Exclusive: More Corruption in Sonoma Law Enforcement



Deputy Erick William Gelhaus

Deputy Erick William Gelhaus

Detective’s Diary has been keeping watch on the aftermath of the death of 13 year old Andy Lopez in the outskirts of Santa Rosa October 22 of this year. Andy was gunned down by sheriff deputy Erick William Gelhaus within seconds after Gelhaus saw the middle school student walking along Moorland Avenue with a bb gun. Our friend and colleague, Private Investigator Alex Salazar, has been working on the case for the Lopez family’s attorneys (one of whom is, like Jan B. Tucker, a 1970s era CSU Northridge Mechista).



The killing is being “investigated” by the Santa Rosa Police Department while many activists, community residents, and outraged citizens are calling upon the District Attorney Jill Ravitch to bring criminal charges against the law enforcement officer, a highly trained weapons instructor.



Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas

Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas

A public records search of campaign filings was made of the incumbent Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas who is seeking another term next year by longtime Peace & Freedom Party activist and Detective’s Diary reporter Irv Sutley. The Freitas financial documents show that the sheriff (whose employee, Deputy Gelhaus is under investigation by the SRPD) has as his campaign committee treasurer one Ernesto Olivares. Mr. Olivares is not only a former high ranking officer of the Santa Rosa Police Department and now a current Santa Rosa city council member but was also formerly city mayor. The Freitas-Olivares connection ordinarily might not have attracted much comment other than being just another example of the old boys network among county law enforcement.



Children playing at the Santa Rosa City Community Center, 415 Steele Lane:  do they know this is a "campaign headquarters"

Children playing at the Santa Rosa City Community Center, 415 Steele Lane: do they know this is a “campaign headquarters”

That is until Sutley while going through the Freitas for sheriff campaign documents came across the committee’s physical address: 415 Steele Lane, Santa Rosa, California. This location is property owned by the City of Santa Rosa and is the headquarters of the Recreation, Parks, & Community Service programs of the City of Santa Rosa.



Irv Sutley himself ran for Sonoma County Sheriff in 1970, endorsed by the Peace & Freedom Party in the otherwise non-partisan race

Irv Sutley himself ran for Sonoma County Sheriff in 1970, endorsed by the Peace & Freedom Party in the otherwise non-partisan race

Sutley, a Peace and Freedom Party organizer since February 1967 who served as State Chair from 1970-72, says the filings clearly show that council member Olivares is breaking the law and misusing city assets and city property in furtherance of his personal management of the campaign on behalf of the county sheriff:



“No candidate or campaign committee has the right to misappropriate public property or public monies while pursuing their political ambitions. There needs to be an investigation of Ernesto Olivares in this matter. Did the sheriff know and when did he know? The city attorney, the district attorney, the state Attorney General and possibly federal agencies need to look into these Olivares misdeeds in the Steve Freitas campaign. A corrupt individual relationship like this in electoral matters may indicate that there can not be justice for Andy Lopez when these same individuals are and have been part and parcel of ‘investigating’ each other’s ‘good shootings’ which are always held to be justified.”


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Save the Proud Bird


A few days after Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration, the Los Angeles Tuskegee Airman Chapter had just returned from Washington and hosted the graduation ceremony for youth flight training from Compton Airport.  My Godson Hassan gave his first speech that night.

A few days after Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration, the Los Angeles Tuskegee Airman Chapter had just returned from Washington and hosted the graduation ceremony for youth flight training from Compton Airport. My Godson Hassan gave his first speech that night.

The historic Proud Bird Restaurant, a 47 year LAX-area community icon, is scheduled to close due to unresolved lease issues with airport management. Please help save the restaurant and the 104 jobs of the employees.

The Proud Bird is a virtual museum with the photographic history of the early aviation industry, including photographs and monuments to the Tuskegee Airmen; early women aviators like African American Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart; an Israeli pilot who fought in Israel’s war of independence, and many, many others. It has served as a critical meeting space for community events, hosting the Los Angeles Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen just a few days after they returned from President Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Please attend the Board of Airport Commissioners meeting on Monday December 2, 2013 at 1:30 pm at the Los Angeles World Airports Administration Building, 1 World Way, 1st floor commission meeting room, Los Angeles, CA 90045. If you wish to speak, please complete a speaker’s card to address the commission during “Public comment.”

If you cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to LAXBOAC@lawa.org

Please ask any family members or friends to do the same.

Jan B. Tucker
State Director, California League of Latin American Citizens

For further information, email Parviz Gerami, General Manager, The Proud Bird:  pgerami@srcmail.com

RSVP for the protest at the airport commission:  https://www.facebook.com/events/501759103270719/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

Letter to City Powers that be….

November 29, 2013

Honorable Mayor Eric Garcetti

Honorable City Attorney Mike Feuer

Honorable Controller Ron Galperin

(by email and fax)

Board of Airport Commissioners

World Airports Administration Bldg

1 World Way, 1st Floor

Los Angeles CA 90045

By Email: LAXBOAC@lawa.org


Honorable Mayor Garcetti, City Attorney Feuer, City Controller Galperin and Honorable BOA Commissioners:

The California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC), California’s affiliate of the National League of Latin American Citizens (NLLAC) is opposed to any action of the BOAC that does not fully accommodate the continued existence of THE PROUD BIRD (TPB) at its present location.


