Dia de Las Mariposas Nov 25


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November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women as decreed by the United Nations in 1999.  November 25 was chosen to honor Las Mariposas (the butterflies), three sisters who were murdered that day in the Dominican Republic for opposing the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo:  Patria Mercedes Mirabal (February 27, 1924 – November 25, 1960), María Argentina Minerva Mirabal (March 12, 1926 – November 25, 1960) and Antonia María Teresa Mirabal (October 15, 1935 – November 25, 1960).  Viva Las Mariposas!  Las Mariposas presente!

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The Martyrdom of St Xenaro


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I recently received an email message from a friend inquiring about the blogs I’ve been writing about the BBNO (Brown Berets National Organization, not to be confused with the National Brown Berets de Aztlan or any other BB group) and the La Raza Unida Party (LRUP, the faction controlled by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala, not the other groups that don’t recognize his leadership).  The email I got asked if my goal was to have Xenaro Ayala “arrested.”  My response was along the lines of, ‘no, doesn’t Xenaro have a logical answer for the questions I’ve been posing in my blogging?’

Afterwards I started thinking about the whole question of who would have the responsibility for punitive action taken by public authorities if in fact there is no logical answer to the questions I’ve posed publicly about whether or not the resources of LRUP have been used for crimes like wire fraud and mail fraud (which happen to be RICO “predicate acts”).  Well, out of Xenaro’s own mouth is the answer:  during one of his rants at a meeting of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC) he made it clear that he doesn’t care about legalities.  It was in the context of a discussion of the LRUP’s voter registration drive, urging people to use the voter registration mechanism of the State of California (and other states) to join LRUP.

Somebody said something about the whole process which was technically incorrect, so I made some points about the legalities of running political parties and running for office.  I wasn’t advocating any particular course of action; all I was doing was pointing out what people could do under certain hypothetical situations.  I do know what I’m talking about in this realm, given that I’ve run for everything from State Assembly to President at one time or another (State Senate 1974 and 1992, State Assembly 1976, Lieutenant Governor 1978, House of Representatives 1980 and 1990, Governor 1982,  President 1996, State Treasurer 1994 and 1998, U.S. Senate, 2000).

At the NCMC meetings Xenaro had a penchant for playing a contradiction game, which is something he does in virtually every political or social situation that he finds himself in.  A contradiction game is also something that spousal abusers do to their victims and its easier to illustrate in that forum.  In an extreme case an abusive spouse (or significant other) contradicts every opinion or fact ever uttered by their victim in order to constantly demean them and diminish their sense of self-worth.  The abuser gains control over the victim while the victim does everything they can to please the abuser, constantly worrying that they might offend him.

So the contradiction game that he pulled on me assumed the false premise that I was advocating the courses of action which I had merely pointed out were theoretical possibilities.  It didn’t matter to Xenaro that no reasonable person would have interpreted what I said as advocacy; he simply went on ranting and raving about “blonde blue eyed white people” (I was the only gringo in the room and lest the implicit message be lost on the reader, my California driver license does describe me as having blonde hair and blue eyes) and how he didn’t give s–t about the legalities of running a political party.  The legalities were all irrelevant to him.

Now at other times I’m told by reliable sources, he’s also claimed to be proud of not having to register LRUP with any state authorities or to rely upon the governments that he despises so much for legitimacy.

If that’s what Xenaro wants to do with his organization, far be it from me to object.  The responsibility is his and his alone.  However, I’m guessing that (1) he’s never talked to a lawyer or gotten legal advice about the way that he runs his operations and/or (2) that he’s never properly explained the ramifications of his refusal to other LRUP members, especially young people with little experience or knowledge about the legalities that might impact the organization and its members.  If my guesses are correct then Xenaro’s responsibility is completely and utterly irresponsible.

Let’s examine what might be going on in Xenaro’s brain.  If the answers to the questions I’ve been posing in my blogging about how LRUP is run are not benign, then why would Xenaro knowingly and openly expose himself and members of his organization to liability?

