FB Exchange By Ernesto Ayala on the BBNO/LRUP Alliance


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This is quite entertaining.  Now you get the inside story as to why the La Raza Unida Party (faction that’s controlled by Libertad and Xenaro Ayala, not to be confused with non-cult, legitimate organizations that bear the same name) alliance with the Brown Berets National Organization (BBNO, not to be confused with the National Brown Berets de Aztlan or other BB groups) went into so much turmoil within a year of its being publicly announced:


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I’m Not Running For Office


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I was going to run for U.S. Senator this year.  As filing begins tomorrow, I owe it to people to tell my supporters why I’m pulling my hat out of the race before it starts.

First, although I didn’t seek the post and tried to foist it off on somebody else, I wound up appointed as the founding State Director for the National League of Latin American Citizens (California League of Latin American Citizens here, or CALLAC for short).  Either way, the awesome weight of responsibility for building this organization at this critical time in history has fallen onto my shoulders and into my lap.  It would be detrimental to that effort for me to run for office because it would have the appearance of opportunism to do so at the same time as I’m trying to discharge my duties for CALLAC.

Secondarily, the leadership of the party that I would have run with, the California Peace & Freedom Party, have so damaged the party “brand name” that it would be a constant distraction as I would have to distance myself from a lot of the lunatics who run the organization.  This year, the party added a known registered sex offender to its state leadership body (the State Central Committee) and he has become a national spectacle by pretending to be a representative from other national organizations that have repudiated him (on grounds of his organizational behavior having nothing to do with his having had sex with a 14 year old).

Third, my work for political and social change has never been confined to partisan political activity.  There are other instruments of change in the world to accomplish and implement my ideals and notions of justice:  the labor movement, the feminist movement, the civil rights movement to name a few avenues of change.  So what should you do?

There are options out there.  Begin by checking out the issues that nobody is talking about.  You can see my views on those issues at:


Next, figure out whether those ideals can or should be accomplished by partisan political work or some other kind of social organizing or a combination of both.  For example, if you want the 99% to have a fairer distribution of income and assets, that can be accomplished for by government action like raising the minimum wage; or it can come about through joining and supporting a labor union so that you and your fellow employees can bargain collectively for better wages, working conditions, and benefits; or you can support changes to laws to make it easier for workers to organize unions and organize a union at the same time.

Some of the options for partisan political activities this year are especially intriguing:

  • America Elects has qualified for the ballot in California and many other states utilizing a sophisticated internet based organizing format
  • The Justice Party of former Salt Lake City Mayor and self-described radical Rocky Anderson is trying to get on the ballot
  • The Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party are on the California ballot and there are rank and file movements afoot to bring them back to control by the grass roots and to their historical ideals
  • New leadership is emerging in the La Raza Unida Party to re-launch it as the serious, radical, and progressive political party it once was to to get it on the California ballot
  • There are progressive and radical activists in the Democratic Party who are not the enemies of serious radical change, especially in the California Latino Caucus, and those institutions can help change things for the better.

Finally, get active and do something.  What you do on election day is important.  So is what you do 365 days a year to make the world a better or worse place.

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Communique from the Aztlan Civil War


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This was forwarded to me from Colorado….no comment on my part:

 It is always sad when we lose Brown Berets. It is especially sad when we loose some who were so trustworthy and gave us all reasons to be proud of; but at this time I have to let you all know of the unfortunate need to terminate certain high ranking members of the BBNO because of their wanton disregard of the principles and history that we were founded and built on and that made us an institution of La Causa and the entire Chicano Movement.

Just as some are terminated, also some are fully demoted all the way down to buck privates with no more rank or prestige other than their working their way up the ladder to someday hopefully regain the honor and status they have enjoyed until today. The actions by all these individuals are threatening our very essence and reason for being Brown Berets. That is that we are the soldiers La Raza very much needs and deserves.

 We are not a kiddie club like they want us to be. They want us to be democratic, but if anyone has posted anything that does not agree with what they want, their postings have been quickly deleted by them.

 Also a recent vote in Tucson a month ago where we attempted to have a national conference was unexpectedly put on the table and voted on where I was expected to retire from this our beloved organization after more than forty years of dedicated service.

 As National Commander I have to know what’s on the agenda of any of our national events, and just a few days prior, We had the agenda worked out and never did my forced retirement come up until that day and it was the first item brought up. After that there was no point anymore in continuing to go ahead with our conference.

 They also claim that 99% of our entire membership was present at the conference either physically or by teleconference, when the reality was that only about 9% were there or teleconferencing; so how can they lie so boldly and expect this 9% to vote for the entire organization?

 Because of the fact that most of the Brown Berets there are teenagers, myself and those that accompanied me from California did not put up a fight out of respect for their young age; is that I have been waiting to see if the people responsible for this fiasco and treachery come clean and admit to their wrong doings; but they only seem to be getting bolder in their attitude and actions.