In the past I formerly served as a branch officer or activist in three (3) NAACP branches (San Fernando Valley, Inglewood South Bay, and Compton) as well as former Special Assistant to the late Valerie Monroe when she was Southern California Legal Redress Chair of the California State Conference NAACP. Based upon that background and experience I am concerned that any action by the BOAC that ejects TPB from its present location will have a profound effect on competition for banquet and event facilities, especially for African American community organizations in the area.

There are other facilities that compete for business in the region. That existing competition enables community organizations to seek and select from competing bids for NAACP Freedom Fund events, Tuskegee Airmen sponsored events, church events, and a whole host of other community functions. These facilities are vital to the preservation and existence of NGO functionality in the area. Eliminating just one of them, especially TPB, will upset the delicate balance of competition in the area and very likely raise the cost to non-profit NGOs in the region for their critical historical and ongoing events.

Historical, Educational & Inspirational Value

At https://www.facebook.com/jan.b.tucker you will find my Facebook page photo which features me with my godson, Hassan from 2009, taken at TPB. Hassan had just given his first ever public speech for his graduation ceremony from a Compton Airport flight program sponsored by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Tusekegee Airmen. Members of that chapter had just returned from President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington DC.

Many people share fond memories of TPB and events that have taken place there. I am however less concerned about reminiscences of the past that I am about the future. Airport museums exist in the area, but none shares the draw of an easily accessible and well run dining facility to draw people in to learn about the history of flight who would not otherwise seek out a flight museum to take their children to. Nor do any competing museums offer such an important array of photographic representations of women and minority aviators.

If you vote to eliminate TPB from its current location, you must be personally prepared to accept the responsibility for answering the following questions:

  • Where will girls be able to see inspiring photos of Amelia Earhart?

  • Where will African American girls get a chance to see photos of Bessie Colemen?

  • Where will African American children see photos of Tuskegee Airmen who came from their neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area?

  • Where will Jewish children be able to see a monument to a US Marine Corp. pilot, Captain Lou Lenart, who went on to serve as a pilot for the Haganah in Israel’s war of independence?

If you vote to eliminate TPB, you vote to eliminate inspiration and opportunities for children.

Respectfully Yours,  Jan B. tucker



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Andy Lopez shooting – Sonoma’s tip of the iceberg


As I posted this my great friend, camarada, companero and board member of the California League of Latin American Citizens, Private Investigator Alex Salazar, was hard at work in Santa Rosa doing an independent investigation of the death of Andy Lopez for his family’s attorneys.  Small world, one of the attorneys turns out to be a fellow CSU Northridge Mechista from way back and a friend of my companero Eugene Hernandez from their days at CSUN.  You can read more about Alex’s background at his website:  http://www.renegadepopo.com/

Meanwhile, I put Alex and my great buddy from way back, Irv Sutley, in touch with Alex and he immediately pulled the following background from (our mutual friend) Mary K. Moore’s Sonoma County Free Press:


Courtesy of Mary Moore, publisher of the Sonoma County Free Press:


Sonoma County Sheriff1. Phillip Tony Medina -48- Died January 7, 2000 – just hours after being moved to a hospital from the Sonoma County Jail. Jail officials say Medina died of the flu, but hospital records show that by the time he was admitted Medina already had infection throughout his body and organs were beginning to fail.

2. James William Curran –51- Died March 19, 2000 – in handcuffs after Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an early morning call of a man behaving strangely. Deputies claim they handcuffed Curran in order to prevent him from hurting himself.

Windsor Police Department3. Erin Colleen McDonald -31- Died April 10, 2000 – after being shot five times by Windsor Police Officers who broke into her home after she had called them for help during a psychotic episode.

4. Todd Eugene Dieterle -37- Died May 4, 2000 – after being fired at 13 times and shot seven times by Santa Rosa Police and the Santa Rosa Junior College Police after they were told that he had robbed a convenience store with a painted plastic squirt gun.

5. Robert Francisco Camacho -35- Died May 4, 2000 – after being shot 5 times outside his home by Rohnert Park Police during an armed battle. His wife had recently sought mental health treatment for her husband but was told he could not be involuntarily committed unless he was a danger to himself or others.

6. Barry Alan Rogers –45- Died 
July 19, 2000 – in Sonoma County Jail (Sheriff’s Dept.) after six days of in jail, apparently a suicide. Inmates interviewed said that Barry was distressed and disoriented when he was incarcerated and asked for mental health attention. Soon after he arrived in the jail, Rogers‘ mother died, which certainly should have alerted jail officials to put him on suicide watch, which was not done. Some jail employees admit Rogers‘ death was due to a “classification error.”

