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Somebody recently forwarded me the latest Frank Runningmouth rant against me which I reprint for the sheer entertainment value:

On Fri, 1/27/12, Frank and Ambika <> wrote:

From: Frank and Ambika <>
Date: Friday, January 27, 2012, 10:25 AM

PFP Comrades

     Tom Lacey [SF PFP] informed me sometime back that Robert O. Williams is a pseudonym / alias for Jan Tucker
[So Cal private eye] and master of COINTELPRO style dirty tricks. As you may know he and a few lackeys have been
engaged a “poison pen” smear campaign against me for several years now as well as illegally hacking into PFP
Treasurer Sheryl B.’s computer ,among other COINTELPRO type dirty tricks that seems to be his forte.
     The following forwarded message indicates that he hasrecently turned his evil eye on “Occupy Concord”. This explains some curious problems we have been having in Concord. It seems Tucker is paying far to much attention
to our activity’s in Occupy Concord. The arm of Sauron reaches far.
    Occupy Concord had decided to have a educational
film series. We arraigned with Round Table Pizza to use
their meeting room, as we (PFP,SDS,MDS) have for years, for public events.
After we posted the event to the PFP SCC list [ which is where I suspect Tucker saw it ] . Somebody called Round
Table Corporate [RTP] HQ and complained about “Occupy Concord” using the facility and about me in particular and
my history of trouble with the law. I now suspect it was Tucker from the evidence in the post below.
      RTP HQ sent the word down to the local pizza shop to
renege on our deal to use the facility ,three days before the event. We were shocked and outraged. We responded to
RTP HQ saying they could have us as paying, pizza eating customers or angry ‘Occupy ‘ protesters  picketing the restaurant and calling on other “Occupys” accross the country for solidarity and hitting them in the pocket book. This
frightened RTP HQ . A high up boss from HQ called me back and overruled the other suit from RTP HQ and said
that they had changed their mind for this one movie . We could go ahead and use the facility this time , but in the future we should find another venue.
We went ahead and had our event , it was fun ,and modestly successful. We decided to postpone the 2nd movie until afterwe decide what to do, at our next Occupy Concord GA on Feb 5. There has been some talk of holding a protest demo at RTP HQ ,which is conveniently located in Concord for their political bias against the ‘99%’, while they allow all sorts of other political and community groups to use their facility’s. The local restaurant manager [Jesus Gonzales ] has no problem with us and says he was just following orders from RTP HQ.
    In the the Robert O. Williams [Tucker ]post below he seems very concerned about both movie events. No doubt
he is curious as to how much damage his COINTELPROstyle  “poison pen’ dirty tricks campaigns are having on the movement. The fact that they will backfire in his face should give him little comfort.
     This is further evidence  that Jan Tucker is a oinker. Ifhe is not a paid government/COINELPRO agent then he is
doing their work for free ,which is just as bad. Not only is heintent on attacking & smearing me and other PFP activists, now he is attempting to harm the “Occupy” movement as well. Any body collaborating in any way with him should
be held with the highest suspicion. The movement must bewarned about about this curly tailed poser.
Frank Runninghorse


Okay, so what should I say about this latest attack other than that it’s humorous?  For starters, if what Steven Bruce Orcutt–aka Runninghorse aka Runningmouth–says about Tom Lacey is true, then Tom Lacey is ignorant.  People using various monikers (or for that matter, their real names for all I know, keep leaving false trails to me that an intelligent geek would realize are as obvious as the difference between gold and iron pyrite (fool’s gold):

1.  They post stuff on the internet and enter my email, URL (internet address) for one of my blogs or one of my websites, and/or snail mail address so that unsophisticated readers assume that I must have done the posting;

2.  They place telephone calls using “spoof sites” or “spoof cards” (“spoofing” technology allows people to select any telephone number they want to show up in caller ID systems; enables changing voice from male to female and vice versa, etc.) to leave a trail with one of my telephone numbers to traceable sources such as professional education webinars or teleconferences making it look like I logged in and said or posted something really bizarre;

3.  They put out bizarre leaflets with my contact information as though I am responsible for the propaganda, a process known in intelligence circles as creating “black propaganda,” something attributed to the targeted enemy that makes them look ridiculous or otherwise gets them in trouble.