 They attempt to substitute our Cadre Nacional with a “council” where everyone has an equal vote; but they only contact those “council” members who they know will vote with them and delete postings by council members who do not agree with them.

 I have tried patiently and honorably to work with this “council” for over a month; but they have shown me more disrespect and dishonor in their responses and now I’m left with no alternative but to terminate the following people:

XXXXXXXXXXX a.k.a. Citlalmina Xochiquetzalli. She has taken the leading role in this shameful and treacherous action and has had no qualms about misrepresenting the truth and told me that if I make my objections public, that they “will all quit”. Her termination really hurts me because I always thought she was so respectable and she was always given steadily rising ranks until she became a national officer. However, her first assignment as national officer was that of National Fiscal Officer in charge of raising money for our national strategies. She did not fulfill those duties. Then she said she would like to become a national officer in charge of Arts and Culture. Though she is an artist, she never fulfilled those duties either since she never did any Brown Beret Arts and Culture, i.e. posters, paintings, etc.

Chimalli-Cuetlachtli aka Randy Gamez

 Randy Gamez a.k.a. Chimalli Cuetlachtli. He was in charge of our communications, particularly our web site but he was always one to purposely return one phone call or e-mail for every 4 or 5 sent t o him, thereby making him guilty of insubordination and his attitude is such that he thinks he is the entire organization. After the Chicano Moratorium gathering in L.A. this year, he took a brow-beating by then Chief Of Staff Juanito Burns because of his disrespectful ways towards the chain of command. Rather than taking it like a man, he took the low road and quit, taking the website with him. He came back to the BBNO because I agreed to allow him back during our conference in Tucson and reinstated him with his full rank that he held prior to quitting. Now I know that he was part of the conspiracy by Citlalmina to take over the organization by forcing me to retire and change the very essence of the Brown Berets in their power hungry move.

Jesse Ornelas

 Demoted to buck private is Jesse Ornelas. He rose steadily up the ranks and was put in charge of our special forces, Los Escorpiones. He also chose to become part of this conspiracy. Also demoted to buck private is David J. Leon. He al so rose steadily up the ranks in his native state of Arizona to become our Arizona State Commander. He also chose to become part of this conspiracy probably because Citlalmina Xochiquetzalli is his mother.

 I believe this will suffice what pertains to the above referenced people. They will not be allowed to be so irresponsible as to sabotage the BROWN BERET NATIONAL ORGANIZATION.


Jeronimo Blanco

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Debunking Mythology


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A series of email exchanges about me have arisen like Jesus from the tomb to the level of Mad Magazine or National Lampoon type humor.  The latest barrage was forwarded to me by another nut who goes by the moniker of “Red Rover.”  I now understand how mythology gets created, when one idiot debates with another idiot with lots of other idiots taking the discussion seriously.   Here’s the latest example:

From: Kevin Akin <kevinakin1950@hotmail.com>
Subject: Can we stop this nonsense? [pfp-scc] More COINTELPRO Slander, they have no shame
To: “SCC Peace and Freedom” <pfp-scc@lists.riseup.net>
Date: Monday, December 26, 2011, 10:15 AM

Oh boy.  “Tucker and Akin.”  Never thought I would see that one.

Kevin D. Akin, ally of the Feiginites and Berkeley Bullsheviks

Well, RH has now sunk to his lowest yet.  Apparently,my trying to take a dispassionate and somewhat detached approach to this stuff results in RH lumping me in with a disgusting saboteur and anti-party provocateur.

His overdeveloped ego, which trumps all political good sense, tells him that everyone who is critical of him in any way is part of the massive anti-RH conspiracy.
There is no doubt at all that Tucker and his one friend are both involved in trying to use the RH appointment to the SCC to damage the party any way they can.  The report from Guillermo (while not very clear) indicates that someone has been sending him messages accusing him of collaborating with RH.  (This reminds me of RH’s assertion that I, having been critical of RH, must be involved in “egging on” Tucker and “manipulating” another person who despises RH – in other words, collaborating with Tucker.)  We can expect to see more of this, and while I don’t want to say I told you so, this is pretty much what I predicted before the vote to add RH to the SCC.  I have no illusions that next time anyone will pay attention to my considered opinion, but maybe listening to each other would be a good idea.  Some of us, certainly I, might learn something.
Comrades, can we just knock this off?
The fact is, this party has enemies.  Some of them are important (the 1%, for example, as the current phrase goes).  Some are annoying gnats.
When we get all excited about the gnats, and ignore the important enemies, we are not politically productive.  We don’t advance the interests of the working class, we don’t do work that will lead to positive changes in the lives of our people.
When some of us fantasize that each gnat is an agent of the important enemies, involved in a conspiracy (that RH anachronistically calls COINTELPRO with no more basis than his own fantasies), we lose proportion.
Of more importance than a gnat-bite is the fact that this discussion list has been made essentially useless, or even counterproductive, by becoming a forum for absurd fantasies and the responses to them.  Putting a new person on this list is no favor to that person or the party.  They are likely to throw up their hands and ask to be removed.  They will certainly not get the impression that this is an effective organization.
What will it take to get comrades to stop destroying the usefulness of this list?  What will it take to move this counterproductive garbage to some other forum?  Whatever it is, we should do it.  There is a lot of work to do, as signature-gathering begins, and we need a way to communicate about the hard work that is needed.  -Kevin