7. Paul R. Daniel –51- Died 
September 28, 2000 – in Sonoma County Jail. The official story: when found on the cell floor by deputies, Daniel “became combative and had to be restrained.” He was then taken to booking where he began vomiting and died soon after. Inmates tell another story — that overwhelmingly, inmates inside think Daniel was beaten to death. Whether or not this proves to be true, the fact that the inmates think it’s true makes the jail a very dangerous place for inmates and correctional officers alike. The fact that, in the face of an inconclusive autopsy Daniel’s brain was sent off for further study, and that correctional officers involved are refusing to cooperate with Santa Rosa police officers investigating the death only raise the suspicion level.


Sonoma County Adult Jail8. Carey Steinberg Baron -23- Died April 8, 2001 – in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility, reportedly by hanging himself with shoelaces in a bathroom. His family stated that he was doing well for the first time in his life and couldn’t think of a reason that he would kill himself.

9. Unidentified Person –Age Unknown- Died 
July 21, 2001 –in custody. The 2001 – 2002 Sonoma County Grand Jury Critical Incident Report referenced this death, but no trace of this person’s death could be found in local media.

10. Patrick McLoughlin -19- Died October 23, 2001 – when he turned a gun on himself after exchanging gunfire with Petaluma Police following a failed marijuana heist at a Petaluma home.


11. Luis Solario Gonzalez – 23- Died 
February 28, 2002 – in the back of a Sheriff’s patrol car, in what was determined by the Sheriff- Coroner to be a drug overdose while in custody.

12. Thomas John Connelly -49- Died 
May 8, 2002 – while in custody in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility. Connelly was found hanged in his cell with a sheet four days after he was booked at the jail. He was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.


Inmate drug use13. Serena Roxanne Case -32- Died 
January 16, 2003 – of an apparent drug overdose while in custody. Case was the eighth jail inmate to die in six years, four by suicide and four by drug overdoses.

14. Keith Thompson Suite -42- Died April 8, 2003 – After being in a coma for 10 months following a heart attack suffered as he was being forcibly removed from a cell at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.

15. Seth Micah Warde -22- Died 
July 10, 2003- after being pulled over by CHP officer for speeding. The officer’s report claimed that Warde shot himself in the head with a .38 caliber pistol while in his own car.

Death by indifference16. Anthony Zakharoff -49- Died 
July 27, 2003 in custody after collapsing at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility. While he was being booked at the jail, authorities said Zakharoff appeared to need medical help and then stopped breathing. He died soon after at a nearby hospital.

17. Michael William Behring-52- Died 
November 18, 2003 after being arrested on a warrant by Sheriff’s Deputies. Michael was awaiting booking at the county jail when a nurse recommended that he be taken to the hospital. Authorities said he admitted to ingesting methamphetamine near the time of his arrest. Cause of death was determined to be a drug overdose.


18. Joseph Alan Peay -35- Died September 17, 2004 – after being shot 10 times by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy (Boustany who also killed Kenneth Hugh Duncan in 2005) and a CHP officer as he placed a loaded handgun in his mouth and shot. He was intoxicated and had been fleeing from a DUI checkpoint.

19. Kenneth Hugh Duncan -62- Died November 11, 2004 – after he was shot nine times by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies (Deputy Boustany who also killed Joseph A. Peay in 2004, Deputy Brad James also shot Roger Wayne Anderson in 1999 ) during a standoff, in which he killed his brother-in-law during a psychotic break.

20. April Hanlon -35- Died November 25, 2004 – in front of her home after Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies claim she shot herself with a shotgun but was also fired upon at 10 times by Deputies because they thought she was shooting at somebody else.


21. Terry Lee Grinner Jr. -30- Died January 28, 2005 – when Rohnert Park Police shot him twice in the back as he attempted to flee on foot after a traffic stop.

Taser22. Carlos Casillas Fernandez -31- Died July 16, 2005 – in his home while having a psychotic episode, after being shot by Santa Rosa Police with Taser stun guns six times, hit with a large amount of pepper spray and put in a neck restraint while getting handcuffed.

23. Donna Gean Welch -48- Died 
August 21, 2005 in custody. She was booked into jail that night and discovered unconscious in her cell about 48 hours later. Welch, who was homeless, had been placed in the jail’s general holding cells, but on a status requiring medical staff to monitor her condition more frequently due to drug withdrawal. The last medical check was done one hour and 24 minutes before her body was discovered. Jail policy requires guards to perform routine checks on inmates every 30 minutes. Deputies said that although two more interviews with guards have to be done, records gathered by investigators indicate that Welch had been checked “right at the 30 minute mark.”

24. James Anthony Decosta -72- Died October 1, 2005 – when he was shot 27 times and fired upon 42 times after he pointed a loaded handgun at Petaluma Police after a car chase. He was being sought on child molestation warrants.

25. Michael Tolosko Died December 7, 2005 – His mother said he died after being shot with a Taser stun gun and said Sheriff’s Deputies didn’t believe her when she told them her son stopped breathing and ignored her pleas for medical aid. The official cause of death was determined to be Agitated Psychosis, a “condition” commonly associated with Taser use and subsequent death –sometimes called Excited Delirium.

