kamala Harris I had high hopes for when she appointed Bill Lann Lee to her original transition team when she was elected Attorney General.  Then for years a consortium of the major and minor civil rights groups in California couldn’t get the time of day out of her on issues as simple as implementation of existing law for the training of law enforcement officers on hate crimes.

Isadore Hall & Jan B. Tucker

Isadore Hall & Jan B. Tucker

House of Representatives, 44th District:   Isadore Hall III

Sandra Mendoza

Sandra Mendoza

State Assembly, 53rd District:  Sandra Mendoza

Seat #11 Debra R. Archuleta
Seat #42 – Alicia Molina
Seat #84 – Susan Jung Townsend
Seat #158 – Kim L. Nguyen


District 4 – Janice Hahn
District 5 – Darrell Park


Proposition 51 – Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016 – Yes
Proposition 52 – The Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act
 – Yes
Proposition 53 – Stop Right Wing Millionaire’s Attack on Local Control and Infrastructure – No
Proposition 54 – Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings – No
Proposition 55 – Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare – Yes
Proposition 56 – Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement – Yes
Proposition 57 – The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act – Yes
Proposition 58 – The LEARN Initiative (Language Education, Acquisition and Readiness Now!) – Yes
Proposition 59 – Overturn Citizens United – Yes
Proposition 60 – Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements – Yes
Proposition 61 – State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing
Standards. –
Proposition 62 – Replace the Costly, Failed Death Penalty System – Yes
Proposition 63 – Safety for All Act – Yes
Proposition 64  – Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act – Yes
Proposition 65 – Carryout Bags. Charges. – Yes
Proposition 66 – Death Penalty. Procedures. – No
Proposition 67 – Plastic Bag Ban – Yes



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