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 09:29:06 -0800
From: dreamality108@yahoo.com
To: pfp-scc@lists.riseup.net
Subject: [pfp-scc] More COINTELPRO Slander, they have no shame

Steve Orcutt, center, aka Frank Runninghorse, Runamuck, Running Mouth, Running Dog...

Marsha the Tuckerites are coming after you now as well as me . Kevin Akin is egging them on. Tucker claims somebody is posting his beliefs without his permission. Maybe some other of his COINTELPRO friends ,more likely he is just lieing again. Either way he admits its what he thinks. These people are evil . They even attack Tom Condit in his grave.

     “Radical Bard” is a deeply disturbed person ,whose “issues” are being manipulated by Tucker & Akin. She is also pedaling lies about non-existent civil court cases against me by non existing “victims”, probably fed to her by
Tucker and egged on by Akin. [who has now joined in on outing socialists work names]
     By the way , my first arrest and jail time [one week] were for picket line duty in 1972 for supporting
Ruckers Electronic women workers in Concord, who were on strike to stop sexual harassment [demanding 'favors'] by their bosses. The ‘Red Tide” the socialist student group I helped found ,mobilized daily contingents of high school students early in the morning to march in solidarity with the women strikers. This was ‘Feminism” in action , not just lip service.
Since then I have defended dozens of abortion clinics over the years . I have supported Women’s Liberation and Socialist Feminism since those days. I refuse to accept slanders by these stooges that attempt to paint me as some
type of oppressor of women. How many of my accusers have gone to jail and been beaten by the police for standing up for women ????
Frank Runninghorse
PS Below are the slanders posted on Indy Bay
###   (snip)

Comments  (Hide Comments)

The ruling clique within Peace and Freedom Party, the East Bay dimwits, have accelerated the party’s decline by putting forth a tiresome, old line socialist, Marsha Joan Feinland as a potential nominee for United States Senate in the 2012 primary. Under the newly implemented Proposition 14, only the top two candidates in the June primary will go on to the general election in November 2012.
Progressives should beware of the Feinland candidacy. Before New York born Marsha was a “socialist” she was a LaRouchite and was rectified and brought to the alter of socialism after her marriage to her late husband, the notorious redbaiting John Thomas Condit.
Feinland is a smarmy, retired school teacher who talks down to the tiny audiences she has appeared before in her previous campaigns. But most damning of all is Feinland’s support of STEVEN BRUCE ORCUTT of Contra Costa County within the State Central Committee of Peace and Freedom Party. ORCUTT goes by his pretend name of “Frank Runninghorse” while he poses as a junior college campus organizer. But even worse is ORCUTT’s 2006 conviction in Contra Costa County for the sexual assault on a 14 year old African American girl when he was 51 years old. This is a conviction that Feinland dismisses because she sees Orcutt/Runninghorse as a political ally to prop up her pretensions of being a Movement leader.
Feinland is no feminist and deserves neither your vote in June or your signature to put her on the ballot. Google the terms “frank runninghorse” and “sex offender” on the same line for more information about this sordid story.

by Relf Alison Star

( RadicalBard [at] juno.com ) Thursday Dec 15th, 2011 5:32 PM

I agree with Jan Tucker. PFP has forfeited the right to call itself “feminist.” At the last State Central Committee meeting there was no feminist committee, and the reestablished women’s committee did not meet despite the fact that there were three of us feminists who wanted to meet. This, after dismantling the feminist committee and the disability committee at the SCC prior to this last, should be absolutely unacceptable. But Orcutt has his reactionary defenders. Let the PFP know how you feel. Contact C. T. Weber(ctwebervoters [at] att.net), the state party chair.

by Jan B. Tucker

( pi [at] janbtucker.com ) Monday Dec 19th, 2011 9:18 AM

Is JT really ET.......?

I didn’t make that post which lists my blog’s URL and I don’t know who “E.T.” is. I have an uncle and a cousin whose initials could be E.T. but I doubt that it’s either of them (although one of them did have his photo taken with Fidel Castro in 1959) because I don’t think they follow that political line these days.