Saint Gennaro, a "martyr-saint" of the Catholic Church

Well, Xenaro is named after a “martyr-saint” of the Catholic Church.  In spite of his militant atheism, maybe the name rubbed off on him and gave him a “martyr complex.”  Wikipedia explains a martyr complex:

In psychology, a person who has a martyr complex, sometimes associated with the term victim complex, desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it feeds a psychological need.

In some cases, this results from the belief that the martyr has been singled out for persecution because of exceptional ability or integrity.[1] Theologian Paul Johnson considers such beliefs a topic of concern for the mental health of clergy.[2] Other martyr complexes involve willful suffering in the name of love or duty. This has been observed in women, especially in poor families, as well as in codependent or abusive relationships.[3][4] It has also been described as a facet of Jewish-American folklore.[5]

The desire for martyrdom is sometimes considered a form of masochism.[6] Allan Berger, however, described it as one of several patterns of “pain/suffering seeking behavior”, including asceticism and penance.[7]


Of those who know Xenaro Ayala, I don’t think that anybody would deny that he believes himself to have been “been singled out for persecution  because of exceptional ability or integrity” not to mention suffering out of “duty.”  This invites an interesting parallel with Saint Gennaro from Book Four of The Gay Science by Friedrich Nietzsche which opens with a poem entitled ‘Sanctus Januarius’ (Saint Gennaro), written in Genoa in the month of January 1882.  In this work, Nietsche describes the process by which somebody becomes a ‘Yes-sayer’ to everything one is fated to.

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?Mas Preguntas para La Raza Unida?


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Will the weirdness ever end in the sectarian struggles within La Raza Unida Party (the faction controlled by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala) and their allies in the Brown Beret National Organization (BBNO)?

L to R: Juanito Burns, Jeronimo Blanco y un otro BBNO member

Apparently in response to my blogging about BBNO and LRUP, I get this cryptic email from somebody’s primo in Arizona.   Here are the background blogs:





For new readers who’ve just seen the long and drawn out story of the cult-like behavior and delusional thinking (in which LRUP claimed to be the “government” of Aztlan and BBNO being the “army” of Aztlan), consider the latest communique I’ve received.  Today’s email from somebody claiming to be the primo of somebody who’s just been purged from BBNO sends me the above photo of Juanito Burns, Jeronimo Blanco, and another unidentified BBNO member, claiming that one or more of the people in the photo have been thrown out of the group along with about a dozen other members.

Iosif Dzhugashvili aka Joseph Stalin

This reminds me a lot of my cousin (I’m genetically related to him on my father’s side according to my DNA)  Joseph Stalin’s purges of the Soviet Red Army shortly before World War II.  My paranoid cousin winds up killing off almost the entire leadership of the Red Army, leading to a disastrous war with Finland that convinced Adolf Hitler that the Soviet military leadership was so inept that he could get away with his Operation Barbarossa invasion of Russia.  About 20-25 million Soviet citizens died as a result.

With the so-called "Democratic Centralist" philosophy of the LRUP/BBNO alliance, should this be their flag?

This apparent purge–unless somebody’s pulling my leg–raises some new interesting questions for the BBNO and LRUP:
1.  Since normal polities have civilian control of the military instead of the military controlling the civilians (not that it doesn’t happen, but when it does, such a polity is known as a “military dictatorship”), were these purges authorized by LRUP’s Presidente Xenaro Ayala and the cabinet of his “government?”
2.  My own father as a civilian employee of the United States Army Air Corps during and after World War II, in the days before the legalization of public employee unions, was purged out of government service (along with about 5,000 other Americans) under President Truman’s Executive Order 9835 (March 21, 1947) without any semblance of due process.  Had he been a sworn member of the armed services he would have been entitled to a court martial with significant due process guarantees.  So my question is, what due process rights are guaranteed to “soldiers” and “officers” of the BBNO in the “Democratic Centralist” government and army of Aztlan?  Do they get a defense lawyer (as in the Judge Advocate General’s — JAG — office)?  Do they get a trial by a jury of impartial officers?  Is the assigned prosecutor impartial and bound to respect the rights of the accused?
Inquiring minds want to know….
Inquiring minds also want to know whether this email is a hoax or not and if it’s ‘for reals,’ I want to know who got purged and why (not to mention, where, when and how), so if any of my readers know, let me in on the secret….

