Inglewood South Bay NAACP Freedom Fund Breakfast


This year’s Freedom Fund event was held in honor and memoriam of the late Branch Founder and long time President Rose Smith who passed away after a bout with Alzheimer’s disease.  Kudos and hats off to SADAA–Sistahs Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse–who sang the Black National Anthem and an incredible tribute song based on the 23rd Psalm!

Rose Smith founder, Inglewood South Bay NAACP

Rose Smith founder, Inglewood South Bay NAACP

Some photos from today’s Freedom Fund Breakfast:


SADAA–Sistahs Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse


Branch President Erick Holly


Inglewood City Council Member Ralph Franklin


Branch stalwart member Marie L. Miller

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Gwen Smith daughter of the late Rose Smith and long time former branch president

Gwen Smith daughter of the late Rose Smith and long time former branch president


Fred Shaw is a Branch Vice President and former Compton Branch President


Chapter Activist Charles Bragg

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Jan B. Tucker speaking on Alzheimer's disease & public policy issues

Jan B. Tucker speaking on Alzheimer’s disease & public policy issues

Terry M. Nicholson Davis of SADAA & Jan B. Tucker

Terry M. Nicholson Davis of SADAA & Jan B. Tucker

Underscoring our Branch’s commitment to addressing the scourge of Alzheimer’s Disease which afflicted our late founder Rose Smith we will hold a community forum on January 21, 2017 at the Inglewood Library, 9 am to 11 am.  The forum will be organized by Dr. Tara Rose, NAACP member who works for the Keck-USC School of Medicine Alzheimer’s Disease Research Project, where I serve on the Community Advisory Board.  Remember, SAVE THE DATE, January 21, 2017!



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Guillermo Suarez: liar, paranoid and incompetent


L to R: Jan Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, and Black Panther Roland Freeman

L to R: Jan Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, and Black Panther Roland Freeman

In a recent open letter about why he no longer participates in the National Chicano Moratorium Committee suspended lawyer Guillermo Suarez makes a series of accusations about me which are quite alarming to my friends–who immediately contacted me asking if Suarez was trying to get me killed–and which unfortunately have been taken as credible by people who don’t know me.  Here are some of the more choice accusations and my response to them:


In either late 2010 or early 2011, we were warned to be careful of the participation of JBT who was alleged to be a spy, without supporting argument. At that time, we did not follow-up on this warning. Because the allegation was a simple one sentence, we liberaled out and did not conduct any further investagation into this allegation.

If Guillermo was ever a competent attorney he would then or since have actually conducted a competent investigation of me. All he has ever done is find stuff on the internet and come up with speculation which disregards other facts that are inconvenient to his paranoid ideation. What could and should he have done:

  • Filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI to determine whether there was any ongoing investigation of NCMC

  • Filed a Privacy Act request with the FBI to see if anybody had been spying on himself

JBT’s webpage has him pictured separately with both L. Head, an ex head of the FBI and with ex-president B. Clinton. As if that is going to make him acceptable to those in the movements for national liberation and self-determination. The FBI is the political police for the settler colonial state. It must be remembered that Clinton passed and implemented NAFTA, lead to the mass incarceration of Brown and Black folks as well as beginning the militarization of the militarily imposed border and the mass deportation of our people.

Jan Tucker & Louis Freeh

Jan Tucker & Louis Freeh

L. Head”– Negro Please! Suarez proves he is an idiot because nobody named “L. Head” has ever been the head of the FBI. The former FBI Director I’m pictured with is Louis Freeh. Meeting him and reading his book was very important for my work on a federal criminal defense case I later worked on. In his book Freeh gave information which contradicted the U.S. Attorney prosecuting my client who made mis-representations to the Judge of facts about the government’s ability to decrypt digital files.

Jan Tucker & Bill Clinton

Jan Tucker & Bill Clinton

Sure, I also got a photo-op with Bill Clinton at the invitation of then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (now Lt. Governor). I also got to hear Clinton make an extemporaneous and very intelligent speech.

Suarez apparently doesn’t believe that people should listen to and learn from people who they disagree with.