If I thought that any sane person was taking Runningmouth and Tom Lacey seriously with their accusations that I’m using aliases and hacking into computers (which is of course a crime) I might be upset.  However, I dare them to produce any evidence they have that I am Robert O. Williams or have used that alias as they claim, or for that matter, any evidence that I supposedly hacked into the Peace & Freedom Party’s treasurer’s computer.  If they can’t produce any real verifiable evidence, they really should stop wasting their own time and mine with these nonsensical accusations.  They don’t seem to get it:  everything I have to say about them I say right here, in public, on the internet, under my own name.

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Insider Trading in LA Superior Court


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The recent scandals in Washington and the passage of legislation to ban congressional “insider” stock trading caused me to unearth an old memo that I’d sent to federal authorities some time ago, because it seemed quite plausible that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge might very well have had advance knowledge of impending stock crashes.  Here’s the substance of the memo I composed:

According to Judge xxxxxx x xxxxxxz’s FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests dated September 21, 2002 he disposed of an investment in WORLDCOM in June 2002. According to his previous filing dated December 18, 2001, the investment was worth somewhere between $10,000 – $100,000.

Somewhat more intriguing is that for the most part, his entries of investments that were sold off have the exact date of disposition listed. His Worldcom entry merely shows the month and year.

A website with extensive public documents on the Worldcom scandal listed three documents of interest that have since come to light in the month of June 2002: two internal memos dated June 17, 2002 and another on June 24,2002, in which people were discussing the firm’s shaky financial situation. The timing of the Judge’s disposition of this stock seems to raise a reasonable suspicion of insider leaks.

The Form 700’s are filed at the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters office in Norwalk as well as with the Secretary of State and FPPC in Sacramento.

Amongst his many other investments, the Judge also made two purchases of Tyco stock on January 22, 2002 and January 23, 2002. Haven’t looked extensively at that issue yet.


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Same Sex? Opposite Sex? Why marry?


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In a previous blog entry on “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater, Sr. ( I explained how a truly principled conservative was a staunch defender of LGBTI rights well before that position was popular — even with many liberals.  That sparked an exchange of ideas between a conservative friend and myself:

Anonymous Conservative Friend:

I think you know that I am a pretty Conservative guy and that is with a capital “C”.

However, I am very open to listening to others and I do not like how the Right shuts down and won’t even listen to the opinions of other on certain topics.


I have a thought on the topic of Gay Marriage and I would like you to read through this and tell me what you think.  I start with a purposefully inflammatory statement for effect.

I do not feel that two men or two women should have a legal (US Government sanctioned) right to get married.

I also do not feel that a man and a women should have a legal (US Government sanctioned) right to get married.

I think that everyone (straight or gay) should have the right to a Civil Union (US Government sanctioned) that affords them every right imaginable to care for their loved one including: financial, medical, child custody, taxes, etc.

I think the Government should not be in the “Marriage Business” at all.  Marriage is a religious concept and should be handled by religious institutions.  If you can find a church to marry you (straight or gay), then you should be able to get “married” by that church.  That marriage would be nothing more than a symbolic ceremony where you profess your faith and love to the other person.  The marriage would mean absolutely nothing to the US Government.  Remember, I am talking about straight as well as gay marriage.  If you want the benefits (and consequences) of a Civil Union, then you do that paperwork with the Government and everyone should be entitled to do so.

My suggestion removes religion from the argument and gets the US Government out of the religious business for which they should not be involved to begin with.  These two acts are separate and distinct and you do not have to do either or both.

Anyone who argues that marriage is between a man and a women would lose that argument under my idea, because the Government would not be involved in the process.  The most they could say is that in THEIR church, marriage is between a man and a woman, however, they could not dictate how another church handles the matter anymore than they can control the theological differences between Christians and Jews.  Additionally, anyone who argues that gays do not have a right to a Civil Union is totally “out there” and you would never convince them that this is the right thing to do anyway.

