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In a previous blog ( I discussed how Tom Lacey and registered sex offender Steven Bruce Orcutt (aka Frank Runninghorse) have accused me of being a COINTELPRO agent for law enforcement while at the same time, private investigators (private defectives maybe?) Ed Saucerman and Rick Von Geldern have been accusing me of being anti-law enforcement.  Another voice has now chimed in to this looney debate, Ernesto Nevarez, who posted this accusation against me on the PortofAztlan yahoo group:


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I have no idea who this guy Nevarez is and it’s a really strange accusation to throw out at me.  After all, by definition, I am a spy.  I am a private investigator by trade.  It’s not like it’s some kind of secret…..I blare it out for the whole world to hear in this blog and on my website.  The Los Angeles Times wrote about my being a private investigator extensively in a July 1996 article that was promoted on the front page and which was the lead article in section B.  I’ve appeared on radio and television as a private investigator, books have been written mentioning that I’m a private investigator and I’ve testified before legislative committees on behalf of the private investigative industry.

So, since PortofAztlan Yahoo Group is devoted to issues involving the labor movement, let me explain why many in the labor movement are glad that I’m a spy:

  • For years I was the investigator used by District Council 2 of the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU-Teamsters) to investigate employers and union busters….anybody who knows the former long time president of the union, the well-respected Bernie Sapiro, can ask him what he thinks about my sleuthing skills and how important they were to his union
  • I worked my way up from Unit Vice Chair of Local 69 of The Newspaper Guild to serving as First Vice President under two successive local presidents
  • I served as Southern California Public Relations Director for the Arizona Farm Workers Union (AFW) in 1978
  • As a long time L.A. County Federation of Labor delegate I was a close confidante of Miguel Contreras and periodically called upon to perform special investigations for the County Fed in both labor struggles and political battles behind the scene
  • I really could go on ad nauseum about my labor credentials

So, let me reiterate:  I am a spy for the labor movement and I’ll plead guilty to that any day without apology…..but that’s better than being a Pendejo Ignorant Ass Mother-F–ker which is what I would characterize somebody who throws out an accusation without a shred of evidence as to why he made the claim.


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Poetry from a New Friend


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Born A Suspect 
(for the innocent victims of racism,
 racial profiling, & police brutality)
I was born a dark skinned suspect, born
in a one room tin roofed shack, south
San Antonio, born on parole/probation
don’t you know the kind? a loose
long haired goose drug dealer not,
with a large dog for protection not,
you from the big city know
the ominous dark police vehicle
“To Serve and To Protect”
private property & landed class
circles the block one more time
for closer observation of you
robbed of our privacy/
thoughts of well being disrupted
a suspect where there is no crime
it raised a memory as a child
in the fresh fruit market, Bagley Street
downtown barrio southwest Detroit
after mass on Sunday we stopped to replenish
the spices mom used for her cooking…
comino, chile verde, mole, canela, queso
Mexicano, oregano, cilantro y mas
when in one of the bins in a dark corner
squatted a cord of cumquats (kiwi fruit?)
the unfamiliar word out loud brought
to mind australia…cuwana?…kowala
bear? it must be bear fruit that humans
can eat as well, it would prove to be strange
fruit indeed of the kind Lady Day sang
when my dark little child’s hand reached
to experience the texture of the miniature
coconut the store owner quickly grabbed it,
with a black permanent ink marker he
etched a large X on the upturned palm,
was it for our brother Malcolm?  no
he was calling me a thief branded
although nothing had been taken
I smiled at the store owner thinking
it was some sort of game he was playing
my father had seen the entire episode
he looked into my eyes the trauma
was his as well, at first I questioned myself,
out of curiosity had I intended to steal the fruit?
had the intent been relayed as an
expression of guilt ? was the store owner
a knowledgeable seer a night owl of the kind
my grandmother so often had spoken?
in her kitchen at night with dancing
wall shadows from flickering kerosene lantern- 
the trauma so great to this day
I have not touched the hairy fruit 
I suppose when “they” believe they have you
alone, no witnesses,  no defense is possible
no justice should be expected behind the barbed 
wire the truth is the first casualty of urban chaos 
on the streets of the barrio sometimes
truth wears a subtle coat chased underground
runs from the depths of fear and racism,
I suppose each stand a person assumes
should be weighed – tempered carefully
according to weather conditions at the time -
the response chosen with care in order
to survive the injustice & preserve
the struggle for dignity & democracy,
someone explain to me however-
how does one protect ones self esteem?
what is the cost of not standing up?
to what place is the principle of self defense
relegated?  what becomes of self determination,
the future, when the people are fearful? 
who if not us who do know
will speak for the people
who cannot speak for themselves?
 aztatl, 2006
(from my new friend, Aztatl Garza, Albuquerque, NM)

