Vaclav Havel: R.I.P.


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Vaclav Havel: Poet, human rights activist, President

One of the great human rights activists of our time, poet, playwright, and eventually President of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel died yesterday at the age of 75.  For the context of Czech society before the fall of the “Iron Curtain” that swept former dissidents like Havel into power, check out my blog of April 24, 2010 and especially the poem, “100 Points“…
Wikipedia explains the history of the Charter 77 movement, of which Havel was a key initiator and leader:

Motivated in part by the arrest of members of the psychedelic band Plastic People of the Universe, the text of Charter 77 was prepared in 1976. In December 1976, the first signatures were collected.[2] The charter was published on 6 January 1977, along with the names of the first 242 signatories, which represented various occupations, political viewpoints, and religions. Although Václav Havel, Ludvík Vaculík and Pavel Landovský were detained while trying to bring the charter to the Federal Assembly and the Czechoslovak government and the original document was confiscated,[3] copies circulated as samizdat and on 7 January were published in several western newspapers (including Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Times or New York Times) and transmitted to Czechoslovakia by Czechoslovak-banned radio broadcasters like Radio Free Europe or Voice of America.

Charter 77 criticized the government for failing to implement human rights provisions of a number of documents it had signed, including the 1960 Constitution of Czechoslovakia, the Final Act of the 1975 Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Basket III of the Helsinki Accords), and United Nations covenants on political, civil, economic, and cultural rights. The document also described the signatories as a “loose, informal, and open association of people . . . united by the will to strive individually and collectively for respect for human and civil rights in our country and throughout the world.” It emphasized that Charter 77 is not an organization, has no statutes or permanent organs, and “does not form the basis for any oppositional political activity.” This final stipulation was a careful effort to stay within the bounds of Czechoslovak law, which made organized opposition illegal.

After 30 years, many of those from both Czechoslovakia and the UK who were personally involved in the Charter 77 movement and helped to gain international support and to draw attention to the petition gathered on 29 March 2007 at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London, to look back and share their experience and memories of one of the little known but most significant events of modern European history.

Distribution of Charter 77 or any of its contents was made a formal political crime by the Communist Party led regime.
Vaclav Havel will be missed and remembered for his courage and his creativity.
The leadership of a couple of political parties that I have recently been critical of (my own, the Peace & Freedom Party and the faction of the La Raza Unida Party controlled by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala) should take heed of the poem “One Hundred Points” that Havel promoted and defended in opposition to the former rulers of his nation, and especially points 8 and 9:
8.  They are afraid of party members.
9.  They are afraid of those who are not in the party.
To these points, the poem eventually asks, “So why the hell are WE afraid of THEM?”

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Affirmative Action: Practicing what you preach


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Zedong Mao

“The guerilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.”  — Zedong Mao.

In the context of the movements to create political change in the United States, and especially California and in particular Los Angeles, political organizers need to be able to swim in an inland sea with many tributaries from ponds that contain different populations of fish species.  Some of those ponds are integrated to greater or lesser degrees and some of those ponds are for the most part, segregated to a predominant ethnic group.

Lots of groups and leaders talk the talk about “diversity” but when it comes to walking the walk with vigorous, positive efforts at outreach to the many communities and neighborhoods that make up Los Angeles as a whole, they fall short with all too much frequency.  I am proud of my own record and the leadership of San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women) in helping to build a diverse group of activists.  I give kudos to my friend and former National President of NOW, Patricia Ireland, for having seriously pushed diversification during her administration years ago.  Unfortunately, her successors have not been as vigorous and committed to internal affirmative action as she was.

Carol McArthur et al performing @ SFV/NELA NOW & CALLAC event 12/17/11

On December 17, 2011, we held a joint Holiday Party/Election Meeting for SFV/NELA NOW along with a founding meeting  of CALLAC (California League of Latin American Citizens, state affiliate of the National League of Latin American Citizens) at the home of Norma and Jose Luis Ramirez in Arleta (the neighborhood I grew up in, a couple of blocks away).  People came from as far as San Diego, Contra Costa, and Tulare counties for the event, drawn both by the content and on the reputation of my “once a year water-smoked turkey” with regular and vegetarian stuffing.

Water smoking is an all night process; yesterday's turkey and stuffing may have been my best ever in decades!

People describe gatherings I put together, both social and political (which are frequently both simultaneously) as veritable “United Nations” events.  Yesterday we had in attendance, amongst immigrants alone,  two Columbians, one Nicaraguan, one Israeli, one Peruvian and four Mexicans.  Angel and Argentina Davila-Luevano, who are respectively the National Vice President and Vice President for the Far West of NLLAC joined us from Northern California.

Entertainment was provided by Carol McArthur (who along with her friend Alejandro performed some of her original songs that are on her outstanding newly released CD How Good it Feels; email me if you want one, they’re only $10 each).  Carlos Casarez who graced us with his presence from Dinuba in Tulare County, also entertained and delighted with his own guitar skills.

