June 3 2014 Ballot Recommendations


June 3, 2014 California Primary Election Recommendations

First off, my priority candidates are those who’ve elected to participate in the Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition endorsement process. You can see how that process works at: http://janbtucker.com/blog/2013/10/22/2014-same-page-coalition-candidate-questionnaire/

Jan B. Tucker with Sandra Fluke

Jan B. Tucker with Sandra Fluke

I’m still waiting to get the results in from the other coalition organizations, but so far this is where we’re at for San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women (SFV/NELA NOW), Miss Revolutionaries, and the California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC). These three organizations have agreed on ENDORSEMENT for Sally Havice (32nd State Senate District) and

Jan B. Tucker with Sally Havice

Jan B. Tucker with Sally Havice

Sandra Fluke (26th State Senate District). We have also voted a position of SUPPORT (with endorsement process in progress) for Jeffrey Prang (L.A. County Assessor) and Sandra Mendoza (53rd Assembly District).

Sandra Mendoza

Sandra Mendoza



My next priority is VOTE FOR ME! That’s right, WRITE-ME-IN for Board of Equalization District #3: http://janbtucker.com/blog/2014/05/06/how-to-write-in-jan-b-tucker-for-board-of-equalization/

Now for the Statewide races….

Governor: NO ENDORSEMENT. Jerry Brown is and always has been a pig. I had to sue him for the right to get on the ballot in 1974 when he contended all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court that poor and working people had no right to run for office without paying a filing fee….and Jerry lost 9-0 with everybody from Rehnquist to Douglas ruling against him. Luis Rodriguez last year allowed a group promoting a boycott of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee to utilize his Tia Chucha’s bookstore and community room. He also categorically denied that the La Raza Unida Party faction based in San Fernando and it’s member Randy Gamez are anti-semitic (in spite of lots of evidence to the contrary) or that leaders of San Fernando LRUP are homophobic (just ask members of the Latino Equality Alliance about the on-line harassment they’ve been subjected to by so-called “Aztlan Flag,” aka Ernesto Ayala of LRUP). Without doing one iota of due diligence to find out what the controversy was even about, Cindy Sheehan backed Luis Rodriguez’s defense of Gamez and LRUP.

Stategic voting?

Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly

Well, there is one person I can actually say something good about in the Governor’s race and that’s actually Tea Party Republican Assembly Member Tim Donnelly. I disagree with him on every issue…except his own AB 1780 which was sponsored by the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation. The fact is though, most of my Republican friends probably agree with his politics and would rather vote for somebody bound to lose because of his principles than vote for a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

For my Democratic friends it’s obvious that we’re going to be stuck with Jerry Brown in the runoff no matter whether you like him or not. If you want to give Jerry a cake-walk (and the Democratic Party) in the runoff, then the best thing you can do is to vote for Tim Donnelly in the primary in the hopes that he’ll be the Republican nominee. His policies on reproductive rights, gun rights (he’s on probation for a weapons offense), and the like are so different from most Californians Brown will run away with the November election if it’s between him and Donnelly.

Amos Johnson

Amos Johnson, Peace & Freedom Party

Lieutenant Governor: DUAL ENDORSEMENT, Gavin Newsom (Democrat, Incumbent) and Amos Johnson (Peace & Freedom). Gavin Newsom will have no problem getting in to the runoff for reelection, so I’m voting Amos Johnson in the primary to help keep the Peace & Freedom Party on the ballot. Unlike Cindy Sheehan, who’s backed by the “Berkeley Bullsheviks” and other mental defectives who run the party, Amos’s campaign has been virtually ignored by the party leadership (a testament to the sanity of his campaign. Under legislation likely to pass the legislature soon, third parties will need to get 2% of the vote in the primary, instead of the runoff (which they won’t be in under “top two” rules) and Amos stands a chance of achieving that figure.

Betty Yee

Betty Yee

State Controller: ENDORSEMENT, Betty Yee. It’s really important to elect Democrat Betty Yee over Democrat John Perez. See http://janbtucker.com/blog/2014/03/04/shame-on-labor-miguel-j-santiago/ and consider that Miguel Santiago is John Perez’s protege and heir apparent for the 53rd Assembly District.

State Treasurer: DUAL ENDORSEMENT, John Chiang (Democratic, incumbent) and Ellen Brown (Green) John Chiang is doing a creditable job as Treasurer, but this is another one of those primary election opportunities to help keep a third party, in this case, the Greens, from losing ballot status so vote for Ellen Brown in the primary.

Alex-PadillaSecretary of State: ENDORSEMENT, Alex Padilla (Democrat). I frequently disagree with Alex over local politics in the San Fernando Valley, but he’s my Arleta homie (along with Felipe Fuentes on the City Council). So when it comes down to it, vote for my homie Alex!

Attorney General: ENDORSEMENT, Jonathan Jaech (Libertarian). I had high hopes for Kamala Harris when she was elected. She’s disappointed on many fronts, not the least of which is that civil rights organizations in California can’t get the time of day out of her office on the issue of implementation of existing laws regarding police training to deal with hate crimes. Vote Libertarian to help keep them on the ballot. I may disagree with them on many issues, primarily economic, but their viewpoint is an important one in the public debate.

Insurance Commissioner: DUAL ENDORSEMENT, Dave Jones (Democratic incumbent) and Nathalie Hrizi (Peace & Freedom Party). Dave Jones is probably the best public servant in statewide elected office in California, but in the primary this is another opportunity to keep PFP on the ballot. Nathalie is with the Party of Socialism & Liberation (PSL), a faction which is not dominated by the Berkeley Bullsheviks.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: ENDORSEMENT, Tom Torlakson (Democrat – although the office is theoretically non-partisan– and incumbent). Don’t be fooled by Lydia Gutierrez who happens to have a Hispanic name. She’s a right-wing freak and an anti-semite. She accused me and another Jew in a Catholic Church of being “baby killers” because we don’t agree with her theological views on abortion (and Oh BTW, she’s not Catholic, she’s in some ultra-right wing Protestant sect).