That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiments expressed although I would have phrased things differently.

tags: STEVEN BRUCE ORCUTT, frank runninghorse, REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, megan’s law, STEVE ORCUTT, runamok, runningdog, runningmouth,
Okay, so now that you’ve seen the bizarre ravings about this issue, it should be obvious that Runningmouth is desperately searching the internet to find everything that’s written about himself so that he can blame it on me.  The conspiracy gets wider and bigger with every posting; now even Kevin D. Akin (just put his name in this blog’s search engine to see how much love there is between the two of us) is supposedly my co-conspirator.  The likelihood of Kevin and I conspiring with each other is as probable as Hitler showing up at a Bar Mitzvah or a cigarette machine being allowed in a lung cancer ward.  So, let me make it easy on Runningmouth.  Here are a bunch of the other myths that can be found on the internet or in other public sources so he can work these other fantasies into his ravings and at least get the facts right about which ones I confirm, those I deny, and those about which I neither confirm nor deny:
1.  Jan B. Tucker is really:
  • Robert O. Williams
  • Barbara Simpson
  • Red Rover
  • E.T.
  • Monty Kroopkin

Deny as to all, emphatically.

....or is JT El Diablo?????

2.  Jan B. Tucker has used or been accorded by various associates and cohorts the aliases:

  • James McKenna
  • Diablo
  • Janos Tokar
  • Dracula
  • The Beast
  • The Prince of F—ing Darkness

Admit as to all!

Irv Rubin/Earl Krugel on trial for bombing plot

3.  Tucker had Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel of the JDL (Jewish Defense League) murdered respectively at the Metropolitan Detention Center (Los Angeles) and Phoenix Federal Correction Institution?

  • Okay, I admit that I put a curse on Irv, Earl and Earl’s twin bother Barry (all of whom died within rapid succession, with Irv and Earl dying exactly on the same date, one year apart), but other than that as a potential proximate cause of their deaths, I neither confirm nor deny any other involvement.
4.  Did Tucker have anything to do with the bombings of accused war criminals Elmars Sprogis and/or Tscherim Soobzokov?
  • I neither confirm nor deny having had anything to do with those bombings, but as to whoever did do it, I support the behavior of people who attempt to cancel the tickets of Nazi war criminals!
5.  Were David McCalden’s accusations in his lawsuit against Tucker true, i.e., that Tucker helped throw him through a stained glass window in a Synagogue (McCalden was the founder of the Institute for Historical Review [IHR], the “think tank” that claims that Hitler was a nice guy who didn’t kill anybody, that the Turkish-German genocide against Armenians is a World War I myth, and that slavery was a wonderful experience for African Americans) and/or fire bomb his house?
  • The Late David McCalden

    While the Krugel Brothers were busy throwing McCalden through a stained glass window, I retained my ticket stub from watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in Universal Studios, in the presence of three witnesses.  As to the bombing of his house, the only time I was ever there was when I served him with a subpoena.

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Eric Bauman as LA’s Macchiavelli?


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My commentary relates to this article which is running in the Los Angeles Weekly:


The accusation that Eric Bauman is “Macchiavellian” is based on the unstated premise that Macchiavelli wrote in The Prince that “The ends justify the means.” Macchiavelli never wrote that phrase and if Eric is Macchiavellian, it is because his long years of experience have given him the wisdom of the phrase that Macchiavelli really wrote: “Si guarda al fine,” which better translated means “the outcome is what counts” or “one must think of the final outcome.”

I am the quintessential outsider as a member of the Peace & Freedom Party (who despises most of the leaders of my own party too) and somewhat like Eric, I know where all the bodies are buried because I was either on the burial detail or else I had it under surveillance (I’ve been a private investigator for over 30 years). Yet, my political and professional involvements lead me to agree with Eric’s approach to supporting the issues that are important to him.

Term limits? The most important thing they have accomplished in Sacramento and at the municipal level is to hand more actual power to legislative staffers, even though the technical authority to vote and make decisions resides with those who are elected. Experience counts in legislative bodies and when the staffers have been around longer than a legislator or council member, the institutional memory confers more power to the staff.

The logic of Eric’s preference for more or less friendly incumbents is perfectly sound. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Words may show a man’s wit, but his actions, his meaning.” Why exchange oratory during a campaign from somebody who has never worked in government for the known record and ability of an incumbent? The AFL-CIO has a tried and true rule that is institutionalized for candidate endorsements: if an incumbent has a 95% or better COPE rating they should be endorsed except in exceptional circumstances.

The bottom line is that Eric is pragmatic while maintaining his idealism. As Macchiavelli really wrote, he doesn’t lose sight of the final outcome in any of his political calculations. He follows the same pragmatic path that led Morris Kight–West Coast Founder of the Gay Liberation Front and a member of the Peace & Freedom Party–to leave for greener pastures with the Democratic Party where he could actually get things accomplished.