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Poem by Aztatl Garza


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Fancy Dancing
for buelito Madaleno Ortiz
Fancy Dancing
Cointelpro in the house
bang! – gang banging
Last Poet sparksfly
NYC to E. LA
to San Antonio
Africa to
Latin America
sounds of blackness
red man Xikano brown
yellow sunrise we
all are waiting
too long
we wait
for Avitar
the movie
to come true
King Kong with the big dong
Tarzanian missionaries run
screaming unbelieving their
Indian Casino stroke of bad luck
Injun’ paraphernalia quit working,
conceal the truth from themselves
asking themselves
what is going on here?
in our happy
lost survivor paradise
Haiti vacation home
underwater mo jo
strange woo woo
voodo voidox mix
Feeding the Spirit
ju ju medicated
digging on Laura Nyro
                Billy Bragg
                Flogging Molly
man, I remain homeless
rabid frantic for water
time to play
justice & peace
free ice cream
not necessarily
in that order
tierra, techo, trabajo free
tacos for justicia sit-in’s
at student union lunch stands
free in every Latin country
free unified working class
medals for barrio bravery
for every Xikano member
of E. LA barrio street wars
Vietnam Veterans For Peace
Brown Beret ancestry
trippin’ on
Odyssey The Band
ishle yi park
Emily XYZ
Natalie Toledo
holding our umbilical chord
tight-hugging in love again
stunned Chiapas human
gods of change smile
Cointelpro in the house
Steve Earl
Allen’s Alley
the Quintet
in the back yard BBQ
birthday balloons & clowns
Piggly Wiggly supermarket
wild child Fancy Dancing mania
Indian Apple y Maiz red bandana
over-shadow grand dads 1956 Model T Ford
sold in 1960 he never again saw
Guatemalan green grass ghost
revolutionary whispers under
struggle hardened sun
hidden mountain jungle spaces
Fancy Dancing feathers flying
behind Temple of the Mayan Moon
                            c. Aztatl, 2010

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Taxing Constitutional Rights


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The Nicholas Berggruen Institute has formulated proposals which the associated “Think Long Committee” will place on the November 2012 California election as an initiative petition.  The committee has a war chest of $20 million (Berggruen is a billionaire).  While I do not have a fundamental problem with the concept of taxing services, as our economy continues to shift from a manufacturing base to a services base, I am very troubled by the idea of taxing services that are intimately tied to the exercise of Constitutional rights.

In 1964, the United States enacted the 24th Amendment, to stop the practice of taxing the right to vote:

Section 1.

The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.

Section 2.

The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

In the 9-0 Supreme Court decision in Lubin vs. Panish 415 U.S. 709 (1974) “filing fees” to run for public office, a tax by any other name, were held to be unconstitutional when there was no provision for an alternative to people who could not afford to pay for the simple right to run for office, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

So why should other Constitutional rights be taxed?  Why should anybody have to pay for exercising any Constitutional right?  A right is not a privilege.

Everything I do as a private investigator, like what attorneys, expert witnesses, process servers, and everybody else with a critical private sector role in the legal system is devoted to guaranteeing somebody their right to due process of law, as guaranteed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

The proposal of the Think Long Committee includes an across the board tax on all services, including those which involve the exercise of Constitutional rights:

• Broaden the tax base to include services.

• The new sales tax on services would be at a rate of 5 to 5.5% and would apply to all services, to businesses as well as to consumers, except for health care and educational services. Current projections show that the rate will need to be 5 1/8% to achieve the revenue gains targeted in the initiative. If the revenue increases turn out to be more robust than estimates, the rate could end up being less than 5%.

• To ease the transition to the new tax system, the tax rate would be phased in over a two year period as follows:

• 3% effective July 1, 2013, allowing 7 months after the enactment of the initiative on the November 2012 ballot for tax officials, businesses and consumers to prepare for the new tax.

