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A series of email exchanges about me have arisen like Jesus from the tomb to the level of Mad Magazine or National Lampoon type humor.  The latest barrage was forwarded to me by another nut who goes by the moniker of “Red Rover.”  I now understand how mythology gets created, when one idiot debates with another idiot with lots of other idiots taking the discussion seriously.   Here’s the latest example:

From: Kevin Akin <>
Subject: Can we stop this nonsense? [pfp-scc] More COINTELPRO Slander, they have no shame
To: “SCC Peace and Freedom” <>
Date: Monday, December 26, 2011, 10:15 AM

Oh boy.  “Tucker and Akin.”  Never thought I would see that one.

Kevin D. Akin, ally of the Feiginites and Berkeley Bullsheviks

Well, RH has now sunk to his lowest yet.  Apparently,my trying to take a dispassionate and somewhat detached approach to this stuff results in RH lumping me in with a disgusting saboteur and anti-party provocateur.

His overdeveloped ego, which trumps all political good sense, tells him that everyone who is critical of him in any way is part of the massive anti-RH conspiracy.
There is no doubt at all that Tucker and his one friend are both involved in trying to use the RH appointment to the SCC to damage the party any way they can.  The report from Guillermo (while not very clear) indicates that someone has been sending him messages accusing him of collaborating with RH.  (This reminds me of RH’s assertion that I, having been critical of RH, must be involved in “egging on” Tucker and “manipulating” another person who despises RH – in other words, collaborating with Tucker.)  We can expect to see more of this, and while I don’t want to say I told you so, this is pretty much what I predicted before the vote to add RH to the SCC.  I have no illusions that next time anyone will pay attention to my considered opinion, but maybe listening to each other would be a good idea.  Some of us, certainly I, might learn something.
Comrades, can we just knock this off?
The fact is, this party has enemies.  Some of them are important (the 1%, for example, as the current phrase goes).  Some are annoying gnats.
When we get all excited about the gnats, and ignore the important enemies, we are not politically productive.  We don’t advance the interests of the working class, we don’t do work that will lead to positive changes in the lives of our people.
When some of us fantasize that each gnat is an agent of the important enemies, involved in a conspiracy (that RH anachronistically calls COINTELPRO with no more basis than his own fantasies), we lose proportion.
Of more importance than a gnat-bite is the fact that this discussion list has been made essentially useless, or even counterproductive, by becoming a forum for absurd fantasies and the responses to them.  Putting a new person on this list is no favor to that person or the party.  They are likely to throw up their hands and ask to be removed.  They will certainly not get the impression that this is an effective organization.
What will it take to get comrades to stop destroying the usefulness of this list?  What will it take to move this counterproductive garbage to some other forum?  Whatever it is, we should do it.  There is a lot of work to do, as signature-gathering begins, and we need a way to communicate about the hard work that is needed.  -Kevin

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 09:29:06 -0800
Subject: [pfp-scc] More COINTELPRO Slander, they have no shame

Steve Orcutt, center, aka Frank Runninghorse, Runamuck, Running Mouth, Running Dog...

Marsha the Tuckerites are coming after you now as well as me . Kevin Akin is egging them on. Tucker claims somebody is posting his beliefs without his permission. Maybe some other of his COINTELPRO friends ,more likely he is just lieing again. Either way he admits its what he thinks. These people are evil . They even attack Tom Condit in his grave.

     “Radical Bard” is a deeply disturbed person ,whose “issues” are being manipulated by Tucker & Akin. She is also pedaling lies about non-existent civil court cases against me by non existing “victims”, probably fed to her by
Tucker and egged on by Akin. [who has now joined in on outing socialists work names]
     By the way , my first arrest and jail time [one week] were for picket line duty in 1972 for supporting
Ruckers Electronic women workers in Concord, who were on strike to stop sexual harassment [demanding ‘favors’] by their bosses. The ‘Red Tide” the socialist student group I helped found ,mobilized daily contingents of high school students early in the morning to march in solidarity with the women strikers. This was ‘Feminism” in action , not just lip service.
Since then I have defended dozens of abortion clinics over the years . I have supported Women’s Liberation and Socialist Feminism since those days. I refuse to accept slanders by these stooges that attempt to paint me as some
type of oppressor of women. How many of my accusers have gone to jail and been beaten by the police for standing up for women ????
Frank Runninghorse
PS Below are the slanders posted on Indy Bay
###   (snip)

