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A recent twist in the continuing investigation of Paul Manafort is that he is been indirectly linked to the organized crime activities of Semion Mogilevich, the worst mobster in the world, of whom I have written on several occasions in this blog: ; ; ; .

Semion Mogilevich

Some years ago in what I thought was a completely unrelated investigation of a man involved in fraudulent activities on the East Coast, we detected that his current wife was using the Social Security number of his purportedly deceased first wife. The second wife was a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine, Kiev to be exact, which happens to be the hometown of Mogilevich. She was of age where she could have been his daughter; had a son by a previous relationship who was a dead ringer for what looked like a Mogilevich grandson; and from what we knew of her prior movements around the world they seemed to mirror the movements that we knew about Mogilevich.

We tipped off the FBI organized crime division. The FBI agents we discussed the matter with agreed that the woman we were interested in could very well be his daughter. In the normal course of their investigation they would’ve then put her under electronic surveillance such as by having her email and phone traffic monitored. About a year later, January 24, 2008 Mogilevich was arrested in Moscow and reportedly held 15 different passports and something like 20 different identifications. By July however he was released by Russian authorities without charges and they refused to extradite him to any of the several nations that have warrants outstanding for his arrest.

One interpretation is that Putin is not in fact in charge in Russia and that in fact he answers to Mogilevich!

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