Mr Roger’s Elementary School


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In the wake of the arrest of 53 year old 5th grade teacher Roger Wayne Talley, it is likely that the Chino Valley Unified School District board of education and administration will be patting each other on the back and telling the public that they were vigilant in keeping children safe.  But the back story of the last two years of a grandmother’s efforts to keep her granddaughter and other girls safe at Walnut Elementary School will prove to be less than complimentary to the school district from the board on down.

According to my source, she had gone all the way to the school board to complain over the past two years after her granddaughter and other girls had been discussing their fear of their teacher and describing obviously inappropriate behavior.  What did the school do:  the powers that be threatened the children with disciplinary action if they kept spreading “rumors” about teacher Roger Wayne Talley!

What did the Board of Education do?  Apparently nothing as this situation has been festering for the past two years while the administration at Walnut Elementary intimidated the children who were complaining into silence.

This is just the beginning.  In the near future we’ll be naming names, titles, and the misconduct of those who effectively covered up this “WalnutGate” scandal which has now exploded so publicly.  While I’ve got your attention, ponder this little tidbit:  with national attention to the issue of sex offenders and human traffickers, it turns out that California exempts convicted pimps and panderers from the requirement of Section 290 of the Penal Code that otherwise requires sex offenders to register with the authorities, unless they pimped out minors.  So you have to register if you victimize a 17 year old, but if you wait until she’s 18, you won’t be tracked as a matter of law.  That’s got to change.

For more information on the Roger Wayne Talley case, check out the ABC News story:

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Thanks to my Subscribers


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I’m almost speechless.  Over the last couple of days and today, I’ve had nearly 1,000 hits on my last blog (Opening the Skeleton’s Closet).  This blog and my website has also achieved something I never imagined was possible:  #1 on Google, #1 on Yahoo, #1 on MSN.  Yesterday, I had risen steadily on MSN from #5 to #1, but I was still ranked below #30 on Yahoo and hadn’t broken through the Google ranking of “not in the top 8″ for months.  I checked this morning and this is what the cut and paste looks like for my ranking statistics…..way too cool…..groovy…..and when you’re hot, YOU’RE HOT!

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Opening the Skeleton’s Closet


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After seven (7) terms as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), I stepped down after a tumultuous couple of years of putting up with defamatory criticism and denunciations by dissidents in the private investigative world.  They accused me of everything from the undisguised sexist attack that I was “hiding behind the skirts of NOW [National Organization for Women of which I am a proud member and chapter leader]” to twisted and illogical inferences that I was supposedly “anti-law enforcement” because of my quoting another organization’s resolution (which they spun out of context) on mandatory continuing education for private detectives.

When I declined to run for re-election as Chair of the Board, my detractors gloated, thinking they’d driven me from office.  What they didn’t realize is that stepping down was a calculated move.  As Chair I was obligated to be fair to them and not play by their rules (which amounted to “all’s fair in love and war”).  As a regular board member I felt morally  less restricted in what I could say and do publicly about my detractors.

About a month ago, I didn’t see eye to eye with the current President of CALI over what the boundaries were of my giving tit for tat in this blog to my detractors, so I tendered my resignation from the board and then unilaterally resigned when the President ruled that I could not make a resignation tender (I disagree with his interpretation of the parliamentary rules governing this issue).  So, remember The Clash song, “Should I stay or should I go?”  It poses the issue, “If I go there will be trouble, An’ if I stay it will be double.”  In this case, it’s the opposite:  now that I’m not on the board, get ready for double trouble!

For context of what’s to come, check out these prior blog posts:

So check out the following links that lead straight into the Skeleton’s Closet, literally:

Regarding David G. Herrera:

Regarding Edward Saucerman:

As a final “oh by the way,” back on October 8, 2010 I mentioned in a blog posting re Ed Saucerman that “The saga continues.  He gets nominated for President of PICA (Professional Investigators of California).  He pulls out of that race and announces that he’ll remain a member of the organization but will let his CALI membership expire.” [Emphasis added].  That turns out not to be anymore true than when I exposed the fact that Saucerman had used completely fabricated “testimonials” from purported clients on his company website.  He quietly renewed his membership in CALI and probably hoped nobody would notice and call him out on his continuing questionable veracity.

Well, wishful thinking got him nowhere.



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Music & Revolution


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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about the entertainment I’ve been taking in, partially because I’ve been so busy enjoying it.  Some of the latest acts I’ve taken in from the Los Angeles cafe scene have reminded me of Bob Dylan’s Tangled up in Blue where he sings, “There was music in the cafes at night, And revolution in the air.”