Sometime in 2012, JBT began an internet flame war against both the Partido Nacional De La Raza Unida (PNLRU) and the National Brown Berets. This included personal (not political) attacks upon the leadership of these organizations. It also seemed to push the organizations against each other. It also included personal attacks upon family members of the PNLRU. It included public allegations that the Partido had not complied with certain federal regulations, which could lead to a federal investigation of the Partido. These allegations also included sexist attacks upon members of the PNLRU.

These allegations began after a failed personal relationship between JBT and a member of the PNLRU, who is the sister of the Pres. of the Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida. Because of these allegations and insinuations, and the lack of action by the leadership of the NCMC in addressing these unprincipled criti cisms, the Partido withdrew from the NCMC and has continued to organize independent commemorations of August 29. . I am self-critical that I did not strongly denounce these actions at the time.

Guillermo conveniently fails to point out that Xenaro Ayala, leader of the so-called PNLRU, was caught lying about a purported meeting with Chicano Political prisoner Ramsey Muniz. Ayala claimed he had met with Muniz in a visit to the prison where Muniz is doing life over a DEA frame up. Ayala claimed that he did not believe Muniz’s story and implied that he believed in Muniz being guilty.

No such meeting ever took place. Neither Ramsey Muniz or his wife Irma have ever met or before my telling them of this claim ever heard of Xenaro Ayala. Furthermore Xenaro is so stupid that he should have known that it would be impossible for him to have ever gotten visiting privileges with Ramsey from the Bureau of Prisons.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Guillermo has to have known that Ayala was lying when he said it. I knew better and the same day it happened I asked Ayala’s sister when Xenaro had supposedly met with Ramsey; she had no idea and had never heard about it.

Later, Guillermo lied to the NCMC about a related matter. Xenaro’s daughter, Libertad, had truncated the amount of time allotted to Kiko Salazar who was to speak at the Moratorium on Ramsey Muniz. Libertad without advance notice prior to his getting on stage, cut his time from 6 minutes to 2 minutes. Suarez who was co-emcee told the NCMC that he had concurred with the decision and had consulted with all members of the event committee and gotten their consent for the decision.

Confronted at the meeting by a member of the event committee on that point Suarez was forced to admit that what he said was simply false.

When you lie about meeting with Ramsey Muniz and prevent people from speaking on his behalf you are doing what the government wants. Assuming the best case scenario that minimally makes you an unwitting agent of the government as opposed to a witting agent of the government.

In 2014, two independent Chicano activists alleged on a public internet email list that JBT was an agent based upon circumstantial evidence. To our knowledge, JBT has taken no action against these activists. Again, the NCMC took no action to investigate these allegations, nor to censor JBT.

One of them is Chris Eichwald aka Agustin Cebada who is a notorious anti-semite thrown off his KPFK program because of his ranting and raving against Jews. The other is Randy Gamez who openly denounced the NCMC for allowing a Jew (me) to participate.

Eichwald’s looney accusations included the assertion that I had supposedly flown for the Israeli air force at a time when I was actually attending Chicano Studies classes at CSUN in the 70s….

Durin g a meeting of the NCMC in June of 2015, JBT was questioned about his relationship to Infragard, which he alluded to in a post on his blog. It is interesting to note that his blog has pictures of JBT with Louis Freeh, prior Director of the FBI and with ex-pres. Bill Clinton. ON it’s webpage, Infragard is described as an FBI created organism to assist it with the collection of intelligence and information. Despite repeated requests to address the questions presented, JBT just walked out of the meeting. He did not ask that the matter be tabled for a future time when he could participate.

According to Infragard’s webpage the California office is housed by the FBI.

Intelligent criminal defense lawyers and investigators get continuing education from law enforcement organizations whenever and wherever they can get it.

InfraGard provides free training. They are fully aware that I do criminal defense work and they don’t care. I make no pretense about my politics and they don’t care about that either.

Suarez is opposed to people exercising opportunities to get continuing education from law enforcement. Maybe that’s a reason why his law license has been suspended. Maybe he would have learned that it is unethical to agree to supervise paralegals doing immigration work and then not doing the supervision you are being paid to do…resulting in your client being deported.