26. James Richard Nace -42- Died December 10, 2005 – when a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy turned his own gun back on him as they attempted to arrest him for possession of marijuana.


27. Moses McDowell -29- Died 
November 6, 2006 – he was bipolar and was suffering ethanol Withdrawal in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.


28. Haki Kuasi Gaidi Thurston -23- Died February 23, 2007 – after being shot 27 times with assault rifles by SRPD Swat team (One of these officers, Sgt. Richard Celli, also killed Richard DeSantis this year). Haki was unarmed and running AWAY from police. Sgt. Richard Celli, Sgt. Stephen Schwartz, Officer John Barr and Officer Brian Boettger.

29. Jeremiah Chass -16- Died March 12, 2007 – at his home after being shot 8 times by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies while suffering a mental health crisis, armed only with a pocket knife, and locked in a minivan.

Adrianne DeSantis, the mother of Richard DeSantis, carrying a poster of her son during a demonstration. (The Press Democrat, 2007)

Adrianne DeSantis, the mother of Richard DeSantis, carrying a poster of her son during a demonstration. (The Press Democrat, 2007)

30. Richard Desantis -30- Died April 9, 2007 – in front of his home after being shot twice with a handgun, a rifle and with plastic bullets by Santa Rosa Police, who were told by his wife in a clear and loud voice, that this was a mental health emergency and that her husband was unarmed. Officer Travis Menke, Sgt. Richard Celli, Officer Patricia Mann.

31. Walter L. Heller -55- Died April 22, 2007 – after suffering a brain injury as he fell to the ground in front of his home while unarmed, after being shot twice with Tasers by Petaluma Police Officers. Officers Gary Buffo, Jason Lechleiter and Dustin Rodrigues.

32. Luis Felipe Sanchez -27- Died 
May 4, 2007 – after being shot seven times by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies after they entered the home of his girlfriend and cornered him in a bathroom. Deputies Mike Frank, Greg Myers and Joe Dulworth

33. Richard Lamont Williamson Jr. -54- Died 
June 17, 2007 – according to the Sheriff’s Department while suffering from withdrawal in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.

34. Ryan George -22- Died July 9, 2007 – while suffering from sickle cell anemia in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility after repeated requests by his family for treatment by his personal physician.  [See federal lawsuit filed by George’s family below]**

35. Gregorey William Townsley -46- Died 
September 24, 2007 – according to the Sheriff’s Department while suffering from withdrawal in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility. Mr. Townsley was a houseless resident of Santa Rosa.


36. Jesse Hamilton -24- Died 
January 2, 2008 – a mental health client, was shot by Santa Rosa Police who were responding to a mental health crisis call.

37. Samuel Antonio Castillo-Martinez -37- Died 
March 13, 2008 – in custody at the Sonoma County Honor farm. An autopsy revealed no signs of trauma or other suspicious circumstances, and Sheriff’s officials say that this 37 year old man, in otherwise perfect health, may have died from “cardiac-related natural causes”

38. Heather Smith (Billings) -31- Died March 16, 2008 – after being shot by Rohnert Park Police who were responding to a mental health crisis call.

Inmate hanged39. Leobardo Medina Pacheco – 38 – 
April 21, 2008 succumbed in hospital after found hanging in Sonoma County Jail on April 18.

40. Guy James Fernandez – 42 – 
November 10, 2008 Taser death at the hands of Rohnert Park Public Safety. According to the Sheriff, Fernandez may have been under the influence of methamphetamine.

41. Craig Von Dohlen -37- 
December 6, 2008 – shot when confronting Sheriff’s deputies with a rifle

42. Nathan Vaughn -39- 
December 22, 2008 – Killed by Taser Sheriff’s Department. Had called day before asking to be taken into custody


43. Jon Gerald Moore -44- 
September 18, 2009 Died in Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility. “No obvious signs of trauma and nothing suspicious.”


44. Teresa Ellen Hagan – 44 – 
January 22, 2010 – Died and found hanging in a “padded sobering cell” and later on died in the hospital.

45. Albert Mike LedayJr –
June 1, 2010- Coddingtown– shot and killed by Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Fuston after high speed chase. 3rd person killed by Fuston[See below for Sonoma County District Attorney’s press release exonerating Fuston]*

46. Michael Lee Molgard -34- 
September 9, 2010 apparently jumped to his death from a high railing in Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.

47. Nicodemus Sullivan October 31, 2010 – Shot and killed by Sheriff’s Deputies and CHP after cops mistakenly thought he was “ramming” cop cars. 41 shots fired.

48. Brian Leonard Gittings -44- 
December 5, 2010 – died after he appeared to have trouble breathing at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility.