Gaea Schell @ Sangria January 18, 2012

So, where to start?  For years my friend Michelle has been emailing me to go see her cousin, Gaea Schell and I finally got my chance when her jazz ensemble performed at Sangria in Hermosa Beach (right by the Lighthouse).   Really tremendous performance and I bought all of her CD’s on the spot.  Can’t wait to hear more of her and her band.

I’ve been a fan of Finn MacCool for years but until recently hadn’t seen them in awhile, so as luck had it, they had a gig recently at my favorite hang-out of late, the Talking Stick in Venice.

Marta Collier of Finn MacCool

My friend Marta and I used to be on the battlefront of the abortion and women’s healthcare wars against Operation Rescue, defending clinics from blockades, where frequently the O.R. psychos would blockade women’s health care centers that didn’t even perform abortions.  They’d harass women going in to get pap smears, mammograms, or even fertility care.  It was dangerous work as you could never tell when these nuts would lose all impulse control and physically assault the clinic defenders, and as we’ve seen time and time again assassinated doctors.  Marta is a very talented performer in Finn MacCool and I’m glad that Lauri Reimer of Music Magique Productions showed up so I could connect the Finn MacCool folks with her;  they really need to be in the lineup for a future World Music Night at the Talking Stick.  They’re playing at Ghengis Cohen in Hollywood on February 29.

Severin Browne @ Talking Stick February 18, 2012

Last Saturday was Severin Browne’s (Jackson Browne’s brother) main act at the Talking Stick, preceded by a couple of performers who in and of themselves were well worth seeing.

So tonight’s performance is Stefani Valadez and Steve Moos doing Folk Rock & Blues.  Stefani and Steve are one of the staples of the Talking Stick entertainment fair, and Stef also performs with a different ensemble on World Music Nights singing in Ladino, Turkish, English, Spanish and Portuguese.  So if you’re in the vicinity, come over to the Talking Stick (1411 Lincoln Blvd Venice) and get tangled up in the blues with folk rock thrown in!




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Obama Puts Unitary Tax in Spotlight


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1978: Dymally vs Curb vs Tucker

In 1978 I was the Peace & Freedom Party’s candidate against Lieutenant Governor Merv Dymally (Democrat) and Republican challenger Mike Curb.  There were three major issues in the race and one of them has just taken center stage, with President Obama taking the position on taxation that I took in that race.

Dymally and Curb agreed on all three issues.  They both supported a proposed supertanker port being built in Los Angeles Harbor in conjunction with construction of a major interstate pipeline for petroleum products by SOHIO.  SOHIO, or Standard of Ohio, was at that time owned by British Petroleum and if you believe in that company’s safety standards then that would have been a great idea.  They also both supported repeal of the 160 acre limit of federal farm water subsidies that prevented agribusiness from getting subsidized water.  Up to three family members on a family farm could get up to 160 acres of subsidized water each, a reasonable subsidy for small family farmers that agribusiness wanted to glom onto.

I was the only candidate that opposed both of those proposals; Dymally and Curb both endorsed them and campaigned for them.

Unitary Tax front & center in America's taxation debate

The third issue involved the Unitary Tax.  Although President Obama hasn’t referred to it as such, several times recently he has called for global taxation of the profits of multi-national corporations.  In 1978, Dymally and Curb supported repeal of the Unitary Tax by California; I opposed its repeal.  Soon after the election, the Democratic Party dominated California legislature repealed the Unitary Tax, costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue that we sure could have used to stay fiscally sound.

In the absence of a unitary tax on a multinational corporation’s worldwide income, it is a simple matter to manipulate the financial transactions of a company to keep from paying taxes to a state or to the federal government.  Here’s how it works:

Corporation A in say, Japan, owns Corporation B in Japan and Corporation C in California.  Corporation B makes car components and Corporation C assembles them in California.  Corporation B gouges Corporation C in invoicing the company for the car components, so that on the books in California, very little profit is made.  However, Corporations A and B make out like bandits.  Even though their profits were generated in California, they pay next to nothing in California taxes.

A unitary tax would tax Corporation A because it owns Corporation C, so it can’t escape taxation by making it look like the profit was made overseas.

Just as I recently pointed out (, the leadership of my own party, the Peace & Freedom Party, says nothing about this major issue that we once championed, as we did with Capital Gains tax reform.  Yet, the party leadership thinks it is more relevant and more politically correct than the President of the United States who is now, to his credit, championing the issues PFP once stood for.