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A deathly silence from Xenaro Ayala


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It’s been nearly a month (October 24) since I exposed the link between Xenaro Ayala’s La Raza Unida Party (an organization he claims to be national president of, in spite of the fact that some other Raza Unida groups around the country don’t recognize his authority and want nothing to do with him) and its promotion of tourism to the racist, authoritarian regime of Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka persecutes its Tamil minority much the way that Chicanos (of whom Presidente-Generalisimo Xenaro claims to be the incipient government of along with the general of his “army,” Jeronimo Blanco) have historically been oppressed, repressed and generally f–ked over.  Here’s what I wrote on October 24:

Since then, there has been a deafening silence on the issue from Xenaro Ayala.  Very unlike Xenaro, since he seems to live for every opportunity to write polemics attacking and denouncing his detractors or even those who have the temerity to disagree with him about anything.  I can only assume that Xenaro has no defense against the allegations I’ve made against him and/or the implications of the questions I’ve repeatedly raised in this blog about his behavior.

Here’s the latest development in Sri Lanka, the nation that continues to list La Raza Unida Party information on its website to promote tourism to the nation:

Sri Lanka ex-army chief jailed for three years – Yahoo! News

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Outstanding show tonight!


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You know how famous artists are said to go through their “Yellow Phase,” or their “Blue Phase?”  I’m known to go through my ethnic phases.  As the second gabacho in America to get a degree in Chicano Studies and with my many political activities in that community, I’ve had plenty of Chicano phases.  I’ve gone through Korean, Gypsy (Roma), Hungarian, African American, and even Garifuna phases.  Tonight I think may be the start of a Filipino phase, as I brought Christina and Cindy — Pilipinas — to the Talking Stick for an outstanding show produced by Lauri Reimer (Music Magique Productions).

CB (L) & Sistah Jean (R)

Lauri billed the night at the Venice Talking Sticks as Folk Rock & Blues night, but the entertainment was considerably more eclectic.

The show started off with Sistah Jean & CB followed by Stefani Valadez & Steve Moos (accompanied by percussion Christof & my friend Rick Moors on Bass Guitar, and a tremendous keyboardist whose name escapes me).

Lauri Reimer (L) & Stefani Valadez (R)

Christina and Cindy had a blast, and for a time we were joined by Carol McArthur (who performs at the Talking Stick from time to time and who graced my Halloween Party with some live versions of her upcoming CD release….more on that later).



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Essential Benefits of Health Care


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More Questions for La Raza Unida Party


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In my past blogging over the past month, I’ve raised a series of questions about the integrity (and sanity) of the La Raza Unida Party headed by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala [and as inquiring minds have learned, this isn't to disparage the LRUP organizations that don't recognize Xenaro as their "National President," organizations that are just as or more legitimate than his LRUP, which he has been pretending do not even exist].  Today I’ve got some new questions for Xenaro et al:

1.  Has the LRUP Post Office Box (P.O. Box 13 San Fernando CA 91340) ever been used for mail fraud in violation of 18 USC 1341?

2.  Has anybody associated with LRUP ever used its resources, including but not limited to its P.O. Box in connection with wire fraud in violation of 18 USC 1343?

3.  Has anybody associated with LRUP ever used its resources, including but not limited to its P.O. Box in connection with a violation of Section 532 of the California Penal Code?

I know the answers to these questions, but I’ll bet that if anybody asks Xenaro he’ll deny that he even knows why I’m asking these questions.  In fact, it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t know why I’m asking these questions publicly.  Of course if he doesn’t know why I’m asking, he’s incompetent to head any political organization, let alone to claim to have been the National President of LRUP since 1981.

