Congressional forum at the Most Homophobic Church in Los Angeles


First, check out this link:

Now, explain to me why people think it’s appropriate to conduct a candidate forum for left of center candidates at the Venice United Methodist Church???????  The facts speak for themselves and as an OH BY THE WAY, California League of Latin American Citizens is calling a picket line starting at 5:00 p.m., May 6, 2014 in front of the church to protest Dr. O’s homophobia and racism.  I’m not giving these candidates a pass on using this facility and if they’re really against homophobia and racism they would no more cross our picket line than they would cross one to go into a KKK building for a candidate forum.

LATE BREAKING NEWS:   Southern California ADA, very much to their credit, has changed the location of the debate to Oakwood Recreation Center 767 California Ave Venice CA 90291.  WE ARE STILL GOING TO PICKET THE CHURCH at Victoria/Lincoln at 5:00 p.m. and then go to the congressional forum.  There are some key questions that need to be asked of these candidates who want to represent us in the House of Representatives:

1.  On March 5, 2012 a demand was made on the Venice United Methodist Church for copies of their corporate IRS Form 990 pursuant to 26 USC 6104(d)(1)(A).  The church has never complied, suggesting that they have something to hide inasmuch as compliance is mandatory and Form 990s are supposed to be public record.  Will you ask the IRS to investigate VUMC to find out why they refuse to release their Form 990s?  (To see the demand that has been ignored by VUMC, click here).

2.  With the critical and unstable conditions in Nigeria that enabled Boko Haram to kidnap hundreds of schoolgirls with impunity, Nigeria doesn’t need further instability being instigated by Igbo tribe separatists who want to start yet another Nigerian civil war.  What should the U.S. do about MASSOB operations being conducted right in our district in Venice United Methods Church by Dr. Ogbonnaya?

Dr O's Candidate Forum

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