You can see Suarez bar record at:

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Information Wanted Good, Bad, or Ugly


I’m eager to get in touch with anybody who has information on any of the following people, places or institutions. Note that inclusion on the list doesn’t mean that they have done anything wrong; some of the people listed may be potential victims. Note also that some of these names may be very common so do not impute anything adverse just because somebody’s name might be in the list because of its commonality. If you know anything or know anybody who might know anything about these folks, bad, good, or otherwise, please e-mail me at:

Angie Esquivel

Andrea Facchetti

Jehu Esquivel

Diana Esquivel

Leslie Esquivel

Panagiotis Bouris aka Taki Bouris

Peter Bouris

Susan Bouris

Gustavo Lopez aka Henry Gustavo Lopez Garcia

Robert Doyle Bucks

Jeffrey S. Casali

Robert Lee Brown aka R. Lee Brown

Shu Man Man aka Helen Man

James Stuart Clements I

James Stuart Clements II aka Kimo

Beverly D. Pelton aka Beverly Needham aka Beverly Eichenbaum

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How I voted November 2016


President/Vice President:  Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks, Peace & Freedom Party — Gloria was my running mate for Governor in 1998 when I was the PFP’s top vote-getter for State Treasurer.  Dennis Banks is, yes, THAT DENNIS BANKS of American Indian Movement (AIM) fame who was one of the leaders of the armed occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973.

Loretta Sanchez

Loretta Sanchez

United States Senate:  Loretta Sanchez.  Loretta’s parents suffer from Alzheimer’s disease (I serve on the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Project Community Advisory Board for Keck USC Medical Center) so Loretta and fellow Representative Linda Sanchez have been leaders in the issues surrounding America’s Number One looming health crisis.  Kamala Harris I had high hopes for when she appointed Bill Lann Lee to her original transition team when she was elected Attorney General.  Then for years a consortium of the major and minor civil rights groups in California couldn’t get the time of day out of her on issues as simple as implementation of existing law for the training of law enforcement officers on hate crimes.

Isadore Hall & Jan B. Tucker

Isadore Hall & Jan B. Tucker

House of Representatives, 44th District:   Isadore Hall III

Sandra Mendoza

Sandra Mendoza

State Assembly, 53rd District:  Sandra Mendoza

Seat #11 Debra R. Archuleta
Seat #42 – Alicia Molina
Seat #84 – Susan Jung Townsend
Seat #158 – Kim L. Nguyen


District 4 – Janice Hahn
District 5 – Darrell Park


Proposition 51 – Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016 – Yes
Proposition 52 – The Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act
 – Yes
Proposition 53 – Stop Right Wing Millionaire’s Attack on Local Control and Infrastructure – No
Proposition 54 – Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings – No
Proposition 55 – Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare – Yes
Proposition 56 – Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement – Yes
Proposition 57 – The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act – Yes
Proposition 58 – The LEARN Initiative (Language Education, Acquisition and Readiness Now!) – Yes
Proposition 59 – Overturn Citizens United – Yes
Proposition 60 – Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements – Yes
Proposition 61 – State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing
Standards. –
Proposition 62 – Replace the Costly, Failed Death Penalty System – Yes
Proposition 63 – Safety for All Act – Yes
Proposition 64  – Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act – Yes
Proposition 65 – Carryout Bags. Charges. – Yes
Proposition 66 – Death Penalty. Procedures. – No
Proposition 67 – Plastic Bag Ban – Yes



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Mexican Senator Seeks Treaty Cancellation–Just as I advised…


I double majored in Political Science and Chicano Studies (cum laude, 1977) and completed 22 graduate units with a 4.0 GPA (1978) at CSU Northridge, with areas of specialization in Political Theory, International Relations and Ancient Mexican Civilization.  So I do know a few things about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  Over the years, I’ve served as a National Commissioner for Civil Rights of LULAC and have twice appeared on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN taking him on over demands that I have raised for Mexico and/or the USA to invoke Article XXI of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to deal with everything from imm[gration to the legitimacy of the border.

Even some of my friends have thought I was tilting at windmills.  However, a Mexican Senator has now taken me seriously and introduced legislation that will be voted on by the Mexican Senate!