The newly elected board of SFV/NELA NOW that emerged from the meeting includes:

Co-Presidents:  Cynthia Conover & Jan B. Tucker (myself)

Board members:  Linda Pruett, Roxana Inga, Dan McCrory, Renata Sdao, Norma Ramirez, Jose Luis Ramirez, Betty Knight, Jeff Belmont, Tina Black, Mia Lee, Patricia  Nazario, Kade Sdao, Sandra Luz Gallegos, Carol McArthur, and Deborah Greenspan.

We have LGBTI people and straight people; women and men, immigrants and native born.  On our board we have Jews, Atheists, Catholics, Protestants, and Wiccans.  We include white, black, brown, yellow and red:  A Peruvian, a Native American, Mexicans, a Korean, an African American, and a Puerto Rican-American.  But this is nothing to brag about.  This is not enough.

Last year we had far more African Americans in attendance.  We had a Yoruba from Nigeria in attendance (he tried to make it this year but couldn’t because he had missed his email until too late).  In the past we’ve had South Asians and Middle Easterners.  We have to do better at attracting them, including them, and empowering them before we can even think of resting on our laurels.




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Paranoia or are People really out to get you?


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I recently sent around email denying that I am or ever have been or ever used the following aliases or names:

(a) Monty Kroopkin

(b) Red Rover

(c) Robert Williams

(d) Barbara Simpson

 I felt compelled to make this denial because of the latest recent accusation by Steven Bruce Orcutt aka Frank Runninghorse (aka Running Mouth, aka Running Dog aka Running Nalgas) that I was using the name Monty Kroopkin (it turns out, as you’ll read below, that Monty is a real person and that neither of us had ever heard of the other before). This follows years of periodic accusations by Kevin Akin, Tom Lacey and other weirdos in the PFP leadership that I am supposedly the other three people. However, unlike a lot of the people I have to deal with professionally, I’m not schizophrenic.

To put this all in context, check out the following Wikipedia definitions of psychological disorders and then read the below emails sequence to see if maybe they have any relevance or significance to the debate:

Grandiose delusions

Main article: Grandiose delusions

Grandiose delusions are distinct from grandiosity, in that the sufferer does not have insight into his loss of touch with reality. An individual is convinced he has special powers, talents, or abilities. Sometimes, the individual may actually believe they are a famous person or character (for example, Napoleon).

Grandiose delusions or delusions of grandeur are principally a subtype of delusional disorder but could possibly feature as a symptom of schizophrenia and manic episodes of bipolar disorder.[11] Grandiose delusions are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, or otherwise very powerful. The delusions are generally fantastic, often with a supernatural, science-fictional, or religious bent. In colloquial usage, one who overestimates one’s own abilities, talents, stature or situation is sometimes said to have ‘delusions of grandeur’. This is generally due to excessive pride, rather than any actual delusions.[citation needed]

[edit] Persecutory delusions

Main article: Persecutory delusion

Persecutory delusions are the most common type of delusions and involve the theme of being followed, harassed, cheated, poisoned or drugged, conspired against, spied on, attacked, or obstructed in the pursuit of goals. Persecutory delusions are a condition in which the affected person believes – wrongly – they are being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements:[12][page needed]

The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur.

The individual thinks that the persecutor has the intention to cause harm.

According to the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the most common form of delusions in schizophrenia, where the person believes they are “being tormented, followed, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed.”[13] In the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the main feature of the persecutory type of delusional disorder. When the focus is to remedy some injustice by legal action, they are sometimes called “querulous paranoia”.[14]

From: Frank and Ambika <>

Subject: [pfp-scc] REPLY TO MONTY

To: Monty Kroopkin

Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011, 11:29 PM

 Brother Monty

I am not accusing you of being Jan Tucker . I now know more information about who the ‘Monty” is who signed the cc99% statement against me. How do I know ? I wrote in and asked direct questions about Monty from Monty. Imagine the radical nature of the idea.

This is not what Monty did. Before he ever had a conversation with me , he wrote a statement denouncing me .” Monty” who claims transparency didn’t use a last name . So I had to ask.

Jan Tucker often uses various alias in his “private eye” work and in carrying out his COINTELPRO type “poison pen” smear campaigns. He has been waging a active campaign against me for years . Some of “Montys” false allegations resembled Tuckers smears , so I was suspicious of another Tucker alias. A recent email was sent to me of contact between you and Jan Tucker .So maybe there was a connection after all. I like to ask direct Questions before I make accusations. So here goes. Monty are you and Tucker collaborating to smear me ?

 By the way, the information that you provided about me being appointed to the PFPc5 [CCC Central Comm.] is common knowledge .No secret revelation there. All 9 other c5 members were officially appointed by Sheryl Borg as the only member we assigned to do the tedious official paperwork and run for office,so the others could focus on movement work. I was elected by the PFP-c5 to be first ,chair of the c5 then, co chair with Mary MacILroy.