49. William Jackson – 59- 
April 15, 2011 died after suffering “medical distress” at North County Detention Facility

50. Gary Pickard Jr. – 27- June 26, 2011 – shot twice by Sheriff’s Deputies

51. Pablo Perez Ramirez – 25- November 25, 2011 – pulled a revolver from his waistband and was killed by Sebastopol PD officer


52. Richard Shreckengaust – 37- 
March 2, 2013 – killed by Sheriff’s Deputies in Guerneville.

53. Neils Conrad -55- 
April 22, 2013 – found unconscious on the floor of the dorm room bathroom at the North County Detention Facility.

54. Urbano Moreno Morales – 48- 
June 9, 2013 killed by Windsor Police (Sheriff) after he had killed his ex-girlfriend and charged police.

55. Christopher Eric Augustin -37- October 15, 2013- Man dies after struggle with Santa Rosa Police Department. The man appeared to suffer some kind of medical emergency after police confronted him at the apartment, police officials said. Death is being investigated by Sonoma County Sheriff’s office.

Justice for Andy Lopez56. Andy Lopez Cruz – 13 – October 22, 2013 – Andy Lopez Cruz was shot by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy while he walking through an open field carrying a plastic replica of an AK47 in broad daylight, in 
Santa Rosa.


Sonoma County DA Finds Three Time Shooter Two Time Killer Justified In Latest Killing

from: http://www.sonoma-county.org/da/press_releases/2010/press_20101209.htm

Press Release
Date: December 9, 2010
Contact person(s):

Media Coordinator, Terry Menshek (707) 565-3098
Media Spokesperson, Assistant District Attorney Diana Gomez

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California

District Attorney Stephan Passalacqua announced today that a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office patrol sergeant was legally justified in using deadly force at the conclusion of a high speed pursuit. Sergeant Mark Fuston had been in a high speed pursuit with a parolee, Albert Mike Leday, 49, of Santa Rosa, which came to an abrupt conclusion when Leday failed to negotiate a turn in the roadway and crashed his vehicle into a light pole near the Coddingtown Library. Leday immediately exited his car, took a fighting stance, and began threatening to shoot and kill Sergeant Fuston. Leday made several movements with one of his hands attempting to retrieve something from his waistband and was clearly acting as if he was armed with a weapon. Sergeant Fuston fired in self defense and Leday died from the resultant injury.

Leday was on parole for a burglary he committed in Rohnert Park in 2003 at the time of this incident and was currently being investigated for a criminal offense. He had an extensive criminal history of arrests and convictions, including a prior burglary in 1987 in Redwood City, for crimes involving drug offenses, theft related offenses, assaultive conduct, and crimes against peace officers. Recent methamphetamine use was also a factor contributing to his out-of-control behavior. He had also recently stated his desire not to go back to jail.

Leday had a legal duty to submit to the deputies original lawful show of authority when he activated his patrol vehicle’s emergency lighting and siren. Instead of lawful submission, Leday chose to unlawfully evade the police by driving recklessly, ignoring speed limits, driving into on-coming lanes of traffic, through stop signs, through stop lights, endangering pedestrians and other motorists; in sum, driving in a reckless and wanton manner in order to evade police contact or capture which put the community at great risk or injury or death.

Given the inherent unpredictability of this high speed pursuit and its abrupt conclusion with Leday colliding with a light pole, it was reasonable for Sergeant Fuston, as well as the other responding deputies, to exit their vehicles and immediately draw and train their weapons on Leday. The elements of unpredictability and potential danger must reasonably be met with extreme caution. Leday’s evasion did not end voluntarily, but as a result of his losing control of his vehicle.

The law does not require a progressive escalation in the force which is employed in these types of situations because the exigencies of real world law enforcement do not make such a course of conduct always feasible. That is because such a progression is not reasonable under many real world situations in which an officer is faced with a direct and immediate threat to life and limb.

Sergeant Fuston was in a distinctively marked patrol vehicle, he was in a distinctively marked uniform, and had previously announced himself with emergency lights and siren. There was simply no mistaking him for anything but a law enforcement officer. Even a violent collision with a light pole did not bring the encounter to a peaceful conclusion.

Though witness accounts differ somewhat in detail, it is overwhelmingly clear that Leday feigned armed resistance and directed threats to Sergeant Fuston. Leday was being aggressive in his demeanor and even more aggressive with his words and threats to kill Sergeant Fuston. Moreover, Leday was making movements with his hands to the area of his waste in a fashion which made it entirely reasonable for Sergeant Fuston to believe that a weapon was going to be produced and for him to reasonably believe, therefore, that he was in imminent danger of being killed.

No show of authority stopped Leday; a collision did not stop him; and even having been shot, he did not immediately stop.

The law imposes upon Sergeant Fuston (or anyone confronted with the same or similar circumstances as presented in this case) the duty to behave reasonably. Sergeant Fuston did behave reasonably under the circumstances; in stark contrast to Leday who was behaving wildly and unpredictably and in a fashion which would suggest to a reasonable person (based on all of the information known to Sergeant Fuston, coupled with Leday’s suspicious and threatening movement’s) that they were in imminent peril of serious bodily injury or death.