On the other hand, maybe he does know why I’m asking, in which case he’s morally and ethically bankrupt…..

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Tristanism & Acunism


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When I was in High School (U.S. Grant in Van Nuys/North Hollywood) and College (CSU Northridge) it was a time that might be best characterized by Bob Dylan’s phraseology from Tangled Up in Blue where he sings “There was music in the cafes at night, And revolution in the air.”

Richard Loa

Many of my friends and other associates were into characterizing themselves, as I was, as the latest flavor of  leftist ideological taste that was radical chic at the time (for younger readers who don’t relate to what I’m talking about, read Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1970, Reissued by Picador, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0-312-42913-3).  Some people were into the flavor of Marxism-Leninism (like Richard Loa, then of La Raza Unida Party, who now claims to have been a “lifelong Republican”) or Mark A. Wasserman (who once said to me,

Mark A. Wasserman

Tucker, your dialectic is f–ked up” before turning into a union-busting, sexual harassment defending corporate attorney).  Other chic flavors included Trotsykism, Maoism, Stalinism, Revolutionary Nationalism….well, I could go on ad nauseum.

I went through phases of identifying with various ideologies, but as I continued to learn I continued to keep an open mind, while remaining true to my basic human values.  I came to realize that for the most part, defining yourself by a school of thought or ideology limits a person and stifles your individualism.  A person who adopts a school of thought paints themselves into a corner and invites the criticism and/or misapprehension of what they actually believe and espouse that is known as the logical fallacy of argumentum ad hominem (circumstantial).  For a better understanding of this fallacy, go to

I eventually evolved my world view and methodology of research, including my constant participant observation of the world, into something that might be characterized as the political science methodological school of thought known as existential phenomenology.  While I respect the so-called logical positivist or behaviorist school of thought, I accept the fundamental phenomenological critique that objectivity is impossible.  If for no other reason, what one chooses to investigate or research is a bias in and of itself.  Another profession which professes the ideal of objectivity, journalism, should also be mindful of the inherent bias of what you choose to report on; some reporters may prefer the sports beat to the crime beat, or the business beat to travel reporting, biases which are not unlike the preferences of the social scientist for what to research.

That said, there are there are two schools of thought to which I adhere named (by me) for two of the most influential thinkers of the world (I attribute my development into existentialist phenomenology to another great but unsung thinker, my Political Science professor at CSUN and mentor, Dr. Phil Wall).  I characterize myself as a Tristanist and an Acunista.

Flora Tristan was the nexus in the development of both the feminist movement and the socialist movement between the so-called “utopian socialists,” St. Simon and Fourier, and the so-called “scientific socialism” of Karl Marx.  For a brilliant essay on the actual scientific methodological issues involved in the analysis of society relevant to whether or not “socialism” as an ideology ought to be characterized as “scientific,” read Albert Einstein’s essay, Why Socialism:

Flora Tristan’s role in history is critical to understand the transition of society from mercantile capitalism and the guild system and its transformation into industrial capitalism.  She was the first to recognize the emergence of the working class as a separate and distinct group in the structure of society from the capitalist class.  Arnold Ruge, then a friend of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, was in exile in Paris and was part of Flora Tristan’s study group.  His letters to Marx and Engels about her new and revolutionary thinking came at a time when Marx and Engels (as young Hegelians) were liberals.  Tristan’s concepts came at a time and place in history to transform their thinking into what we now see as the beginnings of the modern socialist movement.

Equally important was Tristan’s role in combining her goal of the liberation of the working class through the organization of a union of the workers with her goal of the liberation of women by establishing the right of divorce.

Flora Tristan

One reason why Flora Tristan became so popular was because her so-called “utopian socialist” predecessors, Claude Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de Saint-Simon and Francois Marie Charles Fourier had predicted that the new world order of socialism would be brought about by a woman messiah.  So when Flore-Celestine -Therèse-Henriette Tristan-Moscoso (Flora Tristan) began touring France, orating for the liberation of women and the union of all workers, people began thinking that the predicted woman messiah had arrived.