Unless elected at ballot box , PFP SCC members must be voted in by standing SCC members ,which I was. Its a matter of record.

PFP members play a respected role in MDS . Nick H DVC SDS President is also on the PFPc5 & Dr Gee from NVC SDS & Northbay MDS is also in PFP Solano CC.

 My point being, if you are a loyal PFP member as you say, why attack your own PFP comrades as well as MDS comrades. As the saying goes : “With friends like that, who needs enemys” . We are bringing SDS youth & MDS activists into PFP and you are trying to thwart our work. Why ?

Silly me I keep on asking questions .

 Monty I again offer you my phone # [925]798-3698 and suggest you call me if you hear any thing about me from your ‘friends’ that disturb you enough to publicly attack me. Be decent enough to ask me my side of the story before you slander & smear a fellow High-school Vietnam Mobe organizer [YVHS had the largest HS chapter with 300 members ], lifelong PFP member and fellow executive officer [ I was North State Chair in the late 90's], fellow Union activist & shop steward [ IBT/TDU ] and like you, one who has devoted and sacrificed much for the movement. We have much in common , if you had bothered to speak to me before slandering ,we might have been friends. We still don’t need to be enemies . Let it go . Beware Jan Tucker.

 Frank Runninghorse

Diablo MDS, DVC SDS, Occupy Concord, OGC, PFPc5


 PS; this was sent to me as correspondence between you and Tucker. Is it Legit ? I ask before believing !



Dear Jan Tucker,

 I received a copy of this, forwarded, forwarded. Please rest assured that you are not me (and vice versa).

 For what it’s worth, in addition to being an actual, real, member of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), I have also been a life-long member of Peace and Freedom Party, with the exception of a few years when I registered Green. I served a term (1992-94) as State Corresponding Secretary of PFP. From organizing for the Vietnam War Moratoriums while still in high school to my current work as a shop steward in my union and an activist with a number of groups, I have devoted much of my life to the movement. I regret that we are “meeting” under such ridiculous circumstances, but hopefully at least knowing a bit about me will make the experience a little less ugly for you.

 I do know that PFP county central committee elections (conducted during the state primary elections, by the registrar of voters in each county) do not always attract a full field of candidates. I understand that one Frank Runninghorse was appointed, not elected, to a seat on the Contra Costa County PFP Central Committee. County central committee seats double as state central committee seats. I hope you find this information useful.

Occupy Everything!

Monty Kroopkin

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Where is Mr Conservative when we need him?


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I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see just how mondo-bizarro the Republican race for the presidential nomination could get.  It started at the bottom and has been working its way down ever since.

It is so strange that it makes me long for a comeback by a “Mr. Conservative” in the mold of Barry Goldwater who was the undisputed champion of that moniker when I was young.  Not that I’d have voted for him when he ran for president:  I actually had a Johnson-Humphrey bumper sticker on my bicycle in 1964 riding to and from elementary school during that election.

However, history proved Barry Goldwater to have been one of the really decent and principled conservatives of our era.  What would he have said about the current crop of candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination?

As early as 1989 he described the Republican Party as having been taken over by a “bunch of kooks.”

As a staunch defender of civil liberties he came out for the right of LGBTI people to serve openly in the military, stating emphatically that “Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar” and that “You don’t have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.”

Gay rights was not the only issue where he took on the religious right.  When it came to abortion he was a staunch and unwavering supporter of a woman’s right to choose during his final term in the United States Senate.   When Sandra Day O’Connor of his home state, Arizona, was nominated to the United States Supreme Court and opposed by Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell who said that “Every good Christian should be concerned,” Goldwater was quoted as saying “Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass.”  John Dean (of later Watergate fame) claimed however that what Goldwater actually said was that Falwell should be kicked “in the nuts.”

In 1994 he told the Washington Post that “When you say ‘radical right’ today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican party and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye.”  But perhaps his greatest condemnation of the transformation of the Republican Party into what it was becoming (maybe, degenerating into?) was when he warned his own party “Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have.”

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Truth Hurts?


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As my regular readers know, I’ve been raising a series of issues and questions about the La Raza Unida Party faction controlled by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala, such as, whether party resources have been used to engage in mail fraud (18 USC 1941) and wire fraud (18 USC 1943) and comparing the organizational procedures to those of a cult.  I’ve explained how Libertad in particular tried to convince her aunt, my now ex-significant other, that I was having an affair with a member of my National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter’s board (that Libertad had just met).  I’ve also raised questions about the links of the group to the authoritarian government of Sri Lanka and how it has internet meta tags that effectively promote tourism to that nation which massacres civilians and prisoners of war alike, tortures prisoners, and permits mass rape to control its minority Tamil population.

Well, demonstrating that she has little or no impulse control, Libertad called me on my cell phone around 3:57 p.m. today yelling at me and using obscenity in violation of Section 653m(a) of the California Penal Code.  I hung up on her.  She called from a telephone with caller ID blocking that came up as “Private” on my screen.  After I hung up, I received calls from “Private” at 3:59, 4:00, and 4:01 p.m. which I didn’t answer and no messages were left.