Would this help to settle this issue?  What say ye?


My response:

I agree with you in principle.  I have said many times that I don’t believe that the government should sanction what is essentially a ceremony created by religion on first amendment separation clause and establishment clause grounds.

I also oppose government sanction of marriage on Fourteenth Amendment equal protection grounds for a feminist consideration, which is my perspective that historically the wedding ring evolved as a smaller version (in Egypt) of bracelets simulating the chains of slavery, to signify that a woman was now owned by a man other than her father, i.e., her husband.

That said, as long as the government does recognize and legitimize marriage, on Fourteenth Amendment grounds I am opposed to not having the recognition done with equality on the basis of sexual orientation.  In the current political climate, that gets us closer to compliance with the constitution and the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.  As Macchiavelli wrote, “si guarda al fine” (mistranslated as “the ends justify the means,” better translated as “one must think of the final result” or “the outcome is what counts”).  Nobody is even going to introduce let alone vote for a legislative fix that entails getting rid of marriage in the United States.  Nor is the Supreme Court likely to rule the way I’d like it to rule on the first amendment issues.

Ergo, it has been realistic to pursue the Fourteenth Amendment arguments before the courts and to advance that argument in state legislatures.


What I tell my friends (tongue in cheek) is that I support same-sex marriage and opposite-sex divorce!


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3rd Annual “Viva la Mujer” Event/Fundraiser


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  • Saturday, March 3, 2012
  • Time
    5:00pm until 10:00pm

Please join the National Brown Berets de Áztlan, Los Angeles Mission College Tiahui Ollin Scholarship Foundation, and California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC) on March 3, 2012 to commemorate the women in our communities, who have empowered other Mujeres in pursuing any artistic career goal such as tattooing, photography, graph art, stenciling, and media career goal. Also by breaking the false myths given to our Barrios by the right-wing media and creating a sisterhood known to us as “Carnalismo.”

Our plans include a banquet, entertainment, guest speakers, recognition of the SFV 2nd Chance Scholarship, and Los Angeles Mission College Tiahui Ollin scholarship recipients. The proceeds will be donated to the scholarship foundations. If any questions feel free to contact us at: or (818) 270-8882.

If your business or organization (or you personally) would like to contribute and sponsor this event, contact Maria at (818) 270.8882.

Thank you to all our great supporters, Food by: La Guayaba Kitchen & Music By: Renegades of Dub.

$5.00 Students Admission
$10.00 General Admission

Mujeres Nominated:

Chola Pinups
Rebecca Dado from Monsterz Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio
Patricia Nazario
Sandra Luz Gallegos
Ryo Vibes
Erica Friend
Diana Munoz from Wildlife Tattoo
Amie Figueroa Tattoo Artis
and more to come..

Speakers include:  Maria Juarez, emcee; Miguel Angel Perez, National Minister of Information, National Brown Berets de Aztlan; Jan B. Tucker, State Director, California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC) and more to be announced.

Photo by: Madeline Alvizo from Chola Pinups (Thnx)

Like us on facebook:

For more information on how to get to the location:

To RSVP for the event or to send FB greetings:

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Update on Her Royal Majesty


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Heather Ruth Martin (Her Royal Majesty)

I’ve blogged about my great friend Heather a couple of times before:
Heather is one of the really dynamic people in this world who make a difference…..and she’s back in town and is launching some really tremendous projects soon, that I’ll blog about in the near future.  Anyway, yesterday we met at Corky’s in Sherman Oaks as afterwards I was going to attend a community forum with Assembly Member Mike Feuer, a long time member of San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles NOW (National Organization for Women) across the street.  So catching up with Heather, she tells me that somebody recently dubbed her — based on her initials of HRM — “Her Royal Majesty” — and the moniker is very apropos.  She is truly one of the fabulous princesses of the feminist movement that I’m very glad to have met.