In 1974, the California Peace & Freedom Party, through a process I was intimately involved in, became the first political party in the world to declare itself to be “feminist – socialist.”  In 1976, the Socialist Party USA followed suit.  Other political parties and organizations on the left continued the trend and “feminist-socialist” became what we thought was a newly invented ideology, but we were wrong.  What we had accomplished was to re-invent the wheel that Flora Tristan had come up with at the very beginning of the modern socialist movement.  We’d come full circle to the very roots of the movement.

Jan Tucker - Rudy Acuna - Estela Ayala

I call myself an Acunista as a student of Dr. Rudy Acuna.  If there is one particular critical methodological concept that Rudy imparted to me, it was the necessity of seeing all issues from different points of view.  He taught me the great importance of looking at history and society not only from my experience and bias, but to place myself into the shoes of other cultural groups, mindful of their biases and experience so that I could understand how and why they might analyze phenomena differently.

Years after I was Rudy’s student, when I encountered him at an award ceremony and asked him to designate me as a Tlamatini.  He didn’t understand why I would even want that distinction but as I explained, I did not feel worthy to bestow such a term to myself and he as my pedagogical mentor was the only person I deemed qualified to judge me.  With a wave of the hand, he formalized the title.

Take immigration as an issue.  The ability to see the problems associated with public policy discussion on this issue in the United States frequently fail to take into account the viewpoint of people from Mexico who have been educated in the Mexican school system with a Mexican version of history.  At a meeting between my colleagues in LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) with leaders of Mexican Federaciones, they presented us with a document provided to them from the Congressional Latino Caucus about the political line they were expected to endorse on immigration reform.

I looked it over.  I told them I thought it was bulls–t, because it assumed the legitimacy of United States unilateralism over what was essentially an issue that should be dealt with under the provisions of Article 21 of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, by a bilateral commission or third party nation arbitration.  The Mexican leaders instantly understood what I was talking about and asked that I write up what I had proposed.  Because I understood their point of view, they believed I had articulated their policy concerns which were ignored by the Congressional Latino leadership.  That is the intellectual effect of Rudy’s teaching so long ago that I have carried with me throughout my life.


I will soon be starting a casual study group to emulate the salon style group that Flora Tristan conducted in Paris that Arnold Ruge participated in.  The first reading assignment will be A Woman in Revolt, a biography of Flora Tristan by Dominique DeSanti and perhaps Flora Tristan’s Peregrinations of a Pariah.  The next reading and discussion I anticipate is Erich Maria Remarque’s Flotsam, so that we can examine the universality of the undocumented immigrant experience from the perspective of pre-World War II Europe for comparison to contemporary life.

If you would like to participate in this study group, email me:


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International Human Rights Groups Denounce Sri Lanka


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Per my previous posts on the subject of Sri Lanka, note that the La Raza Unida Party entity that is controlled as a cult by Xenaro and Libertad Ayala (as opposed to independent LRUP organizations in other states that don’t recognize him as their commissar) is promoting tourism to this authoritarian and brutal nation, that oppresses the Tamil minority and conquered their rebellion much like the United States of America (EEUU) conquered, occupied, and colonized half of Mexico’s territory.  International Human Rights organizations all agree that Sri Lanka is a despicable despotic regime….so why doesn’t LRUP get it?

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Spy or Not a Spy?


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I want to sponsor a debate between two different categories of my detractors.  One group is from the private investigative industry and the other is from the Peace & Freedom Party.  If you’re not a regular reader of this blog, you may want to use the search function for the terms “Saucerman,” “Von Geldern,” and “Runninghorse” to see where these people are coming from per my past blogs.

Runninghorse arrested & not just for running off his mouth

On the one hand, Tom Lacey and registered sex offender Steven Bruce Orcutt, aka Frank Runninghorse (a phony wannabe Native American name) have accused me of being an agent of COINTELPRO according to a series of emails that were recently forwarded to me.  If you’re not familiar with COINTELPRO, check out the Wikipedia article on it:

It’s really pointless for me to deny being an agent provocateur to Lacey and Orcutt.  They believe what they want to believe.  One of their beliefs is that they’ve been around in the leadership of PFP since time immemorial.  If they actually were as important as they think when PFP was a real party that was taken seriously, they would know that I obtained my own FBI files and government files on my father in 1978, that I distributed copies of them to PFP members and to the ACLU of Southern California, and that I even displayed a copy of them on KNBC TV Los Angeles during one of my past congressional campaigns.

