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For Immediate Release: November 20, 2014

For Information: Jan B. Tucker, CALLAC State Director (as above)

CALLAC Says Time For Executive Action on Immigration Action

Long Overdue

Reacting to the impending announcement that President Obama would issue an executive order to address congressional inaction on immigration legislation, the California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC) gave an initial single word summary of its viewpoint: “ORALE!”

Jan Tucker, State Director of CALLAC, described the elements of the impending executive order as gleaned from news reports as “positive to the extent that law abiding working families are protected and that the family reunification principles of the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1976 (INA)—signed into law by Republican President Gerald R. Ford—are followed. We have long said that immigration action must provide a pathway to citizenship and which takes into consideration families, whether the families are here or not. This action would not even have been made if not for the Latino and especially the growing Chicano vote and our decades of grassroots action demanding change—actions which must continue with increased vigor.”

In President Ford’s October 21, 1976 signing statement of the INA he told the world that:

This legislation will also facilitate the reunification of Mexican-American families by giving preference to Mexican nationals who are close relatives of United States citizens or lawful permanent residents, or who have needed job skills. I am concerned, however, about one aspect of the legislation which has the effect of reducing the legal immigration into this country from Mexico. Currently about 40,000 natives of Mexico legally immigrate to the United States each year. This legislation would cut that number in half.

The United States has a very special and historic relationship with our neighbor to the south. In view of this special status we have with the Mexican Government and the Mexican people, I will submit legislation to the Congress in January to increase the immigration quotas for Mexicans desiring to come to the United States.

Shortly after its formation, CALLAC adopted national goals proposed in a leaflet which the group charged have yet to be addressed either by the bipartisan legislation that passed the United States Senate and stalled in the House or by the President’s imminent executive order:

Recognition of the need to redress grievances of the special status of Mexicans and people of Mexican origin in the context of the conquest of Mexican territory in an unjust war, the unlawful ethnic cleansing of 2 million people including 1.2 million United States citizens in the 1930s, and continual US interference in the internal affairs of Mexico

Recognition and respect for the rights of indigenous Native Americans in the context of their conquest, de facto attempted genocide and negotiated peace treaties.

Far reaching proposals for immigration action have been put forth by CALLAC and its sister organization PALLAC which they contend address the underlying systemic economic, cultural, and international legal issues which “an American unilateralist approach to immigration” continues to ignore.

Pennsylvania League of Latin American Citizens (PALLAC) State Director Ruben Botello, has long proposed an “American Union” which would emulate the European Union (EU). In a 2011 article on the subject, Botello wrote that:

Instead of band-aid approaches to the immigration problems its sovereignties face, this region of the world needs an American Union (AU) similar to the European Union (EU) that helped end the serious conflicts and hostilities between the EU’s member nations that led to World War II.

CALLAC State Director Jan B. Tucker has pushed for invocation of Article XXI of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo as a means to legitimize the process of migration action and to place it within the multilateral context of the legal relationship between the United States of America, the United States of Mexico, and of the treaty rights of Native American tribes, many of whom assert the sovereign authority to make their own immigration rules for Mexican and other immigrants. According to Tucker, Article XXI provides for a bilateral commission or third-nation neutral arbitration for issues between the United States and Mexico.

“It is a truth of history that the border crossed the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere—not the other way around—and unilateral efforts to block centuries old patterns of migration are doomed to fail in the short and the long run,” said Tucker, who holds a double major B.A. cum laude in Political Science & Chicano Studies. “Consistent with the model proposed by my friend and colleague Ruben Botello, however this process moves forward, it should also formalize U.S. [EEUU] recognition of dual citizenship as a step towards Western Hemispheric integration.”

In a related move, the Office of the Minister of Information of the National Brown Berets de Aztlan (NBBDA), applauded the statements of CALLAC calling for the invocation of “Guadalupe Hidalgo Article XXI remedies.”


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