Assembly Member (and soon to be L.A. City Attorney candidate) Mike Feuer

Now this is also one of those small world stories.  Heather and I chatted about some of the old crowd from long ago when she was a young high school activist with SFV/NELA NOW.  So after we parted and I went across the street to Mike Feuer’s event, who’s there but Roz Brown, a former Chapter President of SFV/NELA NOW who I recruited into the chapter when she just happened to skate by on Van Nuys Blvd at our Rally in the Valley for reproductive rights.  Then who else do I find there, but Alex Ponder, aide to Mike Feuer and son of my great old friend and private investigator colleague Marlene Ponder.

Well today, catching up soon with journalist Don Ray at his birthday party in Burbank at Frank’s Restaurant; wonder who I’ll run into there????
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Pass SB 810 for Single Payer Health Care


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Ron Dellums

If I had my ‘druthers’ I would have preferred federal passage of the ( former Representative Ron) Dellums National Health Service Act.  The NHSA would have created (as an alternative to the private health care sector) a socialized health care system run democratically at the local health service delivery level by elected boards of (50% each) the workers in the system and the communities served by hospitals and clinics.  The next best thing is the “public option” and/or “single payer” systems that have been proposed.

Single payer legislation by Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco is on the verge of State Senate passage.  To see what the legislation actually says, go to:

To do something about it, see the following legislative alert and take action:

Urgent SB 810 Alert
Decision to Move SB 810 to a Senate Floor to Be Made on Thursday at 10am – 24 Hours from now.
We Need Everyone to Contact Legislators Today (Wed)
We Need Volunteers to Call Constituents in Key Senate Districts to Encourage calls to their Senator for SB 810

Dear Supporters of SB 810, the California Healthcare Insurance Act,

We need thousands of calls or emails to Senators Steinberg, Kehoe, and your State Senator today. You can find your State Senator here.

On Thursday, January 19, State Senate leaders Darrel Steinberg (Senate pro tem) and Christine Kehoe (chair of Appropriations Committee) will decide if SB 810 will be voted on by the full Senate. A key factor in making their decision will be the support they hear from other State Senators. We need the other Senators to let them know that their phones are ringing off the hook from constituents.

Please call to make a simple request that you want the Senate to pass SB 810.
SB 810 will deliver healthcare to everyone and spend our resources wisely by removing the insurance industry from our lives.

Senator Steinberg can be reached at
916-651-4006 or

Senator Kehoe can be reached at
916-651-4039 or

Your State Senator can be found here.

Please let us know if you have called and who is your State Senator.

We also need volunteers to call constituents in key senate districts today. I will send you a script and numbers.
We have the names and phone numbers of thousands of SB 810 supporters who do not have emails. Our experience has shown that people are activated 20 times more by a phone call than an email alert.

Please let me know how many calls you can make.

Thank you,
Don Bechler
Chair – Single Payer Now

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Replacing Janitors with Children


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Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Newt Gingrich’s justification for his proposition that unionized school janitors should be replaced by children is his contention that his daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, spent a time as a part time janitor at the First Baptist Church in Carrollton, Georgia when she was 13.

I know a few things about janitorial work.  My first job as an undercover investigator was as an industrial janitor in an injection molding factory in Banning, California in 1979.  I was so adept at janitorial work that I earned raises while still on probation for the cover job (nobody at the plant knew I was undercover) for going above and beyond the call of duty and cleaning things that had never been cleaned before.

Janitorial work is not simple unskilled labor.  Not by a long shot.  Additionally, as a first job for a child it’s not a job that is without danger.  There are a number of questions I’d like to ask Newt Gingrich about his contention that schools can keep one full time janitor on staff and replace the rest with lots of children.

First of all, what caustic chemicals should children have access to and can they be trusted not to abuse them, use them in a dangerous manner, or harm themselves or others?