I guess the truth hurts as the old saying goes…..

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Conjunto Jardin 15th Anniversary


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Conjunto Jardin in concert

Greetings and saludos to all Conjunto Jardin friends, fans and family! We have an exciting announcement: to celebrate the band’s 15th anniversary, we’re going to produce a grand jarocho concert at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood Saturday, June 2, 2012! The show will feature special guests from Veracruz and visual accompaniments coordinated by our good friend Reyes Rodriguez of Tropico de Nopal gallery/space. Please save the date and spread the word! More details will be available as we get closer to the date. If you would like to get involved in any way — from selling tickets to helping with publicity to soliciting corporate sponsorships and a variety of other odd jobs — please get in touch with us at This is a community event and we can’t do it alone!
Libby was interviewed in Betto Arcos’ radio feature on weekend NPR a few weeks ago about the growth of son jarocho music in the U.S. In case you missed it, here’s the link:
With the holidays upon us, remember: music makes a great gift! Support local independent music by ordering any one — or all three — Conjunto Jardin CDs (or downloads) from or Or you can order directly from us at our website.
Best wishes/mejores deseos for a happy and peaceful holiday season and and exciting new year!
Conjunto Jardín

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Tell Malawi: Equal Rights for LGBTI


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My hat is off to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who recently announced an initiative to insist upon equitable and fair treatment of LGBTI people as a condition for receiving USA foreign aid funds.  At least one country, Malawi, has just announced a review of its laws banning LGBTI conduct.

Join with the California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC) in support of our “No More Denial” campaign:


His Excellency Steve Matenje
Tel: (202) 721-0270
Fax: (202) 721-0288

Malawi to review homosexuality ban

AFPAFP – Thu, Dec 8, 2011

Agence France Press

 Malawi’s government announced Thursday that it will review a series of controversial laws, including a ban on homosexuality that has drawn widespread Western criticism.

 “In view of the sentiments from the general public and in response to public opinion regarding certain laws, the government wishes to announce to the Malawi nation that it is submitting the relevant laws and provisions of laws to the Law Commission for review,” said Justice Minister Ephraim Chiume.

 The laws would be sent to the Law Commission, set up in 1995 by the government after the country’s first democratic vote, he added in a statement.

 The penal code of Malawi classifies homosexuality under “indecent practices and unnatural acts”.

 Donors and western governments had heavily criticised President Bingu wa Mutharika’s government for the law, arguing that it tramples on the rights of the minorities.

 There was outrage last year after a gay couple were handed a 14-year prison sentence for sodomy. They were arrested after holding a wedding ceremony in Malawi’s commercial hub Blantyre.

 They were later pardoned by Mutharika.

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A Campaign for No Denial


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Awhile ago, I attended the annual fundraising banquet for one of the outstanding civil rights organizations in Southern California, the South Asian Network (SAN).  I was impressed with one of their projects which is called “No More Denial,” in support of LGBTI people in the South Asian Community.  The program educates South Asians to be accepting of LGBTI instead of viewing an LGBTI family member as a source of shame or embarrassment.

As State Director of CALLAC (California League of Latin American Citizens) and Co-President of the San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women (SFV/NELA NOW), I want to kick off a “No Denial” campaign for our Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition.  In addition to being LGBTI supportive, I want to include the issue of child molestation and combat the tendency of families to go into denial and refuse to deal with its consequences.

Aside from the fact that I’ve had to deal with child molestation professionally in both Family Law and Criminal court cases, I’ve seen just how destructive familial denial can be for generation after generation and also in the political sphere of life.

Case One:  for background on how child molestation has impacted the behavior or a family and the political cult they run, first read:

What I don’t mention in that blog entry is that at least one and probably two or more generations of the Ayala family have been affected by a culture of denial.  In one generation of the Ayala family, one cousin molested at least two of his cousins.  My understanding is that (a) he was never reported to the authorities and (b) neither of the two cousins known to have been molested were ever given professional therapy.  This whole affair is an open secret within the family and was known by Xenaro Ayala at an early enough time to do something about the situation.

Instead, the family did nothing and much of the bizarre behavior I’ve described in the Ayala family–especially the paranoia and mistrust of outsiders–can easily be attributed to the early childhood molestation that went unaddressed.

Another case of mass denial is the behavior of the California Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) of the gravity and depravity of Steven Bruce Orcutt, aka Frank Runninghorse.  For background:

The PFP leadership claim to have conducted an “investigation” into Runningmouth’s prosecution and conviction.  The so-called investigators never bothered to try to obtain via a California Public Records Act (CPRA) request to the police department that arrested him any of the documents which would have shed light on his conduct.  His contention has been that he was the victim of a political frame up by a purported “hooker” that he supposedly thought was over the age of 18.