Immediately after the shooting the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office invoked the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Employee-Involved Fatal Incident Protocol (“protocol”). The purpose of this protocol is to set forth procedures and guidelines to be used by Sonoma County law enforcement agencies in the criminal investigation of specifically defined incidents involving law enforcement employees. Under this protocol an outside law enforcement agency is designated to investigate officer-involved fatalities.

In this case members of the Santa Rosa Police Department assumed responsibility for the investigation of the shooting incident. Members of the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office participated in the investigation in a supporting role, in accordance with the protocol. Under the protocol the role of the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office is to review the investigation to determine if there exists any criminal liability on the part of involved parties, including the law enforcement employee(s); to provide assistance to the investigating agency regarding legal issues; to supplement the investigation when necessary; and, when appropriate, prosecute those persons believed to have violated the criminal law. Once the investigation is complete the District Attorney is required by the protocol to complete a thorough review of the investigation and prepare a report summarizing the investigation and documenting his conclusions. A copy of this report is submitted to the foreman of the Sonoma County Grand Jury.

The District Attorney does not examine issues such as compliance with the policies and procedures of any law enforcement agency, police training, or issues involving civil liability. Neither the report submitted to the Grand Jury under the protocol, nor this statement, should be interpreted as expressing any opinion on those matters.


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2014 Same Page Coalition Candidate Questionnaire


2014 Candidate Questionnaire_0012014 Candidate Questionnaire_0022014 Candidate Questionnaire_0032014 Candidate Questionnaire_0042014 Candidate Questionnaire_0052014 Candidate Questionnaire_0062014 Candidate Questionnaire_0072014 Candidate Questionnaire_0082014 Candidate Questionnaire_0092014 Candidate Questionnaire_010

2014 Candidate Questionnaire_010

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Behind the Scenes – People v. Noguez



John Noguez in jail uniform

John Noguez in jail uniform

In mid June, major news media, especially the Los Angeles Times (June 14, 2013) began reporting about how Iranian-American developer Eskandar E. Bolour was getting engulfed in the scandals involving Los Angeles County Assessor Juan Renaldo “John” Noguez when he was hit with search warrants aimed at finding out whether Bolour had been laundering campaign donations for Noguez. My sources tell me that Bolour may just be the second Iranian-American to get caught up in the investigation, but he isn’t likely to be the last. It’s first important that charged with a bribery scheme in exchange for lower tax bills along with Assessor Noguez is Iranian-American “Tax Consultant” (an unregulated profession in California) Ramin Salari.



Ramin Salari

Ramin Salari

Well before his current woes in connection with his bribery prosecution, Ramin, according to an April 19, 2012 Los Angeles Weekly article, he was accused by his own cousin in a lawsuit of being a “thief,” a “crook,” a “liar” and a “charlatan.” The Weekly also exposed Ramin as having threatened deputy assessors with disciplinary action if they didn’t see eye to eye with his demands for lowered property tax assessments and had faced accusations of failing to turn over subpoenaed evidence.



So, who would I be looking at if I was in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office? If I was a suspicious individual, I’d be looking at another Bolour, Mehdi Bolour.



Mehdi Bolour

Mehdi Bolour

First and foremost, Mehdi held a fundraiser at his $30,000,000 Beverly Hills mansion for John Noguez’s election campaign. Secondly, it’s not like he has no history of coordinating his campaign contributions with Eskandar: at least as early as September 19, 1995, both of them just happened to make contributions to “Citizens for Waters” (as in Rep. Maxine Waters) and I don’t actually think that it was by coincidence. Incidentally (“coincidentally” maybe….) the contributions were for identical amounts as well.



Ezri Namvar

Ezri Namvar

Campaign contributors to Noguez seemed to have this coincidental ability to wind up with extreme property tax reductions. Take the Namvar family (like Mehdi Bolour, Iranian-Jewish). An October 18, 2012 letter to then District Attorney Steve Cooley from a group calling itself “Namvar Creditors” accused the Namvar family of benefiting like this from their campaign contributions, but that letter’s posting on the internet has since been ruled libelous by the Los Angeles Superior Court, albeit pursuant to a default judgment in Case No BC 499906.


Reliable sources tell me that a potential investigation by the District Attorney’s office in connection with his activities on behalf of John Noguez is not the only thing Mehdi has to worry about these days. The man has a penchant for making enemies and in spite of the fact that he’s probably a billionaire, if not at least a millionaire hundreds of times over, he has a reputation of having gotten to that status by (a) being a cheapskate who nickels and dimes even his “friends” in business deals and (b) by making lots of enemies. Several of his so-called “handshake deals” (deals that are inevitably complicated, convoluted, and which wind up frequently screwing his friends while he winds up holding the bag of loot at the end) are about to blow up in his face. In fact it’s been suggested to me that Mehdi will soon be facing a private civil suit with purportedly nasty allegations about his business practices.

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Congratulations to me


My blog just passed 3/4 of a million page hits!  Congrats to myself and thanks to my readers who have helped me achieve this important milestone!