Should children be entrusted with electronic floor scrubbers or other janitorial equipment?  Should children be expected to go up to the ceiling on a ladder to clean the central air/heating ducts?  While doing so, what protective coverings and eye-wear should they use to keep from getting blinded (and potentially falling)?

The effects of Agent Orange

If a school has a problem with rodent or insect infestation will the student janitors be entrusted with or have access to pesticides and who will be responsible to insure that they use them responsibly?  When I was in high school we distributed an edition of our underground newspaper, “Come Together,” featuring an article I co-authored on the use of carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic pesticides and herbicides that were being used in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Incidentally, the same chemicals being used at campuses around children had been banned by the military as defoliants in Vietnam (“Agent Orange”) because they were too dangerous to kill people with.

If a student school janitor causes a slip/fall at a campus, what will the effect on the school’s insurance premium be?  If a school replaces adult janitors with child janitors, will the school’s workers compensation premiums rise with the added risk that entails?

What if the school, such as a college or university, has a student clinic on campus (as we had at CSUN when I was matriculating there or even the nurse’s office in K-12)?  Do you want to entrust clean up protocols for isolation rooms and the disposal of infectious matter to somebody who’s in a hurry to finish their shift and get to their next class on time–or do you want to risk them cutting corners by improperly segregating potentially infectious material?

Newt Gingrich’s smug arrogance about the way he promotes his simplistic ideas on how to instill work ethics in the children of the poor indicates to me that either he doesn’t have a clue about the skill levels required for what he views as trivial or menial.  Janitorial work comes with great responsibility and should be entitled to respect.  A janitor has lives in his/her hands just as do doctors, lawyers, and teachers.  Their working conditions need to enjoy protection by their own unions and their work needs to be compensated as a valuable profession which society cannot live without.

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Birds of a feather?


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The proverb “Birds of a feather flock together”  has been around at least since 1545 when William Turner published his critique of the papacy entitled The Rescuing of Romish Fox where he wrote, “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.”  In essence it means that people of the same ilk hang out and coalesce with each other.

In the private investigative world, a cabal led by Rick Von Geldern, Ed Saucerman and various other cohorts had been repeatedly bashing me and a so-called inner circle of conspirators who had allegedly done everything from bribe legislators to embezzle CALI money.  Put the names Saucerman and Geldern (some call him Von Gelding) into the search function on this blog to see the back-story about them.

Less well known however is how one of their less notorious co-cabalians has fared lately.  One of their own inner circle (and a former legislative chair for PICA, Professional Investigators of California) got convicted of drunk driving with a prior and carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle.  Consequently his Private Investigator license got revoked and he got a suspended 365 day jail sentence.

Now, another member of the flock is rumored to be on the verge of having his wings clipped.  Another little birdie landed on my shoulder (actually, I used to have a parakeet that could land on my big Jewish nose and would sit there pecking at my forehead) and whispered some sweet nothings in my ear… a certain individual who has been known to have an ego the size of Jupiter is being sued in connection with a real estate securities fraud scandal and may be indicted by the Feds.  This certain individual has been prominent in PICA in the past.  Last time I saw him was shortly after the founding of PICA.  Right after saying he wasn’t going to bash CALI, he proceeded to accuse the CALI board of embezzling funds–a canard repeatedly discredited to anybody sane enough to understand the facts.

So, get ready for more juicy revelations as they transpire…..

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The Human Face of Foreclosure


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Feeding and Teaching is one of the partners that our Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition (SFV/NELA NOW and CALLAC) participates with.  Feeding and Teaching’s (FT) most important program is feeding the hungry from locations in North Hollywood, East Los Angeles, downtown, and Venice.

I blogged recently about the problems in the home loan modification racket in which practically nobody ever actually gets help to keep their home:  The human face of what happens to families whose home are foreclosed on was made plain at one of the recent food distribution days of FT in East Los Angeles.

At that distribution, approximately 250 families show up for food.  There was a total of approximately 700 human beings.

32 of those families were living in their vehicles.  About 23 of the families were new.

Many of those families had gone straight from living in a foreclosed home to living in their vehicles.


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