Had they bothered to ask for and obtain the records that I received from the police department, they would have found that most of the story he told was a fairy tale.  It amounted to a flagrantly false “blame the victim” defense of his behavior, which in fact involved a young African American girl (and I mean girl, not woman).

Civil Rights organizations need to get on the bandwagon of a “No Denial” campaign.  Soon, I will be forwarding to the appropriate authorities declarations involving the use of the date rape drug (GHB) and Ayahuasca by a Tiburon, California based polyamoury cult on children, to deal with issues that have been under investigation for a long time (  That investigation is now coming to fruition, so we can hopefully be the catalyst for preventing more children from being victimized.

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Frank Runninghorse’s Martyr Complex


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I recently blogged about St. Xenaro of Aztlan and how he seems to have a “martyr complex.”  See that posting for context:

To reemphasize the point, here’s what Wikipedia says about a martyr complex:

In psychology, a person who has a martyr complex, sometimes associated with the term victim complex, desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it feeds a psychological need.

In some cases, this results from the belief that the martyr has been singled out for persecution because of exceptional ability or integrity.[1] Theologian Paul Johnson considers such beliefs a topic of concern for the mental health of clergy.[2] Other martyr complexes involve willful suffering in the name of love or duty. This has been observed in women, especially in poor families, as well as in codependent or abusive relationships.[3][4] It has also been described as a facet of Jewish-American folklore.[5]

So, check out the following exchange in which Steven Bruce Orcutt, aka Frank Runninghorse attributes his persecution to COINTELPRO as though it’s some grandiose government plot against him.  What he is clearly not cognizant of is that if the government actually cared all that much about him and actually considered him to be a serious threat, he’d be behind bars.  As an “oh by the way,”  I’m not now nor have I ever been or used the name Monty Kroopkin, have never met nor communicated with him and I have no independent recollection of ever having heard of him before this was forwarded to me.


On Tue, 12/6/11, Frank and Ambika <> wrote:

From: Frank and Ambika <>
To: “” <>, “Al Haber” <>, “Alex Shantz” <>, “Craig Emery” <>, “Ed Rippy” <>, “Ed Rippy” <>, “Guerimo Richardson {PFP}” <>, “Guerimo Richardson {PFP}” <>, “Joel [PFP-sol] Schor” <>, “John Burnett” <>, “Katey Ramsden” <>, “Kathy Guruwaya” <>, “Larry Pinkney” <>, “Loca [Christine] Dingo Girl” <>, “Marsha Feinland PFP” <>, “Mary McIlroy PFP” <>, “Nick Holmes” <>, “Sherill Borg” <>, “Stan Woods” <>, “Tarnel Abbott” <>, “Tom Molyneaux” <>, “Victor Wu” <>
Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 4:59 PM

PFP Leaders State wide & C5
    I request a statement on the validity of these accusations
 as they regard the PFP. I have asked SDS ,OGC
Real MDS to do the same . This is a urgent request as it is time to nip this COINTELPRO type “poison pen”
campaign in the bud before it goes any further.
Frank Runninghorse
PS ; I have never been in the IWW and only spoke at their meetings once or twice as a guest on Mumia Abu  Jamal
and was warmly received  and given a ovation. hat was over 10 years ago.
Re: [November 24th] SLANDEROUS ATTACK ON MDS/SDS By “MONTY”? / Response

This is a response, from the real Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), to the attack by Frank Runninghorse aka Steve Orcutt upon Monty, a member of the MDS Working Committee, and, by implication, our whole organization. Monty Kroopkin is a long time activist, trade unionist and member of the initiating group of MDS.
Everyone receiving this email was cc’d by Frank Runninghorse in a November 24th email (which is pasted below) that had the subject line “Slanderous Attack on MDS/SDS by “MONTY”?/Response.” when he responded to our post on the Occupy Contra Costa/Concord site after we commented, on November 11th, on the November 6th post, “A Coup: Occupy Contra Costa Has Split” at this link: 

After reading about Frank Runninghorse’s behavior in Occupy Contra Costa  we felt compelled to respond then, as we do now.  Then Frank Runninghorse was giving MDS a bad name.  Now he has slandered our member, Monty, by casting the shadow of cointelpro on him, rather than asking MDS about the post and Monty’s credibility, before writing, out of ignorance, such an email.

MDS values transparency, participatory democracy, and horizontal, rather than top-down, power.  For a long time prior to our reading of the unfortunate split in Occupy Contra Costa, we had received reports from people we know and trust about the conduct of Frank Runninghorse.  Those reports all had these common elements: people witnessing and experiencing undemocratic practices including bullying, intimidation, and unilateral defiance of democratic group process. This included publishing leaflets in the name of SDS without approval from the Diablo Valley College SDS chapter, stacking of meetings for personal opportunism, dominating meetings, refusing to let others speak at Oscar Grant Committee meetings, verbal and physical abuse. The venues were varied [SDS, Oscar Grant Committee, IWW, Peace and Freedom Party] but the conduct was the same–including causing splits, due to his behavior, in SDS, the Oscar Grant Committee, and Occupy Contra Costa.