In spite of the fact that almost everything I need to say to the public I say through this blog, their sycophant supporters in PFP keep accusing me of using aliases to disparage them and other party leaders.  They used to claim that I was some clown called “Red Rover.”  The latest imbecilic accusation without a shred of evidence is that I’m supposedly “Barbara Simpson.”  Okay, well I do have a name that’s usually female, but it isn’t Barbara.

Rick Von Geldern

On the other hand, private investigators Ed Saucerman and Rick Von Geldern, both of whom are considered to be disgraceful to the industry by most private investigators who have had to deal with them, accused me of being anti-law enforcement during a battle over SB 209, a measure that would have imposed mandatory continuing education requirements on licensed investigators (they opposed the bill, I supported it).  They based this nonsense on my quotation in a letter of a resolution passed by the California League of United Latin American Citizens which any reasonable person realizes was taken out of context.  What demonstrates that Saucerman is either in idiot or a liar is that after accusing me of being anti-law enforcement, he asked me to endorse him for Vice President of the California Association of Licensed Investigators.

So, here’s what I want to do:  I want to sponsor a debate or panel discussion between Tom Lacey, Steve Orcutt, Ed Saucerman and Rick Von Geldern in which Tom and Steve try to prove that I’m a law enforcement COINTELPRO agent while Ed and Rick try to prove that I’m not and that in point of fact I’m anti-law enforcement.

Now as an “oh by the way,” I recently received an email from an individual who’s afraid of Orcutt and asked me to keep his/her identity confidential, but here’s the preliminary report of Orcutt’s conduct that he/she is concerned about:

….Two weeks ago, under his Frank Runninghorse guise, he and his “associates” attended the Occupy ContraCosta County’s GA and immediately began attempting to change the GA’s character by denouncing consensus and adherence to non-violence. My gut feeling was to get away from this guy asap…..

…….Already cracks are forming between the original members and Runninghorse’s posse just seems to be intensifying the fracturing. Steven/Frank is an agent provocateur if his actions are any indication…..

(Emphasis added)

Hey!  Did I say that?  No, somebody who I’ve never met and never heard from before and who didn’t know who I was until they found my past blogs about Running Mouth on the internet said it.  Hmmmmm, very interesting.


UPDATE:  11/6/11

Things are moving fast on this story.  See the update on Frank Running Dog’s latest escapades at somebody else’s blog:



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An Open Question for La Raza Unida


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In my last blog ( I alluded to more to come on the subject of the operations and leadership of La Raza Unida Party (LRUP) or El Partido de La Raza Unida.  As a result of my five (5) previous blogs on the topic, people are coming out of the woodwork with additional eyewitness and anecdotal accounts of the mondo bizarro nature of the LRUP Cult that is Xenaro Ayala’s legacy as el jefe of the party since 1981.  These reports have added to the questions that LRUP should answer if it is as it purports to be, less corrupt and more upright and moral than the Democratic and Republican parties:

1.  Has any person who has served as an elected or appointed official of LRUP and/or served as a spokesperson for LRUP ever committed Assault with a Deadly Weapon while armed with a sharp object in a scenario where they chased an unarmed person around a room trying to stab them?

2.  Has any person who has served as an elected or appointed official of LRUP and/or served as a spokesperson for LRUP ever misled Xenaro Ayala by convincing him that for one or more years that he/she was attending college out of town when in fact he/she wasn’t enrolled in any institution of higher learning?

3. Has any person who has served as an elected or appointed official of LRUP and/or served as a spokesperson for LRUP ever failed to reimburse any other party member for expenses incurred in renting vehicles and for associated charges in connection with party activities while failing to reveal that he/she was receiving gross salary of in excess of $58,000 – $60,000 per year (while pleading poverty)?

I know the answers to these questions.  Since Xenaro is so wise and so well placed in LRUP he should know the answers too.  If he does and still allowed a person of such dishonest and potentially dangerous character to serve, the question arises as to whether he is qualified to run the party (that is, run the party anywhere other than over a cliff or into the ground).  If he doesn’t know, then he is patently incompetent to run a political party and to assign and supervise the party’s agents.

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