Jews: With Friends like Trump who needs Enemies?


After days of bizarre and even paranoid responses to reporters’ questions about the wave of anti-Semitic attacks throughout America, Donald Trump finally told Craig Melvin of MSNBC that they were “horrible.” As Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center pointed out on MSNBC’s 11th Hour with Brian Williams,”that and 50 cents” will get you a cup of coffee. Of course Potok was dating himself as it won’t even get you a coffee.

Jake Turx

The most bizarre episode is when a frum [Frum (Yiddish פֿרום‎; [frum. | frim]), meaning “devout” or “pious,” is a Yiddish adjective. To be frum means to be committed to the observance of Jewish religious law that often exceeds the bare requirements of Halakha, the collective body of Jewish religious laws] reporter from Ami Magazine, Jake Turx, asked Trumelthinskin a polite and frankly sympathetic question about what he was going to do about anti-Semitic attacks. Pointing out with reverence and respect that Trump was “Zayde” [a Yiddish word for grandfather which in this instance conferred great cultural respect] to Jewish children, what Jake got for his efforts was a dose of vitriol from Donald who weirdly interpreted it as an attack on himself, personally. Watch the exchange for yourself:

The defense against charges of anti-Semitism by Trump amounts to my daughter is Jewish so I can’t hate Jews. Maybe not, but he’s still bigoted and prejudiced openly spouting offensive stereotypes to Jews in their face. When he appeared before the Jewish Republican Coalition in December 2015 he tells them:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum 12/05
Susan Walsh/AP

“Look, I’m a negotiator like you folks; we’re negotiators,” he said, criticizing President Obama’s Middle East policies and nuclear deal with Iran. “And by the way, did you ever see a negotiation take so long?”

“This room negotiates perhaps more than any room I’ve spoken to, maybe more,” he said. []

I’ve got news for you, we’re not all a bunch of Shylocks which is the stereotype that makes Jews cringe when we hear stuff like that from Gentiles. When you put it in the context of Trump being grandson of a draft dodging pimp and son of a KKK member, Trump sounds more like what we call “trailer park Goyim” than a college educated real estate mogul when he says things like this.

What a President, any President, Should

Say about Anti-Semitic Terrorism

Joe Navarro

On May 2005 Joe Navarro, recently retired FBI profiler, keynoted the California Association of Licensed Investigators conference in Reno and explained that 89% of all terrorism in America is domestic terrorism by white supremacist/Neo-Nazi groups. Eighty Nine Percent! In spite of all the public hoopla, the other 11% is actually considered by professionals to be statistically insigificant. Navarro spent 25 years as an FBI agent and supervisor in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism and he would know. At subsequent seminars I’ve attended under the auspices of POALAC (Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles County) and the FBI sponsored InfraGard it has been consistently pointed out that this statistical analysis remains sound.

So why haven’t you heard this loudly and clearly from the White House under any President….or congress?

Because there’s more money to be made by those who can employ lobbyists for the government to spend money protecting us from a statistically insignificant threat.

What we need is a President and a Congress to redirect resources against the real 89% threat from right-wing extremists.


Superlative, Jan, well done.  I also take it that when he is calling Jews “negotiators” he is thinks of Jews stereotypically as Shylock.
  I love your Trumpelthinskin:)  🙂
  I know the following sounds stupid, but has anyone considered NOT watching this guy?  I sound like an ostrich?  Must pay attention to the president even if he’s bizarro?   I would much rather read the fascist right wing through an intermediary like Jan.
  Jan, while we are not on the subject, do you know the CIA can interfere in private conversations with thought imprinting.  It is called Cyber Hive Mind, and only Robert Duncan (look for interview with Jessie Ventura to make sure you see what he looks like – don’t listen to fakes!) explains this technique.   Norman Mailer just wrote “Castle in the Forest” which describes Hitler’s childhood.  I know personally that Mailer is popularizing thought imprinting and also dream-etching.  Mailer is helping us victims of the CIA, yet he is attributing the techniques to the Devil.


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