Morris Kight & Don Kilhefner in their Gay Liberation Front days

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“Radicalism is the Conservativism of Tomorrow”


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Ambrose Bierce wrote in his Devil’s Dictionary that “Radicalism is the Conservativism of tomorrow, injected into the affairs of today.”

One of the joys of aging is to have been a radical in one’s youth, to continue to be a radical, and to be proven right (or in my case, be proven left?) about past ideas that have been proven correct by time and the evolution of popular opinion.  Today’s Los Angeles Times (December 22, 2011) demonstrated I’ve been correct long before popular opinion and the entrenched views of bureaucracy got up to speed.

The simpler of the two issues was editorialized today:


Years ago, I got resolutions of support for changing the 80 year old definition of rape that is used by the FBI for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistical purposes along the lines suggested by the Women’s Law Project passed unanimously by the Board of Directors of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI, the world’s largest private detectives’ organization) and by the San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women.

In June of this year, I also succeeded in having the Board of California NOW unanimously pass a resolution in support of changing the UCR Rape definition:


As Monty Python would say, “and now for something completely different.”

The lead article in today’s Los Angeles Times business section discusses the landmark settlement of Countrywide Mortgage (now owned by Bank of America) with the federal government of claims that the company discriminated against African American and Latino borrowers on their home mortgages.  The claims were settled for a class of about 200,000 families for $335,000,000.00.

Turn the clock back to 1994 when I ran for California State Treasurer against Phil Angelides (Democrat) and Matt Fong (Republican) on the Peace & Freedom Party ticket.  I had been investigating corruption, discrimination and sexual harassment by Countrywide Mortgage.  In my campaign statement in the California Ballot Pamphlet, I called for a boycott of Countrywide Mortgage that was sent by the state to millions of registered voters.   Here’s a campaign statement from 1998 on the issues involving Countrywide:  http://www.smartvoter.org/1998nov/ca/state/vote/tucker_j/paper1.html.  After the Ballot Pamphlet was mailed out  I received a telephone call from an attorney I was working with in lawsuits against Countrywide.  He in turn had just gotten a call from two attorneys representing Countrywide Mortgage along with certain top company officials.

The gist of the call was begging him to call me off of Countrywide because a certain top company official was in the middle of telephoning a hit man to have me taken out because he was so furious about my public call for a boycott.  The Countrywide attorneys said that they’d talked him out of the hit while he was in the process of dialing.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I didn’t call off my activities against Countrywide, prompting then Countrywide President Angelo Mozilo to become a campaign contributor to Phil Angelides who was defeated in 1994 ($5,000 to Angelides from Countrywide in 1994) but came back to win the State Treasurer’s post (I ran again in that race) in 1998 ($10,000 from Countrywide to Angelides in 1998).

Fast forward to today.  Phil Angelides was picked by President Obama to head the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.  I wonder why Mozilo contributed to Angelides’ campaign for State Treasurer in 1998?  Was he just pissed off at me or was he hedging his bets?  Notice that nobody has been charged criminally from the old Countrywide Mortgage company leadership.

Phil Angelides wasn’t the only politician who accepted campaign contributions from Mozilo by any means and borrowers weren’t the only people swindled or suckered by the company.  When I was a delegate to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the AFL-CIO sent us down a program which promoted Countrywide Mortgage as purportedly being a labor friendly lender!

Phil Angelides

By the way, if anybody doubts my contention that I received that telephone call, I’ll take a polygraph administered by any American Polygraph Association certified examiner.

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La Raza Unida Against War Crime Investigation for Sri Lanka?


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I posted an article to Facebook regarding the demand for an independent war crimes inquiry into atrocities committed by the Sri Lanka army and government against the Tamil minority of that island.  It speaks for itself.  In response to it, I received a comment from Ernesto Ayala (son of Xenaro and brother of Libertad) that is nothing short of astounding and outrageous:

Jan B. Tucker recommends a link.

Sri Lankan ethnic Tamil leaders called Monday for an international war crimes inquiry into events during the final stages of the country’s civil war, criticizing a commission report that cleared government forces of deliberately targeting civilians.
· · Share · about an hour ago

For context, here’s the entire article:

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Sri Lankan ethnic Tamil leaders called Monday for an international war crimes inquiry into events during the final stages of the country’s civil war, criticizing a commission report that cleared government forces of deliberately targeting civilians.

The United States, meanwhile, expressed concerns that the report did not fully address all the allegations of serious human rights violations. The State Department called on the Sri Lanka to address those shortcomings, but stopped short itself of supporting an international inquiry.

Lawmakers in the Tamil National Alliance, the main political party representing the ethnic minority, said the report by the government-appointed Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission was a “serious assault” on the dignity of war victims who testified before it and damaged the chances of genuine reconciliation between the country’s embittered ethnic groups.