  • August 31, 2016, Mexican Senator Armando Rios Piter (PRD-Guerrero) says he’ll introduce retaliatory legislation to enable Mexican expropriation of American assets in case Donald Trump is elected and carries out threat to seize Mexican assets to pay for a border wall [see article below]
  • I send email to Senator Rios Piter urging resolution to begin process of abrogation of Article VII of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which establishes the border [see email below]
  • September 6, 2016 Senator Rios Piter changes his proposal and introduces legislation along the lines I suggested [see article below]
    Senator Rios Piter's original proposal

    Senator Rios Piter’s original proposal

    Rios Piter 9-2-16_001 Rios Piter 9-2-16_002

    Rios Piter's proposal after receiving my email

    Rios Piter’s proposal after receiving my email

    Independent Article 9-2-16_002 Independent Article 9-2-16_003 Independent Article 9-2-16_004

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20 Years Ago–Still “a nut in high demand”


Henry Chu Article0001 Henry Chu Article0002

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SB 443 To Reform Asset Forfeiture Abuse


CALLAC SB 443_001 CALLAC SB 443_002

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Lupe Carrasco–Ignorant or a Prevaricator?


Lupe Carrasco

Lupe Carrasco

When I first met Lupe Carrasco she seemed like a reasonably intelligent individual. She’s college educated I presume since she’s a school teacher for LAUSD. That’s why I’m astonished – no, I’m shocked, shocked – that she made factual errors and omissions of logically relevant facts in the following Facebook posting indicative of somebody who can’t comprehend what they read:

8/29/16 Facebook – Lupe Carrasco

39 mins · Los Angeles ·

Today marks one year since I was blessed with the opportunity to be a co-emcee of the 45th National Chicano Moratorium. It was a powerful event after months of meetings and collaborating with organizations that believe in self-determination and the end of imperialism. The rally reinvigorated many of the members of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee to the point that we were ready to meet immediately to debrief and begin the planning of the 46th NCM. We envisioned reaching out to bring back participants who have historically been a part of the NCM but for some reason have stepped away AND to invite the younger generation to be a part of the legacy of the NCM. The history of Chican@ people belongs to them/us which is why many of us are fighting to get Ethnic Studies and Raza Studies in schools.

This year I was not a member of NCMC and neither are many others who selflessly served last year. You have to think about the fact that many of us who do movement work are volunteers; we volunteer out time, our labor, our intellectual property, our families, our friends, and we do not get paid, in fact we donate funds all the time.

When the debrief meeting occurred last year shortly after the successful event, many comrades within the committee, right in the meeting room where meetings were always held at Ruben Salazar Park, WERE SERVED WITH COURT DOCUMENTS STATING THAT THEY WERE BEING SUED FOR $25,000 each.

Now does it make sense for members of a committee promoting self-determination to be sued by another member in the same exact court system we know is used to oppress our people? Does it make sense that this NCMC member continued on this year as a committee member and organized the NCM March and rally? The case is public and you are free to search the name Jan B. Tucker in the Los Angeles court database. It may very well be that by me sharing this public information I may ending being one of the Does 1-50 listed on the court documents.

In solidarity with the NCMC committee members who have been served I chose not to participate in the March and rally that was held yesterday and will refrain from doing so until the persons who have allowed a mockery of the NCM are no longer major participants of the NCMC.


  • WERE SERVED WITH COURT DOCUMENTS STATING THAT THEY WERE BEING SUED FOR $25,000 each”–presumably, Lupe bothered to read the court documents before making this statement; if she just took that assertion on faith from the people being sued then she is dumber than dirt. It is not accurate to say they are being sued for $25,000 each. They are being sued for a lot more than $25,000 each. If she can read at even a high school level—which somebody who teaches in LAUSD presumably is capable of, she would know that because it’s in plain language, not fluent legaleze.

  • Jesse Hurtado

    Jesse Hurtado

    Now does it make sense for members of a committee promoting self-determination to be sued by another member in the same exact court system we know is used to oppress our people?”– If I called up the Los Angeles Unified School District and told the personnel department that they should fire Lupe Carrasco because she’s an imbecile, she would sue me in a heart beat….and justifiably so. I’m self employed, my clients are my employers. If Lupe read the lawsuit then she knows that Jesse Hurtado called one of my clients (and a lot of other people all over the United States) in Northern California and told him that I was supposedly a government informer. None of the defendants have ever actually denied that this happened.

