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A few days after Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration, the Los Angeles Tuskegee Airman Chapter had just returned from Washington and hosted the graduation ceremony for youth flight training from Compton Airport.  My Godson Hassan gave his first speech that night.

A few days after Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration, the Los Angeles Tuskegee Airman Chapter had just returned from Washington and hosted the graduation ceremony for youth flight training from Compton Airport. My Godson Hassan gave his first speech that night.

The historic Proud Bird Restaurant, a 47 year LAX-area community icon, is scheduled to close due to unresolved lease issues with airport management. Please help save the restaurant and the 104 jobs of the employees.

The Proud Bird is a virtual museum with the photographic history of the early aviation industry, including photographs and monuments to the Tuskegee Airmen; early women aviators like African American Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart; an Israeli pilot who fought in Israel’s war of independence, and many, many others. It has served as a critical meeting space for community events, hosting the Los Angeles Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen just a few days after they returned from President Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Please attend the Board of Airport Commissioners meeting on Monday December 2, 2013 at 1:30 pm at the Los Angeles World Airports Administration Building, 1 World Way, 1st floor commission meeting room, Los Angeles, CA 90045. If you wish to speak, please complete a speaker’s card to address the commission during “Public comment.”

If you cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to

Please ask any family members or friends to do the same.

Jan B. Tucker
State Director, California League of Latin American Citizens

For further information, email Parviz Gerami, General Manager, The Proud Bird:

RSVP for the protest at the airport commission:

Letter to City Powers that be….

November 29, 2013

Honorable Mayor Eric Garcetti

Honorable City Attorney Mike Feuer

Honorable Controller Ron Galperin

(by email and fax)

Board of Airport Commissioners

World Airports Administration Bldg

1 World Way, 1st Floor

Los Angeles CA 90045

By Email:


Honorable Mayor Garcetti, City Attorney Feuer, City Controller Galperin and Honorable BOA Commissioners:

The California League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC), California’s affiliate of the National League of Latin American Citizens (NLLAC) is opposed to any action of the BOAC that does not fully accommodate the continued existence of THE PROUD BIRD (TPB) at its present location.


In the past I formerly served as a branch officer or activist in three (3) NAACP branches (San Fernando Valley, Inglewood South Bay, and Compton) as well as former Special Assistant to the late Valerie Monroe when she was Southern California Legal Redress Chair of the California State Conference NAACP. Based upon that background and experience I am concerned that any action by the BOAC that ejects TPB from its present location will have a profound effect on competition for banquet and event facilities, especially for African American community organizations in the area.

There are other facilities that compete for business in the region. That existing competition enables community organizations to seek and select from competing bids for NAACP Freedom Fund events, Tuskegee Airmen sponsored events, church events, and a whole host of other community functions. These facilities are vital to the preservation and existence of NGO functionality in the area. Eliminating just one of them, especially TPB, will upset the delicate balance of competition in the area and very likely raise the cost to non-profit NGOs in the region for their critical historical and ongoing events.

Historical, Educational & Inspirational Value

At you will find my Facebook page photo which features me with my godson, Hassan from 2009, taken at TPB. Hassan had just given his first ever public speech for his graduation ceremony from a Compton Airport flight program sponsored by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Tusekegee Airmen. Members of that chapter had just returned from President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington DC.

Many people share fond memories of TPB and events that have taken place there. I am however less concerned about reminiscences of the past that I am about the future. Airport museums exist in the area, but none shares the draw of an easily accessible and well run dining facility to draw people in to learn about the history of flight who would not otherwise seek out a flight museum to take their children to. Nor do any competing museums offer such an important array of photographic representations of women and minority aviators.

If you vote to eliminate TPB from its current location, you must be personally prepared to accept the responsibility for answering the following questions:

  • Where will girls be able to see inspiring photos of Amelia Earhart?

  • Where will African American girls get a chance to see photos of Bessie Colemen?

  • Where will African American children see photos of Tuskegee Airmen who came from their neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area?

  • Where will Jewish children be able to see a monument to a US Marine Corp. pilot, Captain Lou Lenart, who went on to serve as a pilot for the Haganah in Israel’s war of independence?

If you vote to eliminate TPB, you vote to eliminate inspiration and opportunities for children.

Respectfully Yours,  Jan B. tucker



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