“By mischaracterizing the crimes committed during the last days of the war as isolated acts of individual perpetrators, the LLRC has effectively granted immunity to civilian and military leaders responsible for devising the policies that led directly to the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity,” they said in a statement.

The commission said last week that government forces did not target civilians, but acknowledged that a few isolated violations by individual soldiers needed to be investigated further. It accused the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels of routinely violating international humanitarian law.

Earlier this year, a panel appointed by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said it found credible allegations of serious abuses by both sides and called for an international inquiry.

Sri Lanka’s government appointed the commission last year amid intense pressure from international human rights groups and Western governments to establish accountability for alleged war abuses, amid claims that thousands of Tamil civilians died in the final five months of the war. The government is now expected to argue that an international inquiry is unnecessary.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the Sri Lankan commission had made substantive recommendations on issues including reconciliation, devolution of power, demilitarization and disappearances. But she said it lacked a comprehensive plan to act on them and left open questions about accountability for alleged rights violations.

“We have concerns that the report … does not fully address all the allegations of serious human rights violations that occurred in the final phase of the conflict,” Nuland told a news conference. “So this leaves questions about accountability.

Asked if there should be an international inquiry, Nuland said: “Let’s see what they are willing to do going forward.”

The U.S. has previously said that pressure would grow for an international probe if Sri Lanka should fail to investigate alleged abuses properly.


So exactly what does “NO!NO!” mean in response to that article?

Is it some kind of joke?  The massacre of 40,000 civilians, execution of prisoners of war, torture of prisoners and the mass rape currently being used to humiliate and control the Tamil minority is not a laughing matter.

Is it an official expression of the faction of La Raza Unida Party (LRUP) controlled by the Ayala family of support for the Sri Lankan government?

Sounds like it to me.

If so, it’s consistent with the implications of questions I’ve asked in past blog entries about the apparent ties of LRUP to the Sri Lankan tourist industry, propping up this corrupt and despicable government financially in flagrant disregard of boycotts by human rights organizations:









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Vaclav Havel: R.I.P.


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Vaclav Havel: Poet, human rights activist, President

One of the great human rights activists of our time, poet, playwright, and eventually President of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel died yesterday at the age of 75.  For the context of Czech society before the fall of the “Iron Curtain” that swept former dissidents like Havel into power, check out my blog of April 24, 2010 and especially the poem, “100 Points“…
Wikipedia explains the history of the Charter 77 movement, of which Havel was a key initiator and leader:

Motivated in part by the arrest of members of the psychedelic band Plastic People of the Universe, the text of Charter 77 was prepared in 1976. In December 1976, the first signatures were collected.[2] The charter was published on 6 January 1977, along with the names of the first 242 signatories, which represented various occupations, political viewpoints, and religions. Although Václav Havel, Ludvík Vaculík and Pavel Landovský were detained while trying to bring the charter to the Federal Assembly and the Czechoslovak government and the original document was confiscated,[3] copies circulated as samizdat and on 7 January were published in several western newspapers (including Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Times or New York Times) and transmitted to Czechoslovakia by Czechoslovak-banned radio broadcasters like Radio Free Europe or Voice of America.

Charter 77 criticized the government for failing to implement human rights provisions of a number of documents it had signed, including the 1960 Constitution of Czechoslovakia, the Final Act of the 1975 Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Basket III of the Helsinki Accords), and United Nations covenants on political, civil, economic, and cultural rights. The document also described the signatories as a “loose, informal, and open association of people . . . united by the will to strive individually and collectively for respect for human and civil rights in our country and throughout the world.” It emphasized that Charter 77 is not an organization, has no statutes or permanent organs, and “does not form the basis for any oppositional political activity.” This final stipulation was a careful effort to stay within the bounds of Czechoslovak law, which made organized opposition illegal.

After 30 years, many of those from both Czechoslovakia and the UK who were personally involved in the Charter 77 movement and helped to gain international support and to draw attention to the petition gathered on 29 March 2007 at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London, to look back and share their experience and memories of one of the little known but most significant events of modern European history.

Distribution of Charter 77 or any of its contents was made a formal political crime by the Communist Party led regime.
Vaclav Havel will be missed and remembered for his courage and his creativity.
The leadership of a couple of political parties that I have recently been critical of (my own, the Peace & Freedom Party and the faction of the La Raza Unida Party controlled by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala) should take heed of the poem “One Hundred Points” that Havel promoted and defended in opposition to the former rulers of his nation, and especially points 8 and 9:
8.  They are afraid of party members.
9.  They are afraid of those who are not in the party.
To these points, the poem eventually asks, “So why the hell are WE afraid of THEM?”

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Affirmative Action: Practicing what you preach


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Zedong Mao

“The guerilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.”  — Zedong Mao.