• 4 % effective January 1, 2014, but the rate could be as high as 4.5%.

• 5% effective January 1, 2015, but the rate could be as high as 5.5%.

What about services that enable people to exercise their Constitutional right to free speech under the First Amendment?

Hopefully there will be exemptions for these services in the final proposal submitted to the voters, but this message must get to the Think Long Committee loud and clear before it’s even submitted to the voters.

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Ernesto Nevarez–P.I.A.M.F.


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In a previous blog (http://janbtucker.com/blog/2011/11/03/spy-or-not-a-spy/) I discussed how Tom Lacey and registered sex offender Steven Bruce Orcutt (aka Frank Runninghorse) have accused me of being a COINTELPRO agent for law enforcement while at the same time, private investigators (private defectives maybe?) Ed Saucerman and Rick Von Geldern have been accusing me of being anti-law enforcement.  Another voice has now chimed in to this looney debate, Ernesto Nevarez, who posted this accusation against me on the PortofAztlan yahoo group:


Caution: Careful for the below spy   Topic List   < Prev Topic  |  Next Topic >
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Jan B. Tucker
J.B. Tucker & Associates, PI-10143
P.O. Box 433 Torrance CA 90508-0433
Tel:  213.787.5476
Fax:  310.618.1950
Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:40 pm
Ernesto Nevarez <portofaztlan@…>

Offline Offline
Send Email Send Email

I have no idea who this guy Nevarez is and it’s a really strange accusation to throw out at me.  After all, by definition, I am a spy.  I am a private investigator by trade.  It’s not like it’s some kind of secret…..I blare it out for the whole world to hear in this blog and on my website.  The Los Angeles Times wrote about my being a private investigator extensively in a July 1996 article that was promoted on the front page and which was the lead article in section B.  I’ve appeared on radio and television as a private investigator, books have been written mentioning that I’m a private investigator and I’ve testified before legislative committees on behalf of the private investigative industry.

So, since PortofAztlan Yahoo Group is devoted to issues involving the labor movement, let me explain why many in the labor movement are glad that I’m a spy:

  • For years I was the investigator used by District Council 2 of the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU-Teamsters) to investigate employers and union busters….anybody who knows the former long time president of the union, the well-respected Bernie Sapiro, can ask him what he thinks about my sleuthing skills and how important they were to his union
  • I worked my way up from Unit Vice Chair of Local 69 of The Newspaper Guild to serving as First Vice President under two successive local presidents
  • I served as Southern California Public Relations Director for the Arizona Farm Workers Union (AFW) in 1978
  • As a long time L.A. County Federation of Labor delegate I was a close confidante of Miguel Contreras and periodically called upon to perform special investigations for the County Fed in both labor struggles and political battles behind the scene
  • I really could go on ad nauseum about my labor credentials

So, let me reiterate:  I am a spy for the labor movement and I’ll plead guilty to that any day without apology…..but that’s better than being a Pendejo Ignorant Ass Mother-F–ker which is what I would characterize somebody who throws out an accusation without a shred of evidence as to why he made the claim.