When we read the negative press that Frank Runninghorse brought upon MDS, by representing himself as MDS, during the split of Occupy Contra Costa, we needed to state the facts.   Frank Runninghorse is not now and never has been a member of MDS (Movement for a Democratic Society)  either under the name of Frank Runninghorse or any other name.  He has never applied for membership.   He did send emails and photos to Alan Haber of MDS that showed picket signs that had “MDS” written on them.   But he has never become a member of MDS and there is only one MDS Chapter in the SF Bay Area.  It is Movement for a Democratic Society–Bay Area also known as Bay Area MDS.   He has never been in it or been to a meeting of it.  A few days ago, he wrote, saying that he never knew there was a Bay Area MDS.  Yet he has known about it for over a year. Making signs with fists that say MDS on them does not make him or anyone a member of MDS and it does not make an MDS chapter.

Monty is a founding member of MDS and he did not write the post on the Occupy Contra Costa site that  Frank Runninghorse copied into the email below that he sent to all of you.  Monty did, however, post it, upon a decision, reached by consensus, by  MDS, that he should post it for MDS.

All who read this message, please know that this is official notice from MDS to comrades in California and everywhere that Frank Runninghorse is not a member of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) and any political organizing he has done or is doing is not in the name of MDS and MDS would like him to stop pretending to be MDS.  People who believe themselves to be MDS members, based on their participation in the groups Frank Runninghorse has alleged to be MDS chapters are also not MDS members. They have been deceived or mis-led by Frank Runninghorse. Any such person, wishing to be a member, is welcome to join, according to procedures on the MDS website.

The so-called MDS chapters that Frank Runninghorse claims exist in Concord, North Bay, and Richmond, are not bona-fide MDS chapters. Calling oneself a member of any organization does not make it so, if there has never been an official organizational connection to the organization one poses as–that is true of unions, political parties, the Boy Scouts of America, and countless other organizations.

Even after telephoning Alan Haber, on November 28th, and being told what MDS finds objectionable about his, wrongfully, representing himself as MDS, Frank Runninghorse has proceeded to misappropriate and use our logo on an email flyer.  He seems to feel no shame in not having contacted us to ask about Monty before painting him as possibly “Cointelpro.”  There has been no apology.  In fact, Frank Runninghorse acts like he has been wronged.

Some people are so disruptive in the movement and to the movement that they deserve criticism. We have no pleasure in having to make these criticisms.  We hope this will prompt Frank Runninghorse to re-evaluate and alter his undemocratic behavior. We did not seek to know  things about or be involved with Frank Runninghorse.  We seek accountability, responsibility, and to build MDS. We are asking Frank Runninghorse to please cease and desist from representing himself as a member of MDS.

MDS is critical of the above, undemocratic behavior of Frank Runninghorse.  We would want these points and others answered before we would consider Frank Runninghorse for membership or authorize him to represent himself as connected with Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS).

MDS began because of the need, we saw, for an organizational form allowing a large variety of groups to cooperate and advance a radical, participatory democratic politics. It was not begun to allow an individual or few to appropriate its name, and such credibility as it might have. We are open to respectful and substantive dialogue, presentation of evidence, and other sincere expressions of sincere progressives, including our comrades in the OWS movement around the country and around the world.

for truth in representation,
Movement for a Democratic Society
Post Office Box 7213, Ann Arbor MI 48107

