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The Detectives Diary is an innovative tool combining Private Investigation and Journalism. In 1984, Steve Harvey's Los Angeles Times "Around the Southland" Column entitled Jan Tucker's program of providing low-cost "Opposition Research" services to indigent and working class candidates for public office, "Take Cover: Hired Mudslinger Rides into Town." A 1996 Los Angeles Times article by Henry Chu carried a sub-headline identifying Tucker as a "P.R. Guru." In November 2012, Tucker became Criminal Justice Columnist for Counter Punch Magazine and a commentator for Black Talk Radio. As a private investigator since 1979 and a former First Vice President of Newspaper Guild Local 69, Tucker takes these skills to a new level in the pages of the Detectives Diary with insightful and unique exposures and analysis of history and current events. State Director--California League of Latinos And Chicanos, Former seven term Chairman of the Board of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, Co-President San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter-National Organization for Women, former National Commissioner for Civil Rights-League of United Latin American Citizens, former Second Vice President-Inglewood-South Bay Branch-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, former founding Vice President-Armenian American Action Committee, former First Vice President, Newspaper Guild Local 69 (AFL-CIO, CLC, CWA), Board member, Alameda Corridor Jobs Coalition, Community Advisory Board member--USC-Keck School of Medicine Alzheimer's Disease Research Project

Judge Randall F Pacheco on Lesbian family law

The recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Bayev and others versus Russia has implications for the Hon. Judge Randall F Pacheco who sits in the George Deukmejian courthouse in Long Beach of the … Continue reading

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Gay Conversion?

See also:

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Power of the People Cofronts The York on York

For backgroumd: Article by Chris Peel in the Occidental Weekly:

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Los Angeles Elections 2017

March 7 2017 LA Election Recommendations City of Los Angeles Mayor Ho-Hum….Eric Garcetti is going to win. It’s a fait accompli. It’s not that he hasn’t done anything decent; he has. When it comes to following through on promises he … Continue reading

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Immigrant Rights Brochure for Employers

If you have immigrant employees, documented or undocumented, if they’re detained by ICE that disrupts your business.  Following is a leaflet you can give your employees to instruct them on their rights to consular protection under the Vienna Convention.  To … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Forum March 4 2017 in Inglewood

This gallery contains 37 photos.

More photos by Donna Dymally at

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Bruce Yasmeh: Suicide or Murder?

I only met Behrooz “Bruce” Yasmeh once. Little did I realize when I met him that he’d be the nexus between a case I became peripherally involved in on disability rights and my infamous blog posting on The Small Freaky … Continue reading

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Trump Attacks the California Constitution

Speaking before the Conservative Political Action Conference President Donald Trump has pronounced about the news media: “They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name,” he declared. “Let their name be put out there.” THIS IS AN … Continue reading

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Jews: With Friends like Trump who needs Enemies?

After days of bizarre and even paranoid responses to reporters’ questions about the wave of anti-Semitic attacks throughout America, Donald Trump finally told Craig Melvin of MSNBC that they were “horrible.” As Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center … Continue reading

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