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Poetry from a New Friend


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Born A Suspect 
(for the innocent victims of racism,
 racial profiling, & police brutality)
I was born a dark skinned suspect, born
in a one room tin roofed shack, south
San Antonio, born on parole/probation
don’t you know the kind? a loose
long haired goose drug dealer not,
with a large dog for protection not,
you from the big city know
the ominous dark police vehicle
“To Serve and To Protect”
private property & landed class
circles the block one more time
for closer observation of you
robbed of our privacy/
thoughts of well being disrupted
a suspect where there is no crime
it raised a memory as a child
in the fresh fruit market, Bagley Street
downtown barrio southwest Detroit
after mass on Sunday we stopped to replenish
the spices mom used for her cooking…
comino, chile verde, mole, canela, queso
Mexicano, oregano, cilantro y mas
when in one of the bins in a dark corner
squatted a cord of cumquats (kiwi fruit?)
the unfamiliar word out loud brought
to mind australia…cuwana?…kowala
bear? it must be bear fruit that humans
can eat as well, it would prove to be strange
fruit indeed of the kind Lady Day sang
when my dark little child’s hand reached
to experience the texture of the miniature
coconut the store owner quickly grabbed it,
with a black permanent ink marker he
etched a large X on the upturned palm,
was it for our brother Malcolm?  no
he was calling me a thief branded
although nothing had been taken
I smiled at the store owner thinking
it was some sort of game he was playing
my father had seen the entire episode
he looked into my eyes the trauma
was his as well, at first I questioned myself,
out of curiosity had I intended to steal the fruit?
had the intent been relayed as an
expression of guilt ? was the store owner
a knowledgeable seer a night owl of the kind
my grandmother so often had spoken?
in her kitchen at night with dancing
wall shadows from flickering kerosene lantern- 
the trauma so great to this day
I have not touched the hairy fruit 
I suppose when “they” believe they have you
alone, no witnesses,  no defense is possible
no justice should be expected behind the barbed 
wire the truth is the first casualty of urban chaos 
on the streets of the barrio sometimes
truth wears a subtle coat chased underground
runs from the depths of fear and racism,
I suppose each stand a person assumes
should be weighed – tempered carefully
according to weather conditions at the time -
the response chosen with care in order
to survive the injustice & preserve
the struggle for dignity & democracy,
someone explain to me however-
how does one protect ones self esteem?
what is the cost of not standing up?
to what place is the principle of self defense
relegated?  what becomes of self determination,
the future, when the people are fearful? 
who if not us who do know
will speak for the people
who cannot speak for themselves?
 aztatl, 2006
(from my new friend, Aztatl Garza, Albuquerque, NM)

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A deathly silence from Xenaro Ayala


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It’s been nearly a month (October 24) since I exposed the link between Xenaro Ayala’s La Raza Unida Party (an organization he claims to be national president of, in spite of the fact that some other Raza Unida groups around the country don’t recognize his authority and want nothing to do with him) and its promotion of tourism to the racist, authoritarian regime of Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka persecutes its Tamil minority much the way that Chicanos (of whom Presidente-Generalisimo Xenaro claims to be the incipient government of along with the general of his “army,” Jeronimo Blanco) have historically been oppressed, repressed and generally f–ked over.  Here’s what I wrote on October 24:


Since then, there has been a deafening silence on the issue from Xenaro Ayala.  Very unlike Xenaro, since he seems to live for every opportunity to write polemics attacking and denouncing his detractors or even those who have the temerity to disagree with him about anything.  I can only assume that Xenaro has no defense against the allegations I’ve made against him and/or the implications of the questions I’ve repeatedly raised in this blog about his behavior.

Here’s the latest development in Sri Lanka, the nation that continues to list La Raza Unida Party information on its website to promote tourism to the nation:

Sri Lanka ex-army chief jailed for three years – Yahoo! News

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Outstanding show tonight!


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You know how famous artists are said to go through their “Yellow Phase,” or their “Blue Phase?”  I’m known to go through my ethnic phases.  As the second gabacho in America to get a degree in Chicano Studies and with my many political activities in that community, I’ve had plenty of Chicano phases.  I’ve gone through Korean, Gypsy (Roma), Hungarian, African American, and even Garifuna phases.  Tonight I think may be the start of a Filipino phase, as I brought Christina and Cindy — Pilipinas — to the Talking Stick for an outstanding show produced by Lauri Reimer (Music Magique Productions).

CB (L) & Sistah Jean (R)

Lauri billed the night at the Venice Talking Sticks as Folk Rock & Blues night, but the entertainment was considerably more eclectic.

The show started off with Sistah Jean & CB followed by Stefani Valadez & Steve Moos (accompanied by percussion Christof & my friend Rick Moors on Bass Guitar, and a tremendous keyboardist whose name escapes me).

Lauri Reimer (L) & Stefani Valadez (R)

Christina and Cindy had a blast, and for a time we were joined by Carol McArthur (who performs at the Talking Stick from time to time and who graced my Halloween Party with some live versions of her upcoming CD release….more on that later).



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Essential Benefits of Health Care


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