Site Statistics

Unique Pages Served: 30383       Total Sessions: 223025Total Page Hits: 750019

(as of 6:40 p.m. 10/8/13)

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Littlerock CA Protests LA Co Gestapo Tactics


Note especially the Littlerock Town Council Resolution documents following the exchange between Attorney Olaf Landsgaard and the Local Agency Formation Commission….for past context, see:



Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_001 Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_002Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_003Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_004Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_005Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_006Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_007Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_008Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_009Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_010Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_011Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_012Letter To Steve Knight 10-03-13_013

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Lawrence Singleton & the Rape of Mary Vincent


Come and see a lecture on the Lawrence Singleton — Mary Vincent case, 10/10/13 —

Excerpts from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Singleton

Lawrence Singleton

Lawrence Singleton

Lawrence Singleton (July 28, 1927 – December 28, 2001)[3] was an American criminal best known for perpetrating an infamous rape and mutilation of a teenage hitchhiker in California in 1978.

On September 29, 1978, Singleton picked up 15-year-old Mary Vincent of Las Vegas while she was hitchhiking in Berkeley, California, raped her, and then severed both her forearms with a hatchet, throwing her off a 30-foot cliff outside of Modesto, California, leaving her naked and near death. She managed to pull herself back up the cliff and alert a passerby, who took her to a hospital. By the time Singleton was arrested, Vincent was fitted with prosthetic arms.

At Singleton’s trial six months after the assault, Vincent faced her assailant and relived the traumatic ordeal in court. Her testimony helped convict him. As she left the witness stand, he swore he would kill her. Singleton received a 14-year sentence, the maximum allowed by law in California at that time.

While Vincent won a $2.56 million civil judgment against Singleton, she was unable to collect it when Singleton revealed that he was unemployed, in poor health, and had only $200 in savings.[5]

Along with the particularly gruesome and callous aspects of the crime, the case became even more notorious after Singleton was paroled after serving only eight years in prison. He was paroled to Contra Costa County, California, but no town would accept his presence, so he had to live in a trailer on the grounds of San Quentin until his parole ended a year later.[2]

In the spring of 1997, a neighbor called police and reported seeing 69-year old Singleton strangling a nude woman in his house. When police arrived, they found Singleton drunk with his shirt open and blood smeared over his chest. Inside, police found the nude, bloody corpse of 31-year-old prostitute Roxanne Hayes; she had been stabbed seven times in the face and chest.[11

CALI District Meeting Flyer_001

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Peace & Freedom Party’s Illusion of Power



Subject: Re: The illusion of power—By Irv Sutley


(The analysis is followed by Bella De Soto’s email to which it responds)


PFPLogoThis attempt at a purge of Bella De Soto from the Los Angeles County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party seems in large part to be in retaliation for Bella’s political stance in support of Palestine. It is a shock to see that in California’s most populous county which has the largest number of Peace and Freedom Party registrants in the state, there were apparently only four other people besides Bella bothering to show up at a meeting. As Jan Tucker can attest, the L.A. CCC in prior years and decades had a huge active membership and made political impacts which had both state and national consequences. And this latest meeting offers the spectacle of four people plotting to dump 20% of the participating membership.



Florida PFPThe failure of the L.A. CCC officers to notify Bella of earlier campaign meetings in Los Angeles and exclude her from participation is similar to the undemocratic purge of Paul Dahmen from the leadership of Florida’s Peace and Freedom Party and from the National Organizing Committee. Several of California’s PFP officers were involved in both Paul and Bella’s situations as well as engineering my six week suspension from the party’s discussion listserve for exposing the anti-Semitic attack on Jan Tucker. Paul paid a far higher price than I did for outing this racist, lying document.



This Los Angeles situation compares with the California State Central Committee which started the current two year term (2012-2014) with about 115 members but has declined to around 75 with 13 officers. These state officers seem to constitute an undemocratic Politburo who operate under questionable by-laws that denies organized out of favor counties (such as my own, Sonoma County) from any meaningful part of the decision making processes of the party. Under state law the registrants of each organized county are to have membership on the State Executive Committee – a principle which the officers have done away with in order to self tenure their own titles and illusion of power.



In large part, it can be considered as the “Politics of Powerlessness” as the state officers try to micro manage every single detail and facet of members political lives, while abandoning any pretense of feminism in the effort to centralize all endorsements, procedures, and events under their theory of Leadership Vanguardism.



From: Bella De Soto


Sent: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 11:44 AM





Bella De Soto dancing at The Talking Stick, Venice

Bella De Soto dancing at The Talking Stick, Venice

Hi xxxx, et al: I will now be sharing a mail Notice I just received, but was expecting it for a very long time… xxxxx xxxxxxxxx, Secretary of the local Peace and Freedom Party local Chapter actually conspired to introduce a Motion against me, but it was not on the last Committee Agenda on Thursday Sept.19/13. This meeting which starts at 7PM, did not start till nearly 7:30, because I arrived 5 minutes after 7, and only xxxxx xxxxxxxxx and Husband xxxx xxxxxxx were present, who immediately walked out, to plot a motion of expulsion against me, which I overheard xxxx saying to his Wife xxxxx, in low voice outside the meeting hall door, reminding her that she could not present a motion, not reflected in the Agenda!. I began reading the Agenda and Minutes, waited a few minutes more in an empty room, and then decided to vacate, walked to my car, and I was approaching my automobile, I noticed xxxxx , Husband xxxx, xxxx xxxxxx (Committee Chair in paper only!), and xxxxx xxxxxxxx, who had just arrived together in xxxx’s car, all four were consulting across the sidewalk from the meeting hall. I quickly got in my auto and drove away.



