Sandusky-Tip of the Iceberg


Louis Freeh & Jan B. Tucker

The national scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and the powers that be at Pennsylvania State University, as brilliantly exposed by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of how educational and other governmental institutions as well as corporate America deal with sex crimes and sexual harassment.   In 2011 alone the Department of Defense tallied up 3,192 service member related reported sexual assaults.  Many people don’t wind up even reporting sexual assault in the military because of the military’s traditional way of handling these crimes.

Years ago San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles NOW (National Organization for Women) held a forum in which a former Naval Aviator was drummed out of Annapolis.  She told us of how, after she reported being raped by a football player, she was investigated under the theory that she was a Lesbian because she didn’t enjoy having forced sex with a male.  At one time at least, this was routine practice for the military academies after they finally starting allowing women to attend.

Families have a tendency to sweep things under the rug as well when it comes to family members who molest others in their family.  Trayvon Martin might still be alive if George Zimmerman’s family had reported him for sexual assault.  According to a video tape recently released publicly by the court trying Zimmerman, a female cousin has alleged that he started molesting her when she was six years old, that it continued for years, and that he’d molested at least one other family member.  She contends that when the family confronted him, all he did was say he was sorry and then walked away.  She also exposed Zimmerman as being a racist who repeatedly bad-mouthed African Americans.

For years I have been cognizant of stories concerning rape and attempted rape on college campuses being swept under the rug.  When I was at CSU Northridge (CSUN), a certain individual that many of my Mechista colleagues and companeros will remember (he was so notorious that I don’t have to mention his name as everybody will know who I’m talking about) was well known as a serial rapist.  After he attempted to rape a friend of mine from the Political Science Department, I told the story to Rudy Acuna, who confronted him in public in front of a crowd by the Chicano Studies office in the Sierra Building.  Rudy recounted the story of what he’d done and then accused the culprit of being “a cocksucker by proxy” [email me privately {} if you want to know the details, but the full story will come out in a chapter of the memoir I’m currently working on; the chapter is entitled Especially Heinous and is about every sick sex crime I’ve ever investigated].  The guy ran out [those who know who it was will know that it’s odd that he ran], went home, got his gun and was coming back to shoot Rudy when he was intercepted by a couple of guys who calmed him down.

Nobody could ever figure out why the police, both CSUN University cops and the Los Angeles Police Department, always buried his alleged rapes and that he’d never been arrested or charged.  Many people did suspect however that this professional student, who’d been at the University forever without ever completing a degree, was simply a police informer whose rapes were a tolerated behavior for spying on the Chicano Studies Department.  Years later, when I became a private investigator, I asked a retired LAPD CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section) Detective point blank whether this individual (by name) had been one of their informants.  He responded, “no, he didn’t work for us.  He was working for PDID,” referring to the LAPD’s Public Disorder Intelligence Division (i.e., the “red squad”) which was the LAPD’s discredited forerunner of the Anti-Terrorist Division.

Rape did not even begin to be taken seriously by law enforcement until women started coming out of the closet as rape victims.  The feminist movement had to reorient America’s (and the world’s) thinking about rape victims being survivors who should not have to feel ashamed that they did not die in the process of their attack or commit suicide as slaves to some bizarre sense of “honor.”  All these years later, when we at least had begun to think that these crazy ideations were a thing of the past, we have had to hold “slutwalks” to remind people that there is no excuse for rape [] under any circumstance.

What I find really galling is that the leadership of my own party, the California Peace & Freedom Party [PFP], the first political party to declare itself to be a feminist party ever, has so completely deviated from its feminist principles, that the leaders welcome into its  ranks registered sex offender Steven Bruce Orcutt aka Frank Runninghorse [his fake Native American wannabe alias] who I have repeatedly exposed:  Most recently, Orcutt declared an apparent solidarity action over the death of his fellow sex offender, 19 year old Kenneth Harding who pulled a gun on pursuing police.  The officers who were pursuing Harding were initially only after him for BART fare evasion…which would likely have resulted in his getting a cite and release misdemeanor ticket…so it is a kind of aberrant and potentially a dangerous situation for a police officer when somebody flees from such a minor situation.  As it turned out Harding was recently released from Washington State prison custody where he’d served time for a sex offense and was being sought in connection with the murder of a pregnant woman after his release.  What can I say about Frank Runningdog’s support for this miscreant?  Maybe Runningmouth’s thinking is, Rapists of the World Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Shames!

 Come out of the shadows, there is no shame

Nothing is going to change, nothing is going to get better in all these spheres of life, corporate, social, or governmental, until women who have been subjected to rape in those institutions expose what happened to them, especially if it happened in relation to an educational institution which ignored it, swept it under the rug, or otherwise covered it up.  If you feel that you have no where else to go and nobody else to speak to about your situation, whether it happened 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago, then report it to me at  Report whatever you feel comfortable reporting to me.  If you want to remain anonymous, then let me know the facts and I will do what I can to see to it that it doesn’t happen to somebody else at the same institution.  If you want to tell all and get help in taking on the powers that be, I’ll do whatever I can to help.

Remember:  Sisterhood is Powerful.  We have come a long, long way on a long, long road to equality and liberation and we have a long road to travel on still.  Reporting your rape is a very long step and it is a necessary one.

About Jan Tucker

The Detectives Diary is an innovative tool combining Private Investigation and Journalism. In 1984, Steve Harvey's Los Angeles Times "Around the Southland" Column entitled Jan Tucker's program of providing low-cost "Opposition Research" services to indigent and working class candidates for public office, "Take Cover: Hired Mudslinger Rides into Town." A 1996 Los Angeles Times article by Henry Chu carried a sub-headline identifying Tucker as a "P.R. Guru." In November 2012, Tucker became Criminal Justice Columnist for Counter Punch Magazine and a commentator for Black Talk Radio. As a private investigator since 1979 and a former First Vice President of Newspaper Guild Local 69, Tucker takes these skills to a new level in the pages of the Detectives Diary with insightful and unique exposures and analysis of history and current events. State Director--California League of Latinos And Chicanos, Former seven term Chairman of the Board of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, Co-President San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter-National Organization for Women, former National Commissioner for Civil Rights-League of United Latin American Citizens, former Second Vice President-Inglewood-South Bay Branch-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, former founding Vice President-Armenian American Action Committee, former First Vice President, Newspaper Guild Local 69 (AFL-CIO, CLC, CWA), Board member, Alameda Corridor Jobs Coalition, Community Advisory Board member--USC-Keck School of Medicine Alzheimer's Disease Research Project
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