  • In solidarity with the NCMC committee members”–that puts her in solidarity with her friend Douglas Paul Ruiz and others that are stone cold anti-Semites. Ruiz wrote in an email…and boasted in his answer to the lawsuit that he did so: “The so-called leaders of this committee have allowed a Jew to come in and break up any bit of comradery within the movimiento, and instead of settling the strife…” Two of the people who received it made half-hearted efforts to distance themselves from it on the grounds that it wasn’t a good idea to use anti-Semitism as it could be counter-productive. Lupe did not then and has never since distanced herself from this anti-Semitic outburst. So, as a Jew am I supposed to roll over and take this insult to myself and to the memory of Sephardic Jew Gustav Montag who gave his life for La Causa at an NCMC event? Very convenient that Lupe didn’t mention that part of the lawsuit.

  • L-R: Jan B. Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, with Black Panther Roland Freeman

    L-R: Jan B. Tucker, Guillermo Suarez, Carlos Callejo, with Black Panther Roland Freeman

    Lupe’s close friend and comrade Carlos Callejo accused me at an NCMC meeting, behind my back of having sued LULAC—the League of United Latin American Citizens—and of having cost LULAC in that lawsuit “$10,000.” That was a complete, total, and utter fabrication which suggests that professionally I engaged in a malicious prosecution, something that could cost me my private investigator license. I met with Carlos and offered him a way out of the lawsuit; it required him to either name whoever told him the purported facts or to state under oath that he did not know who told him. He declined to do so which is why he’s still in the lawsuit.

  • Another convenient little problem for Lupe is her own personal dishonesty. She, or at least somebody using her name and calling from her telephone number, called L.A. County Parks & Recreation and attempted to cancel and re-schedule an official NCMC meeting at Salazar Park without any legal authority to do so, claiming to be a legitimate representative of the NCMC. Conveniently she doesn’t mention her own role in these shenanigans….probably because she’s so inept that it didn’t occur to her that when somebody does that with a government agency it is documented and is not a private record.

So Lupe, kish meer in mein Judio tuchos.

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PFP 1 Step Forward 2 Back


One Step Forward & Two Giant Leaps Backward for PFP

I was on cloud nine when I learned that my 1998 running mate Gloria La Riva and legendary AIM (American Indian Movement) activist Dennis Banks won the PFP (Peace & Freedom Party) nomination for President & Vice President. I knew my elation couldn’t last though if La Riva’s forces did not make a clean sweap of the old party officers …. and that is a mistake the party will come to regret.

Kevin Douglas Akin

Kevin Douglas Akin

In a giant leap backward, the party re-elected the most recycled party chair in it’s history, Kevin Akin. For background on Kevin, search in this blog for “Konversations with Kevin” and you’ll understand why his lack of impulse control, his deficient education, and his inability to write anything important without pontificating (and frequently ranting and raving) makes him the most singularly incompetent party officer in history. Of course, I have long suspected that keeping and returning Kevin to office in PFP is a Democratic Party strategic move in part orchestrated by Kevin’s son, Senatorial Aide to arch-right-wing Zionist Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). As chief policy wonk to Wyden on Foreign Policy, Military and Veterans Affairs, Isaiah is complicit in why Wyden was once denounced by a Counter Punch article as being “to the right of Ariel Sharon” in the context of Israel politics….and why Kevin invariably waters down or delays to death any attempt by PFP to take reasonable positions against the Israeli right.

In a worse move, without any due diligence or vetting whatsoever the party convention passed a motion which endorses an imposter “Chicano Moratorium” event in Los Angeles organized by three (3) notorious anti-semites and their supporters:

Chris Eichwald aka Agustin Cebada

Chris Eichwald aka Agustin Cebada

Chris Eichwald aka Agustin Cebada—a former New Mexico State Parole Officer, Eichwald was expelled from the old August Twenty-Ninth Movement (ATM, see and on allegations that he was a government informer, according to Michael Sermeno. His KPFK radio show was shut down because of his incessant anti-semitic rants—and they were bad because to get KPFK to shut you down you have to be off the deep end.