In the context of the movements to create political change in the United States, and especially California and in particular Los Angeles, political organizers need to be able to swim in an inland sea with many tributaries from ponds that contain different populations of fish species.  Some of those ponds are integrated to greater or lesser degrees and some of those ponds are for the most part, segregated to a predominant ethnic group.

Lots of groups and leaders talk the talk about “diversity” but when it comes to walking the walk with vigorous, positive efforts at outreach to the many communities and neighborhoods that make up Los Angeles as a whole, they fall short with all too much frequency.  I am proud of my own record and the leadership of San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women) in helping to build a diverse group of activists.  I give kudos to my friend and former National President of NOW, Patricia Ireland, for having seriously pushed diversification during her administration years ago.  Unfortunately, her successors have not been as vigorous and committed to internal affirmative action as she was.

Carol McArthur et al performing @ SFV/NELA NOW & CALLAC event 12/17/11

On December 17, 2011, we held a joint Holiday Party/Election Meeting for SFV/NELA NOW along with a founding meeting  of CALLAC (California League of Latin American Citizens, state affiliate of the National League of Latin American Citizens) at the home of Norma and Jose Luis Ramirez in Arleta (the neighborhood I grew up in, a couple of blocks away).  People came from as far as San Diego, Contra Costa, and Tulare counties for the event, drawn both by the content and on the reputation of my “once a year water-smoked turkey” with regular and vegetarian stuffing.

Water smoking is an all night process; yesterday's turkey and stuffing may have been my best ever in decades!

People describe gatherings I put together, both social and political (which are frequently both simultaneously) as veritable “United Nations” events.  Yesterday we had in attendance, amongst immigrants alone,  two Columbians, one Nicaraguan, one Israeli, one Peruvian and four Mexicans.  Angel and Argentina Davila-Luevano, who are respectively the National Vice President and Vice President for the Far West of NLLAC joined us from Northern California.

Entertainment was provided by Carol McArthur (who along with her friend Alejandro performed some of her original songs that are on her outstanding newly released CD How Good it Feels; email me if you want one, they’re only $10 each).  Carlos Casarez who graced us with his presence from Dinuba in Tulare County, also entertained and delighted with his own guitar skills.

The newly elected board of SFV/NELA NOW that emerged from the meeting includes:

Co-Presidents:  Cynthia Conover & Jan B. Tucker (myself)

Board members:  Linda Pruett, Roxana Inga, Dan McCrory, Renata Sdao, Norma Ramirez, Jose Luis Ramirez, Betty Knight, Jeff Belmont, Tina Black, Mia Lee, Patricia  Nazario, Kade Sdao, Sandra Luz Gallegos, Carol McArthur, and Deborah Greenspan.

We have LGBTI people and straight people; women and men, immigrants and native born.  On our board we have Jews, Atheists, Catholics, Protestants, and Wiccans.  We include white, black, brown, yellow and red:  A Peruvian, a Native American, Mexicans, a Korean, an African American, and a Puerto Rican-American.  But this is nothing to brag about.  This is not enough.

Last year we had far more African Americans in attendance.  We had a Yoruba from Nigeria in attendance (he tried to make it this year but couldn’t because he had missed his email until too late).  In the past we’ve had South Asians and Middle Easterners.  We have to do better at attracting them, including them, and empowering them before we can even think of resting on our laurels.




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Paranoia or are People really out to get you?


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I recently sent around email denying that I am or ever have been or ever used the following aliases or names:

(a) Monty Kroopkin

(b) Red Rover

(c) Robert Williams

(d) Barbara Simpson

 I felt compelled to make this denial because of the latest recent accusation by Steven Bruce Orcutt aka Frank Runninghorse (aka Running Mouth, aka Running Dog aka Running Nalgas) that I was using the name Monty Kroopkin (it turns out, as you’ll read below, that Monty is a real person and that neither of us had ever heard of the other before). This follows years of periodic accusations by Kevin Akin, Tom Lacey and other weirdos in the PFP leadership that I am supposedly the other three people. However, unlike a lot of the people I have to deal with professionally, I’m not schizophrenic.

To put this all in context, check out the following Wikipedia definitions of psychological disorders and then read the below emails sequence to see if maybe they have any relevance or significance to the debate:

Grandiose delusions

Main article: Grandiose delusions

Grandiose delusions are distinct from grandiosity, in that the sufferer does not have insight into his loss of touch with reality. An individual is convinced he has special powers, talents, or abilities. Sometimes, the individual may actually believe they are a famous person or character (for example, Napoleon).