There is much, but for later discussion…



Purge—– xxxxx xxxxxxxxx has been on a personal crusade to push me from the local P&FP Committee since 2008. I knew this was in the works since I joined the party in 2008, when Ralph Nader was running for President, and I helped him get elected as PFP Presidential Candidate in Sacramento at the party Convention. xxxxx has never addressed me personally on any of her bogus charges, instead has spread many rumors about me in the activist community. So I hear from other activists what the intent is, but during the monthly meetings, I am met with much animosity. I have maintained my attendance because Socialism is not about personalities, but a urgent global matter.



Regarding your LACCC membership


Inbox Peace & Freedom Party L.A. <peaceandfreedom2la@gmail.com>



1:14 AM (10 hours ago) to me (Bella De Soto) October 2, 2013






This is an official notice from the L.A. County Central Committee to Ms. Bella de Soto. At the L.A. County Central Committee Meeting of September 19, a motion for your expulsion was made, seconded and passed under provisions of L.A. County bylaw 5. Charges related to expulsion fall under L.A.C.C.C. by –law 3; section g: “…intimidation and interruptions, disrespecting the chair and the membership, and using abusive language.”



The expulsion vote will be placed on the Agenda of the LACCC meeting of October 17th, 2013, and will be voted on at that time. Per by –law 6, you will be given an opportunity to speak for yourself at that time. Following that, a maximum of two speakers for and two against may be heard from. A two thirds vote by secret ballot is required for expulsion.



A member who is expelled may appeal to the SCC or State Convention. (By Law 7).


In Struggle,


The L.A. County Central Committee.


<>Consider the environment when printing e-mails.


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Fundraising for Peace & Freedom


PFPLogoI hear tell that the leadership of the Peace & Freedom Party has gotten around to adopting one of my platform positions–from 1996.  I always knew that the cabal of control freaks that currently controls the party was a little on the “slow” side, mentally, but waiting 17 years to implement a sane idea after it was proposed is a bit much even for these imbeciles.  Since the PFP leadership can usually be counted on to do the opposite of whatever I propose, no matter how sane, reasonable, and/or necessary, my guess is that they forgot that I proposed and campaigned for this during my 1996 Presidential bid in which I placed second out of four candidates and beat the leadership’s candidate as well as the Feiginite faction’s candidate (the faction that the leadership “Berkeley Bullshevik” faction then proceeded to get into bed with to rule the party with an iron fist).

Money TreeBecause money doesn’t grow on trees, my stance on party reorganization in 1996 included using professional fundraising.   As reported by the Los Angeles Times, July 7, 1996, “Valley Man is a Rebel with Disparate Causes:”

“Our party’s organizational principles resemble those of the Marx Brothers more closely than those of Karl Marx,” Tucker wrote in a typically blunt candidate statement advocating professional fundraising and publicity coordination to spruce up the party’s image.

Soft Core PornOver the years, PFP had some very interesting ways of raising money and some very interesting contributors.  In the very early days of the party, when consenting adult pornography was still criminalized in California and PFP took a libertarian (and libertine) approach to abolishing laws against the criminalization of consenting adult behavior, many Los Angeles area underground pornographers were big contributors to the party’s coffers.  Some even donated what used to be called “blue movies,” then-illegal porn (and by today’s standards, very mild and tame) for screening at PFP fundraising parties.  Some of these pornographers were active members of PFP central committees.

FundraisingSometimes, PFP’s commitment to the full legalization of the use, sale, cultivation, and manufacture of Marijuana got some amazing results.  Michael Zaharakis, running a spirited campaign for State Assembly in the Santa Cruz area in the early seventies, found a large package of cash in the basket after passing it around at a speaking event.  It was labelled as being a donation from the Santa Cruz County Marijuana Grower’s Association.

Vote splittingIn the days when then-Democratic Secretary of State Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr was enforcing filing fees to run for public office–later struck down as completely unconstitutional 9-0 by the United States Supreme Court–in 1972 PFP candidates throughout California got caught up in a scandal where Republicans doled out cash to pay the unconstitutional fees to help PFP siphon off votes from Democrats.  The Democrats didn’t actively pursue the investigation into these payments because they knew that if the government really got involved, it would lead to all sorts of questionable Democratic financing of right-wing American Independent Party candidacies to siphon off Republican voters.

Anyway, with the adoption of one plank of my platform for internal party reform seventeen years after I proposed it, maybe, just maybe, PFP is dragging itself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

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