Eichwald is so delusional that he once claimed in a paranoid email that I “flew for the IDF” in the 70s. That would have been kind of hard given that I was in class with Rudy Acuna and other Chicano Studies professors at CSUN during that time period so what was I doing: flying to Israel and back on the weekends?

James P. Segall Gutierrez

James P. Segall Gutierrez

James “Jaime” P. Segall-Gutierrez—Respected Chicano Journalist Gustavo Arellano did a definitive expose’ on him in the Orange County Weekly: Gutierrez represented Eichwald in the past and currently represents Douglas Paul Ruiz [See]

Douglas Paul Ruiz, as I pointed out in the 8/17/16 blog, has conveniently had all of his felony (4 of them in LA County alone) cases sealed and an outstanding Phoenix AZ felony warrant for forgery abruptly dismissed (outstanding from 2002-13) just before he started coming to Chicano Moratorium meetings. In an email openly and brazenly sent to me, Ruiz denounced the National Chicano Moratorium Committee for allowing Jews to participate:

The so-called leaders of this committee have allowed a Jew to come in and break up any bit of comradery (sic) within the movimiento, and instead of settling the strife, it seems they relish it.

So, that’s the crew that is organizing a so-called “Chicano Moratorium” event to detract from the legitimate National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) event set at Salazar Park for August 28, 2016….and PFP voted to support them….

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National Chicano Moratorium Speaker & Entertainment Lineup


J.B. Tucker & Associates

News Release

P.O. Box 433 Torrance CA 90508-0433 Tel: 310.618.9596 Fax: 310.618.1950

Cell: 818.720.3719

Criminal Justice Columnist, Counter Punch Magazine

Commentator, Black Talk Radio

Public relations guru”Los Angeles Times 1996

Former 1st Vice President, LA Newspaper Guild

Member, CWA Local 39521, Pacific Media Workers Guild

For Immediate Release: August 19, 2016

For Information: Jan B. Tucker, 818.720.3719, Jaime Cruz 323.687.0963



The 46th Annual National Chicano Moratorium commemoration of the death of crusadiing Chicano Journalist Ruben Salazar will kickoff with a march and rally to the park that now bears his name on August 28, 2016. Participants will gather at 9:00 am and march from Atlantic Park, 570 S. Atlantic Blvd., & 6thSt., to Ruben Salazar Park, 3864 Whittier Blvd., and Ditman Ave., for the 12:30pm Rally.

Rally speakers and entertainment at this year’s event include:

  • Kwazi Nkrumah of the Martin Luther King Jr Coalition

  • Jan B, Tucker & Michael D, McCarty

    Jan B, Tucker & Michael D, McCarty

    Black Panther and professional story teller Michael D. McCarty for spoken word presentation

  • Allegra Casimir Taylor

    Allegra Casimir Taylor

    Allegra Casimir Taylor, daughter of the late Black Panther Party political prisoner (51 years, murdered in prison last year) Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinnell who will discuss her father’s case and the ongoing events since his murder

  • Wayne Arroyo, longtime American Indian Movement (AIM) activist who will talk about the ongoing protests in North Dakota against the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Kiko Salazar who will speak on long time Chicano political prisoner Ramsey Muniz

  • James Preston Allen

    James Preston Allen

    James Preston Allen folk/labor singer (and Publisher of San Pedro’s Random Lengths community newspaper)

  • Roberto Tijerina, internet radio talk show host from UC Riverside

  • David Rico

    David Rico

    David Rico, Commander of the National Brown Berets de Aztlan

  • Relf Alison Star (Native American activist) and Cindy Allaire, folk singers


  • Deacon Alexander

    Deacon Alexander

    Deacon Alexander of the Black Panther Party Alumni Association

  • Bamby Salcedo, TransLatina

  • Jan B. Tucker of the California League of Latinos And Chicanos (CALLAC) will speak on immigration and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

  • Seferino Garcia, Orange County National Brown Berets de Aztlan
  • Son Real

    Son Real

    Son Real, a Los Angeles based son Jarocho band

  • Elisa Mejia and Rodrigo, KPFK – FM, Pacifica Radio for Los Angeles


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