Grandiose delusions or delusions of grandeur are principally a subtype of delusional disorder but could possibly feature as a symptom of schizophrenia and manic episodes of bipolar disorder.[11] Grandiose delusions are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, or otherwise very powerful. The delusions are generally fantastic, often with a supernatural, science-fictional, or religious bent. In colloquial usage, one who overestimates one’s own abilities, talents, stature or situation is sometimes said to have ‘delusions of grandeur’. This is generally due to excessive pride, rather than any actual delusions.[citation needed]

[edit] Persecutory delusions

Main article: Persecutory delusion

Persecutory delusions are the most common type of delusions and involve the theme of being followed, harassed, cheated, poisoned or drugged, conspired against, spied on, attacked, or obstructed in the pursuit of goals. Persecutory delusions are a condition in which the affected person believes – wrongly – they are being persecuted. Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements:[12][page needed]

The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur.

The individual thinks that the persecutor has the intention to cause harm.

According to the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the most common form of delusions in schizophrenia, where the person believes they are “being tormented, followed, tricked, spied on, or ridiculed.”[13] In the DSM-IV-TR, persecutory delusions are the main feature of the persecutory type of delusional disorder. When the focus is to remedy some injustice by legal action, they are sometimes called “querulous paranoia”.[14]

From: Frank and Ambika <dreamality108@yahoo.com>

Subject: [pfp-scc] REPLY TO MONTY

To: Monty Kroopkin

Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011, 11:29 PM

 Brother Monty

I am not accusing you of being Jan Tucker . I now know more information about who the ‘Monty” is who signed the cc99% statement against me. How do I know ? I wrote in and asked direct questions about Monty from Monty. Imagine the radical nature of the idea.

This is not what Monty did. Before he ever had a conversation with me , he wrote a statement denouncing me .” Monty” who claims transparency didn’t use a last name . So I had to ask.

Jan Tucker often uses various alias in his “private eye” work and in carrying out his COINTELPRO type “poison pen” smear campaigns. He has been waging a active campaign against me for years . Some of “Montys” false allegations resembled Tuckers smears , so I was suspicious of another Tucker alias. A recent email was sent to me of contact between you and Jan Tucker .So maybe there was a connection after all. I like to ask direct Questions before I make accusations. So here goes. Monty are you and Tucker collaborating to smear me ?

 By the way, the information that you provided about me being appointed to the PFPc5 [CCC Central Comm.] is common knowledge .No secret revelation there. All 9 other c5 members were officially appointed by Sheryl Borg as the only member we assigned to do the tedious official paperwork and run for office,so the others could focus on movement work. I was elected by the PFP-c5 to be first ,chair of the c5 then, co chair with Mary MacILroy.

Unless elected at ballot box , PFP SCC members must be voted in by standing SCC members ,which I was. Its a matter of record.

PFP members play a respected role in MDS . Nick H DVC SDS President is also on the PFPc5 & Dr Gee from NVC SDS & Northbay MDS is also in PFP Solano CC.

 My point being, if you are a loyal PFP member as you say, why attack your own PFP comrades as well as MDS comrades. As the saying goes : “With friends like that, who needs enemys” . We are bringing SDS youth & MDS activists into PFP and you are trying to thwart our work. Why ?

Silly me I keep on asking questions .

 Monty I again offer you my phone # [925]798-3698 and suggest you call me if you hear any thing about me from your ‘friends’ that disturb you enough to publicly attack me. Be decent enough to ask me my side of the story before you slander & smear a fellow High-school Vietnam Mobe organizer [YVHS had the largest HS chapter with 300 members ], lifelong PFP member and fellow executive officer [ I was North State Chair in the late 90's], fellow Union activist & shop steward [ IBT/TDU ] and like you, one who has devoted and sacrificed much for the movement. We have much in common , if you had bothered to speak to me before slandering ,we might have been friends. We still don’t need to be enemies . Let it go . Beware Jan Tucker.

 Frank Runninghorse

Diablo MDS, DVC SDS, Occupy Concord, OGC, PFPc5


 PS; this was sent to me as correspondence between you and Tucker. Is it Legit ? I ask before believing !



Dear Jan Tucker,

 I received a copy of this, forwarded, forwarded. Please rest assured that you are not me (and vice versa).

 For what it’s worth, in addition to being an actual, real, member of Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), I have also been a life-long member of Peace and Freedom Party, with the exception of a few years when I registered Green. I served a term (1992-94) as State Corresponding Secretary of PFP. From organizing for the Vietnam War Moratoriums while still in high school to my current work as a shop steward in my union and an activist with a number of groups, I have devoted much of my life to the movement. I regret that we are “meeting” under such ridiculous circumstances, but hopefully at least knowing a bit about me will make the experience a little less ugly for you.

 I do know that PFP county central committee elections (conducted during the state primary elections, by the registrar of voters in each county) do not always attract a full field of candidates. I understand that one Frank Runninghorse was appointed, not elected, to a seat on the Contra Costa County PFP Central Committee. County central committee seats double as state central committee seats. I hope you find this information useful.

Occupy Everything!

Monty Kroopkin

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