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Capital Gains — Political Losses


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In 1996, the Los Angeles Times called me a “P.R. Guru” and whether it was true or not, the accusation took on a life of its own and people began to believe it.  Whatever one believes to be true becomes binding upon them and determines the outcome of their behavior.  So since then I’ve had a decent track record at promoting causes that nobody else would touch or even conceive of as being promotable.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when a client or an organization that I’m promoting misses an opportunity for publicity when an “I told you so” moment arrives.  Although it’s been decades since the California Peace & Freedom Party allowed me any official role in public relations, I almost wish that I was on speaking terms with the leadership (of my own party) so that I could nudge them into jumping on an obvious P.R. offensive that could help to convince the public that the party is still relevant.  One of its key early issues has all of a sudden become the subject of major national debate and yet the party leadership and its candidates aren’t saying anything about it.

Ambrose Bierce once defined that “Radicalism is the conservativism of tomorrow, injected into the affairs of today.”  In 1971-72, the California Peace & Freedom Party (PFP) launched an initiative petition drive under the leadership of the San Jose Eugene V. Debs PFP Club to tax capital gains at the same rate as ordinary income.  At the time this was both a radical and a rational program of tax reform.

The ethical and moral implications of the differential between capital gains taxation — i.e., the tax on profits from stock, real estate, bonds, etc. — as opposed to the income one derives from working for a living is basic fairness.  Why should somebody who invests for a living get a tax break while somebody who works for a living does not?  The usual answer is that the lower tax rate is justified by the need to encourage investment to produce jobs, a trickle down philosophy.

So, at the risk of criticizing a simplified straw man argument, let me get this straight:  if you don’t give somebody a tax incentive to invest money they won’t invest it?  What do you think they’re going to do?  Get a job?

I was the Los Angeles County coordinator for the PFP initiative to reform the capital gains law in California.  I solicited and received endorsements for the proposal from the Los Angeles Democratic Club, UAW Local 645 and a lot of other mainstream organizations that recognized the simple fairness message of the proposal. Still in 1971-72, this was considered a radical notion, that people who earn the same amount of income should be taxed at the same rate regardless of whether they are a worker or a capitalist.


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More rants by Frank Runningmouth


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Somebody recently forwarded me the latest Frank Runningmouth rant against me which I reprint for the sheer entertainment value:

On Fri, 1/27/12, Frank and Ambika <> wrote:

From: Frank and Ambika <>
Date: Friday, January 27, 2012, 10:25 AM

PFP Comrades

     Tom Lacey [SF PFP] informed me sometime back that Robert O. Williams is a pseudonym / alias for Jan Tucker
[So Cal private eye] and master of COINTELPRO style dirty tricks. As you may know he and a few lackeys have been
engaged a “poison pen” smear campaign against me for several years now as well as illegally hacking into PFP
Treasurer Sheryl B.’s computer ,among other COINTELPRO type dirty tricks that seems to be his forte.
     The following forwarded message indicates that he hasrecently turned his evil eye on “Occupy Concord”. This explains some curious problems we have been having in Concord. It seems Tucker is paying far to much attention
to our activity’s in Occupy Concord. The arm of Sauron reaches far.
    Occupy Concord had decided to have a educational
film series. We arraigned with Round Table Pizza to use
their meeting room, as we (PFP,SDS,MDS) have for years, for public events.
After we posted the event to the PFP SCC list [ which is where I suspect Tucker saw it ] . Somebody called Round
Table Corporate [RTP] HQ and complained about “Occupy Concord” using the facility and about me in particular and
my history of trouble with the law. I now suspect it was Tucker from the evidence in the post below.
      RTP HQ sent the word down to the local pizza shop to
renege on our deal to use the facility ,three days before the event. We were shocked and outraged. We responded to
RTP HQ saying they could have us as paying, pizza eating customers or angry ‘Occupy ‘ protesters  picketing the restaurant and calling on other “Occupys” accross the country for solidarity and hitting them in the pocket book. This
frightened RTP HQ . A high up boss from HQ called me back and overruled the other suit from RTP HQ and said
that they had changed their mind for this one movie . We could go ahead and use the facility this time , but in the future we should find another venue.
We went ahead and had our event , it was fun ,and modestly successful. We decided to postpone the 2nd movie until afterwe decide what to do, at our next Occupy Concord GA on Feb 5. There has been some talk of holding a protest demo at RTP HQ ,which is conveniently located in Concord for their political bias against the ‘99%’, while they allow all sorts of other political and community groups to use their facility’s. The local restaurant manager [Jesus Gonzales ] has no problem with us and says he was just following orders from RTP HQ.
    In the the Robert O. Williams [Tucker ]post below he seems very concerned about both movie events. No doubt
he is curious as to how much damage his COINTELPROstyle  “poison pen’ dirty tricks campaigns are having on the movement. The fact that they will backfire in his face should give him little comfort.
     This is further evidence  that Jan Tucker is a oinker. Ifhe is not a paid government/COINELPRO agent then he is
doing their work for free ,which is just as bad. Not only is heintent on attacking & smearing me and other PFP activists, now he is attempting to harm the “Occupy” movement as well. Any body collaborating in any way with him should
be held with the highest suspicion. The movement must bewarned about about this curly tailed poser.
Frank Runninghorse