From: Frank and Ambika <>
Date: November 24, 2011 6:25:00 AM GMT-05:00
Reply-To: Frank and Ambika <>
     We in Nor Cal MDS/SDS are wondering if you have or know of a member called “Monty”
who wrote this post  [see below ] to a group that tried to expell MDS/SDS from “Occupy Contra Costa 99%”,
out here in the Bay Area.It was basically a Red Baiting attack with some ad hominem personal slander thrown in as well .They lost the vote 22-4 ,then quit the group when they couldn’t get their way. MDS/SDS is by far the largest organized group in the area. In the last 2 years MDS has organized 3 Bay area Chapters [Concord , North Bay & Richmond ] and 2 SDS chapters [DVC &NVC ] .We are also founding members and play a  leadership role in the Oscar Grant Committee in Oakland.
    So we are wondering if this guy “Monty” is for real. Is he a terribly misinformed and ignorant member ,who didn’t
have the curtissy , solidarity or wisdom to contact us first before posting such a bogus statement or is he just another
false name for Jan Tucker, a private eye, police agent who has consistently used the old COINTELPRO poison pen
technic to slander myself [ Frank Runninghorse ] and MDS/SDS periodically.
FYI , before we launched MDS in the Bay Area
we contacted the MDS national  office . And we e-mail Al Haber with daily updates and reports.
We are extremely active in the Bay Area movement with about 30 active MDS/SDS members.Making us one of the larger groups on the Bay Area left.We have never met or heard of any other Bay Area MDS chapters or individuals. Is any of “Montys” post true or is this more FBI/COINTELPRO  ,Jan Tucker shit. Please let us Know ,if you get this post even if you don’t have any information on “Monty”.
     Also included is a set of pictures collected from ‘Indy Bay” over the last year that shows just a small portion of the actions
we have been involved , to give you a flavor of our activity.
Frank Runninghorse
    DVC SDS elected community advisor
    Diablo MDS , founding member & Treasurer
    North Bay MDS ,founding member
    Richmond MDS , founding member
    Former Diablo Valley College ,student body President [1996]
    Former Teamster local 283 , Detroit Mi, shop steward
     Peace & Freedom Party ,Contra Costa Co co-chair
    Oscar Grant Committee , founding member
    Occupy Concord , founding member
         [925] 798-3698
November 11, 2011 at 9:41 pm | #3
Reply | Quote
Comrades of Occupy Concord,
We bring you greetings of solidarity in your struggles. Learning that Occupy Concord had come to end at its site of occupation was disappointing to us. Learning the role of Frank Running Horse aka Steve Orcutt and the group of people formed by him calling itself sds/mds was distressing. We are the core group of the MDS Organizing Committee. We are bonafide members of Movement for A Democratic Society (MDS). We wrote the MDS Constitution. We know who our members are. There is only one mds group in the San Francisco Bay Area–Bay Area MDS. Bay Area MDS has existed since 2007. Runninghorse aka Orcutt has never attended a meeting of Bay Area MDS and he has never become a member of the larger organization–MDS. Please know that regardless of the picket signs he makes, that falsely represent him as MDS, that any claims he makes to represent MDS are false. We are your comrades in the Occupy Movement everywhere. We regret that anyone might think that Frank Runninghorse aka Steve Orcutt has or ever had anything to do with Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS).
In love and struggle for truth, justice, peace, and a human revolution everywhere,
Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)

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Ramsey Muniz: Guilty of Being Latino and Activist in America


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Ruben Botello

My thanks to Rubin Botello, J.D. and State Director for Pennsylvania for the National League of Latin American Citizens for forwarding this to me.

As an “oh by the way,” during a National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) planning meeting in 2010 for the 40th Commemoration event, Xenaro Ayala, who claims to be the National President (since 1981) of La Raza Unida Party (LRUP), effectively vetoed my proposal to invite a spokesperson for Ramsey Muniz’s defense committee to speak at the commemoration.  Xenaro claimed at the time that he had met and discussed the case with Ramsey.  I again emphasize “claimed” but there will be more on that topic in a later blog.

Ramsey Muniz: Guilty of Being Latino and Activist in America

by Stephen Lendman | 08.28.2010
targeting the innocent unfairly

Ramiro (Ramsey) Muniz [has been] imprisoned for life without parole on a bogus drug charge. A Corpus Christi, TX native, he “contributed greatly to the Chicano Civil Rights Movement during the 1970s as a leader for justice and equality for all Mexican Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos throughout the United States. In 1972 and 1974 (at ages 30 and 32), he was Texas gubernatorial candidate for the La Raza Unida Party (RUP), established to help Mexican Americans achieve greater economic, social, and political self-determination, especially in South Texas, where, though a majority in many counties and locales, they held little or no power.

