PFP Takes the Stalinist Path


Barr-SheehanAt its recent conference in Riverside, California, the State Central Committee of the Peace & Freedom Party (PFP) endorsed Cindy Sheehan, it’s 2012 nominee for Vice President with Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr, to run for Governor in 2014.  There’s an interesting back-story to the endorsement.  One important background item is that the party’s tradition for decades beginning with its founding is that the State Central Committee and local County Central Committees adhered to a strict policy against pre-primary endorsements to avoid the boss-politics of the Democrats and Republicans.

Mohammad Arif

Mohammad Arif

Not that Cindy Sheehan will not be a bad candidate, but the party’s “endorsement” consists of about 25 people who showed up in Riverside (after the convention was changed from Bakersfield) without public notice that endorsement of any candidates for anything would be on the agenda, thus eliminating any competition. This was probably a ploy by party chairperson Kevin D. Akin (of Riverside) who has been dead set (behind the scenes) against a repeat candidacy of Mohammad Arif (of Bakersfield), who has done great outreach to bring Muslims into PFP since running for the PFP nomination for Governor last time around.

Isaiah Akin, second from left, on mission for Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

Isaiah Akin, second from left, on mission for Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

Akin, who blocks any attempt by the party to ever engage in a serious policy discussion of Israeli-Palestinian issues (in support of the employment of his son, who is right-wing Zionist U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s chief policy wonk on Foreign Relations, Military & Veterans affairs), continues on his path to Stalinizing PFP (Kevin Akin is so hard-core that he supported the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia). Following a request by Marsha Feinland at the convention that he submit correspondence sent in his official capacity to other party officers for approval, he is reported to have “gone berserk” at the suggestion and threatened to resign if required to do so. This was in response to a widely circulated letter he wrote about me (Jan B. Tucker) which was so bizarre that his own supporters initially denied that he wrote it.

Joseph Stalin2Just as Joseph Stalin (my genetic cousin whose Y chromosome was G2a, whereas mine is G2b) was prone to paranoid tantrums and outbursts, his described behavior of going “berserk” is not his only recent fit.  During a recent call made by Paul Damon, Vice Chair of the Florida Peace & Freedom Party, it is reported that Akin started screaming and angrily hung up on Damon, refusing to answer Damon’s queries about the California PFP conference.  Previously, Akin retaliated against Damon, having him removed from the PFP National Organizing Committee for having sought the truth about Akin’s bizarre accusations against me [see the following to see Akin’s email and my response to it:].

The fact that at least some of the party officers are now questioning Akin’s fitness–albeit privately rather than publicly–is a hopeful sign that control can be wrested away from the party’s increasingly cultish hierarchy.  Akin mistakes his own thoughts for the party’s thoughts: perhaps he would feel right at home in North Korea

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    We need a new kind of politics ~ a solid center-based one.

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