Okay, so what should I say about this latest attack other than that it’s humorous?  For starters, if what Steven Bruce Orcutt–aka Runninghorse aka Runningmouth–says about Tom Lacey is true, then Tom Lacey is ignorant.  People using various monikers (or for that matter, their real names for all I know, keep leaving false trails to me that an intelligent geek would realize are as obvious as the difference between gold and iron pyrite (fool’s gold):

1.  They post stuff on the internet and enter my email, URL (internet address) for one of my blogs or one of my websites, and/or snail mail address so that unsophisticated readers assume that I must have done the posting;

2.  They place telephone calls using “spoof sites” or “spoof cards” (“spoofing” technology allows people to select any telephone number they want to show up in caller ID systems; enables changing voice from male to female and vice versa, etc.) to leave a trail with one of my telephone numbers to traceable sources such as professional education webinars or teleconferences making it look like I logged in and said or posted something really bizarre;

3.  They put out bizarre leaflets with my contact information as though I am responsible for the propaganda, a process known in intelligence circles as creating “black propaganda,” something attributed to the targeted enemy that makes them look ridiculous or otherwise gets them in trouble.

If I thought that any sane person was taking Runningmouth and Tom Lacey seriously with their accusations that I’m using aliases and hacking into computers (which is of course a crime) I might be upset.  However, I dare them to produce any evidence they have that I am Robert O. Williams or have used that alias as they claim, or for that matter, any evidence that I supposedly hacked into the Peace & Freedom Party’s treasurer’s computer.  If they can’t produce any real verifiable evidence, they really should stop wasting their own time and mine with these nonsensical accusations.  They don’t seem to get it:  everything I have to say about them I say right here, in public, on the internet, under my own name.

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Insider Trading in LA Superior Court


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The recent scandals in Washington and the passage of legislation to ban congressional “insider” stock trading caused me to unearth an old memo that I’d sent to federal authorities some time ago, because it seemed quite plausible that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge might very well have had advance knowledge of impending stock crashes.  Here’s the substance of the memo I composed:

According to Judge xxxxxx x xxxxxxz’s FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests dated September 21, 2002 he disposed of an investment in WORLDCOM in June 2002. According to his previous filing dated December 18, 2001, the investment was worth somewhere between $10,000 – $100,000.

Somewhat more intriguing is that for the most part, his entries of investments that were sold off have the exact date of disposition listed. His Worldcom entry merely shows the month and year.

A website with extensive public documents on the Worldcom scandal listed three documents of interest that have since come to light in the month of June 2002: two internal memos dated June 17, 2002 and another on June 24,2002, in which people were discussing the firm’s shaky financial situation. The timing of the Judge’s disposition of this stock seems to raise a reasonable suspicion of insider leaks.

The Form 700’s are filed at the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters office in Norwalk as well as with the Secretary of State and FPPC in Sacramento.

Amongst his many other investments, the Judge also made two purchases of Tyco stock on January 22, 2002 and January 23, 2002. Haven’t looked extensively at that issue yet.


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Same Sex? Opposite Sex? Why marry?


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In a previous blog entry on “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater, Sr. ( I explained how a truly principled conservative was a staunch defender of LGBTI rights well before that position was popular — even with many liberals.  That sparked an exchange of ideas between a conservative friend and myself:

Anonymous Conservative Friend:

I think you know that I am a pretty Conservative guy and that is with a capital “C”.

However, I am very open to listening to others and I do not like how the Right shuts down and won’t even listen to the opinions of other on certain topics.


I have a thought on the topic of Gay Marriage and I would like you to read through this and tell me what you think.  I start with a purposefully inflammatory statement for effect.