Ted Lieu

Ted Lieu

33rd District, House of Representatives: TRIPLE ENDORSEMENT, Ted Lieu (Democrat), Barbara Mullvaney (Democrat), Marianne Williamson (Independent). Ted Lieu has been my State Senator and earlier my Assembly member for years and I’ve been singularly impressed by him. He especially deserves a lot of credit for having introduced and gotten signed into law the first ban ever on so-called “Gay Conversion Therapy” and

Barbara Mullvaney

Barbara Mullvaney

that is no small achievement. That law is now before the U.S. Supreme Court but other states have followed suit with their own legislation based on Ted’s trailblazing bill. Bottom line is, if you want something done in Congress and if you want competent and efficient constituent service, you’re going to get it from Ted.

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

Barbara Mullvaney is your candidate if you want somebody who really understands international and human rights law and the foreign policy implications of both. If you really want to shake up Washington DC, then Marianne Williamson is for you.

Bob Olmsted & Private Investigator Alex Salazar

Bob Olmsted & Private Investigator Alex Salazar

Los Angeles County Sheriff:  ENDORSEMENT, Bob Olmsted.  Not even a close call despite all the candidates.

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Fletcher Bowron was a racist


CALLAC ltr Fletcher Bowron_001 CALLAC ltr Fletcher Bowron_002

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End Racial Sentencing disparities


Lara-Mitchell bill_001

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44th Chicano Moratorium 8-30-14



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Tucker-Politics As UnUsual


Meme_001 (2)

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Tucker for Board of Equalization News Release


HOW TO WRITE IN TUCKER:  http://janbtucker.com/blog/2014/05/06/how-to-write-in-jan-b-tucker-for-board-of-equalization/

Announcement of Candidacy:  http://janbtucker.com/blog/2014/05/03/write-in-jan-b-tucker-for-board-of-equalization-dist-no-3/

BOE Rls_001  BOE Rls_002BOE Rls_003

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AB 1839 Needs Amendments


Democrat Cheryl Brown courageously and responsibly joined two Republicans in voting for AB 1780 in committee; two other Democrats abstained or were conveniently absent to deny the bill four votes to pass, so it failed 3 yes to 1 no.

Democrat Cheryl Brown courageously and responsibly joined two Republicans in voting for AB 1780 in committee; two other Democrats abstained or were conveniently absent to deny the bill four votes to pass, so it failed 3 yes to 1 no.

AB 1839 which is supposed to save Hollywood from the continuing attrition of jobs to anti-union states like Louisiana is in serious need of amendment now that the competing bill sponsored by the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation has been killed on orders of the Democratic Party leadership in the Assembly.  Just as Republican leaders in Washington recently killed Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s bipartisan jobs bill for the purely partisan purpose of helping former Massachusetts Senator Brown defeat her in New Hampshire (where he’s become a carpet bagger), California’s Democrats didn’t want to hand tea-party Republican gubernatorial candidate, Assembly Member Tim Donnelly, a victory for his much better AB 1780–which was much better for jobs and independent production rather than Hollywood corporate Moguls.

This situation is truly ironic.  I disagree with Tim Donnelly on almost every issue…except this one.

Proposed Amendments for AB 1839

People contacting their legislators to support AB 1839 should take a position of “SUPPORT IF AMENDED.”  AB 1839 in its current form was originally written by Hollywood corporate lobbyists.  It was amended to make it modestly closer to AB 1780 but still is not adequate to accomplish its professed purposes.


Is CFC a hero or a culprit in the fight to keep jobs in California?  Former CFC member Bill Duke quit and is now Secretary for the BHHF.....what does that tell you?

Is CFC a hero or a culprit in the fight to keep jobs in California? Former CFC member Bill Duke quit and is now Secretary for the BHHF…..what does that tell you?

Amend the bill to take the California Film Commission out of the “lottery business” and out of the “gatekeeper role” for who gets tax credits. Right now they are working for the studios the CFC is not the right leadership to stop runaway production. The studios don’t make movies anymore. Independent TV and movie producers who reside in California have to leave here to work and the CFC has not stopped the nonsense by failing to include tax credit incentives for small and medium sized productions.

BHHF recommends a new governing board to oversee a 1.4 billion dollar California Film Fund (AB1839 has a 400 million limit which keeps big movies from being made in California). Lift the cap to include big movies. 1839 has only 10 percent earmarked for independent productions. BHHF would amend the bill to give independents 50 percent of the tax credits because independents make most of the movies. We would amend 1839 to include a lower ceiling so more women and minority productions could qualify to 500 thousand and include MUSIC Videos and Video Game Productions. Also to allow for bundling of projects to get to 500 thousand this would create new entrepreneurship and a new MUSIC Video industry for California.

A 1.4 billion dollar tax credit with NEW oversight taking the CFC out of the main drivers seat and bringing more indie producers into the selection process for projects would change the game and truly END runaway production. Billions would come into California from global investors and our youth would see a world of opportunity open up for them. Now they are seeing their futures sold out to job outsourcing.

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Rescue all children with equal zeal & resources


Rescue children_001

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Article: The War That Wasn’t Live

The War That Wasn’t Live


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Donald Sterling–keep quiet until Yom Kippur


Ltr to Sterling_001 Ltr to Sterling_002

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