Context: Political Prisoners in America |
Ramsey Muniz – Guilty of Being Latino and Activist in America – by Stephen Lendman
An earlier article explained America’s longstanding political repression agenda, accessed through the following link:
Ramiro (Ramsey) Muniz is one of the victims, imprisoned for life without parole on a bogus drug charge. Now age 67, he’s been incarcerated nearly 17 years, earlier at Leavenworth, KS federal prison, the country’s largest maximum security one, more recently at the US Medical Center, Springfield, MO recovering from life threatening complications from surgery.
In September 2009, he was transferred to the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution, Beaumont, TX.
Friends and supporters can write him there as follows:
Ramiro “Ramsey” Muniz
Prison No. 40288-115
FCI Medium Beaumont
PO Box 26040
Beaumont, TX 77705
For years, he suffered painfully from an untreated herniated disc, knee injuries, and a deteriorated hip, only now beginning to regain his strength, yet burdened by years of injustice.
A League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) described him as follows:
A Corpus Christi, TX native, he “contributed greatly to the Chicano Civil Rights Movement during the 1970s as a leader for justice and equality for all Mexican Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos throughout the United States.”
In 1972 and 1974 (at ages 30 and 32), he was Texas gubernatorial candidate for the La Raza Unida Party (RUP), established to help Mexican Americans achieve greater economic, social, and political self-determination, especially in South Texas, where, though a majority in many counties and locales, they held little or no power.
Muniz Background
A graduate of Baylor University and its School of Law, he was a legal assistant, practicing attorney in Waco and San Antonio, TX, and activista for Latino rights since junior high and high school as a student council leader. Professionally, he championed their inclusion as teachers and politicians, including on school boards, city councils, state and federal positions. He also helped elect the first ever Mexican American Waco and Robstown, TX mayors.
His impact was profound, noted Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin (who represented Muniz) saying he:
“changed the face of politics in Texas. He gave power of inclusion to Hispanic Americans. He particularly changed the face of political offices in South Texas. There has been a lot of resentment from the Establishment because of that. A lot of people would like to see him fall because of who he is and what he did.”
They got their wish. In 1976, he was framed, convicted, and imprisoned on drug conspiracy charges, the idea being to discredit him and RUP. Later, he was repeatedly stalked and spuriously charged again with crimes he didn’t commit. His present troubles began innocently.
The Entrapment Sting
On a business trip, he was arrested on March 11, 1994 in Lewisville, TX, events unfolding as follows:
On March 10, DEA Agent Kimberly Elliott tracked Muniz to the Lewisville Ramada Inn, checked his telephone toll calls, and recorded his license plate number in the parking lot. The following day, he was entrapped after agreeing to return a prospective client’s car (in fact, a government agent) to a rental company. It was a sting, 39 kilograms of cocaine planted in the trunk, uncovered by drug-sniffing dogs when he was confronted.
Prosecutors prevailed by withholding key information from the defense, intimidating jurors to convict, and getting right wing justice to go along. As a result, during proceedings, the court ruled that Agents had probable cause to stop and search regarding a suspected drug deal, though no plausible reason connected Muniz to an $800,000 one with a perfect stranger.
At trial, obvious unanswered questions were: How often do drug dealers operate this way? No money was found. Where was it? No fingerprints either. Why not? Who supplied the cocaine, and for whom? Clearly not Muniz, set up and entrapped for prosecution and imprisonment – to silence a powerful voice for Latino justice.
During proceedings, prosecutors claimed he checked into his motel under a false name to hide his identity. In fact, Ramada records proved otherwise. He was also accused of making suspicious phone calls from the lobby. In fact, all phone records confirmed they were for legitimate business. Another false claim was that motel employees alerted DEA agents about him. When interviewed, they denied it. The entire case was fabricated to convict, prosecutors doing it by lying, their usual strategy against political activists opposed to systemic injustice.
The trap was set. Muniz was bait. Events played out as planned, and, though innocent, he’s now imprisoned for life without parole, one of many political prisoners in America – a shocking indictment of criminal injustice, absolving the powerful, targeting human rights, civil liberties, and equal justice defenders, Muniz one of the best.
Information about him can be accessed through the following link:
His moving home page comment states:
“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of false chains and shackles, the imprisonment of innocence? I know not what others will do, but as for me I will forever continue the struggle for my freedom until I die.”
After imprisonment, appeals to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and Supreme Court were denied, Muniz explaining that government prosecutors can use their “power of indictment” to invent non-existent conspiracies, then convict and incarcerate.
“I knew what the government was trying to do. The time had come to put pressure on who they believed would never compromise or change. Guess what? They were right about never compromising my principles, but the truth of what actions they took to convict me and incarcerate me will all come with time.”
Often “I was in solitary confinement and knew that the government was out not only to confine me physically, but to break my will and power. Of course, as we all know, I have become stronger in my principles and convictions, and know truthfully what I advocated will” one day happen.
How? “Even now as I find myself confined in the darkness of this oppressive political system, I firmly believe with my life and heart that we, as a people, as a race, as a nation within a nation, will never be totally liberated, until we formulate and establish our ‘own’ political power in America.”
It’s why he never voted Republican or Democrat, twice ran for governor, and voted for the first time for himself. He calls his current status “in exile,” saying “I will never give up (proclaiming my innocence and) claiming that my trial was not conducted fairly.” Nor believing that one day he’ll be vindicated and free.
A Final Comment
On August 16, Muniz’s wife Irma, Chairperson, National Committee to Free Ramsey Muniz, in a letter to Barack Obama said:
“I write to express the continued support shared by many for a Commutation of Sentence for Ramiro “Ramsey” Muniz. His case is important as he is remembered for bringing about political, educational, and economic advancements for Mexican Americans, Hispanics, and others during the Civil Rights Movement.”
Incarcerated for nearly 17 years, “he has suffered greatly. (He’s) been a model inmate….We ask that you consider his conduct in your decision to grant him Executive Clemency. National Hispanic organizations, federal and state representatives, and many others ask that you grant (him) an immediate Commutation of Sentence.”
In a June 4 press release, the National Committee referred to “blatant injustice,” highlighting the “intentionally withheld” evidence at trial, the unjust sentence and incarceration in “the hardest maximum security penitentiaries” to inflict pain and break his spirit.
Civil rights activist Jaime Martinez avowed that “There is no question in my heart and in the hearts of the people, who continue to fight against injustice in the spirit of non-violence practiced by Mahatma Gandhi and Cesar E. Chavez, that we will win his freedom.”
More information can be gotten from the National Committee to Free Ramsey Muniz at 409-363-1878.
Note: Irma Muniz will be the featured guest on the Progressive Radio News Hour Sunday, August 29 at noon US Central time.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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