I do not feel that two men or two women should have a legal (US Government sanctioned) right to get married.

I also do not feel that a man and a women should have a legal (US Government sanctioned) right to get married.

I think that everyone (straight or gay) should have the right to a Civil Union (US Government sanctioned) that affords them every right imaginable to care for their loved one including: financial, medical, child custody, taxes, etc.

I think the Government should not be in the “Marriage Business” at all.  Marriage is a religious concept and should be handled by religious institutions.  If you can find a church to marry you (straight or gay), then you should be able to get “married” by that church.  That marriage would be nothing more than a symbolic ceremony where you profess your faith and love to the other person.  The marriage would mean absolutely nothing to the US Government.  Remember, I am talking about straight as well as gay marriage.  If you want the benefits (and consequences) of a Civil Union, then you do that paperwork with the Government and everyone should be entitled to do so.

My suggestion removes religion from the argument and gets the US Government out of the religious business for which they should not be involved to begin with.  These two acts are separate and distinct and you do not have to do either or both.

Anyone who argues that marriage is between a man and a women would lose that argument under my idea, because the Government would not be involved in the process.  The most they could say is that in THEIR church, marriage is between a man and a woman, however, they could not dictate how another church handles the matter anymore than they can control the theological differences between Christians and Jews.  Additionally, anyone who argues that gays do not have a right to a Civil Union is totally “out there” and you would never convince them that this is the right thing to do anyway.

Would this help to settle this issue?  What say ye?


My response:

I agree with you in principle.  I have said many times that I don’t believe that the government should sanction what is essentially a ceremony created by religion on first amendment separation clause and establishment clause grounds.

I also oppose government sanction of marriage on Fourteenth Amendment equal protection grounds for a feminist consideration, which is my perspective that historically the wedding ring evolved as a smaller version (in Egypt) of bracelets simulating the chains of slavery, to signify that a woman was now owned by a man other than her father, i.e., her husband.

That said, as long as the government does recognize and legitimize marriage, on Fourteenth Amendment grounds I am opposed to not having the recognition done with equality on the basis of sexual orientation.  In the current political climate, that gets us closer to compliance with the constitution and the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights.  As Macchiavelli wrote, “si guarda al fine” (mistranslated as “the ends justify the means,” better translated as “one must think of the final result” or “the outcome is what counts”).  Nobody is even going to introduce let alone vote for a legislative fix that entails getting rid of marriage in the United States.  Nor is the Supreme Court likely to rule the way I’d like it to rule on the first amendment issues.

Ergo, it has been realistic to pursue the Fourteenth Amendment arguments before the courts and to advance that argument in state legislatures.


What I tell my friends (tongue in cheek) is that I support same-sex marriage and opposite-sex divorce!


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3rd Annual “Viva la Mujer” Event/Fundraiser


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  • Saturday, March 3, 2012
  • Time
    5:00pm until 10:00pm

Please join the National Brown Berets de Áztlan, Los Angeles Mission College Tiahui Ollin Scholarship Foundation, and California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC) on March 3, 2012 to commemorate the women in our communities, who have empowered other Mujeres in pursuing any artistic career goal such as tattooing, photography, graph art, stenciling, and media career goal. Also by breaking the false myths given to our Barrios by the right-wing media and creating a sisterhood known to us as “Carnalismo.”

Our plans include a banquet, entertainment, guest speakers, recognition of the SFV 2nd Chance Scholarship, and Los Angeles Mission College Tiahui Ollin scholarship recipients. The proceeds will be donated to the scholarship foundations. If any questions feel free to contact us at: or (818) 270-8882.

If your business or organization (or you personally) would like to contribute and sponsor this event, contact Maria at (818) 270.8882.

Thank you to all our great supporters, Food by: La Guayaba Kitchen & Music By: Renegades of Dub.

$5.00 Students Admission
$10.00 General Admission

Mujeres Nominated:

Chola Pinups
Rebecca Dado from Monsterz Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio
Patricia Nazario
Sandra Luz Gallegos
Ryo Vibes
Erica Friend
Diana Munoz from Wildlife Tattoo
Amie Figueroa Tattoo Artis
and more to come..

Speakers include:  Maria Juarez, emcee; Miguel Angel Perez, National Minister of Information, National Brown Berets de Aztlan; Jan B. Tucker, State Director, California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC) and more to be announced.

Photo by: Madeline Alvizo from Chola Pinups (Thnx)

Like us on facebook:

For more information on how to get to the location:

To RSVP for the event or to send FB greetings:

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