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The ruling clique within Peace and Freedom Party, the East Bay dimwits, have accelerated the party’s decline by putting forth a tiresome, old line socialist, Marsha Joan Feinland as a potential nominee for United States Senate in the 2012 primary. Under the newly implemented Proposition 14, only the top two candidates in the June primary will go on to the general election in November 2012.
Progressives should beware of the Feinland candidacy. Before New York born Marsha was a “socialist” she was a LaRouchite and was rectified and brought to the alter of socialism after her marriage to her late husband, the notorious redbaiting John Thomas Condit.
Feinland is a smarmy, retired school teacher who talks down to the tiny audiences she has appeared before in her previous campaigns. But most damning of all is Feinland’s support of STEVEN BRUCE ORCUTT of Contra Costa County within the State Central Committee of Peace and Freedom Party. ORCUTT goes by his pretend name of “Frank Runninghorse” while he poses as a junior college campus organizer. But even worse is ORCUTT’s 2006 conviction in Contra Costa County for the sexual assault on a 14 year old African American girl when he was 51 years old. This is a conviction that Feinland dismisses because she sees Orcutt/Runninghorse as a political ally to prop up her pretensions of being a Movement leader.
Feinland is no feminist and deserves neither your vote in June or your signature to put her on the ballot. Google the terms “frank runninghorse” and “sex offender” on the same line for more information about this sordid story.

by Relf Alison Star

( RadicalBard [at] ) Thursday Dec 15th, 2011 5:32 PM

I agree with Jan Tucker. PFP has forfeited the right to call itself “feminist.” At the last State Central Committee meeting there was no feminist committee, and the reestablished women’s committee did not meet despite the fact that there were three of us feminists who wanted to meet. This, after dismantling the feminist committee and the disability committee at the SCC prior to this last, should be absolutely unacceptable. But Orcutt has his reactionary defenders. Let the PFP know how you feel. Contact C. T. Weber(ctwebervoters [at], the state party chair.

by Jan B. Tucker

( pi [at] ) Monday Dec 19th, 2011 9:18 AM

Is JT really ET.......?

I didn’t make that post which lists my blog’s URL and I don’t know who “E.T.” is. I have an uncle and a cousin whose initials could be E.T. but I doubt that it’s either of them (although one of them did have his photo taken with Fidel Castro in 1959) because I don’t think they follow that political line these days.

That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiments expressed although I would have phrased things differently.

tags: STEVEN BRUCE ORCUTT, frank runninghorse, REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, megan’s law, STEVE ORCUTT, runamok, runningdog, runningmouth,
Okay, so now that you’ve seen the bizarre ravings about this issue, it should be obvious that Runningmouth is desperately searching the internet to find everything that’s written about himself so that he can blame it on me.  The conspiracy gets wider and bigger with every posting; now even Kevin D. Akin (just put his name in this blog’s search engine to see how much love there is between the two of us) is supposedly my co-conspirator.  The likelihood of Kevin and I conspiring with each other is as probable as Hitler showing up at a Bar Mitzvah or a cigarette machine being allowed in a lung cancer ward.  So, let me make it easy on Runningmouth.  Here are a bunch of the other myths that can be found on the internet or in other public sources so he can work these other fantasies into his ravings and at least get the facts right about which ones I confirm, those I deny, and those about which I neither confirm nor deny:
1.  Jan B. Tucker is really:
  • Robert O. Williams
  • Barbara Simpson
  • Red Rover
  • E.T.
  • Monty Kroopkin

Deny as to all, emphatically.

....or is JT El Diablo?????

2.  Jan B. Tucker has used or been accorded by various associates and cohorts the aliases:

  • James McKenna
  • Diablo
  • Janos Tokar
  • Dracula
  • The Beast
  • The Prince of F—ing Darkness

Admit as to all!

Irv Rubin/Earl Krugel on trial for bombing plot

3.  Tucker had Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel of the JDL (Jewish Defense League) murdered respectively at the Metropolitan Detention Center (Los Angeles) and Phoenix Federal Correction Institution?

  • Okay, I admit that I put a curse on Irv, Earl and Earl’s twin bother Barry (all of whom died within rapid succession, with Irv and Earl dying exactly on the same date, one year apart), but other than that as a potential proximate cause of their deaths, I neither confirm nor deny any other involvement.
4.  Did Tucker have anything to do with the bombings of accused war criminals Elmars Sprogis and/or Tscherim Soobzokov?
  • I neither confirm nor deny having had anything to do with those bombings, but as to whoever did do it, I support the behavior of people who attempt to cancel the tickets of Nazi war criminals!
5.  Were David McCalden’s accusations in his lawsuit against Tucker true, i.e., that Tucker helped throw him through a stained glass window in a Synagogue (McCalden was the founder of the Institute for Historical Review [IHR], the “think tank” that claims that Hitler was a nice guy who didn’t kill anybody, that the Turkish-German genocide against Armenians is a World War I myth, and that slavery was a wonderful experience for African Americans) and/or fire bomb his house?
  • The Late David McCalden

    While the Krugel Brothers were busy throwing McCalden through a stained glass window, I retained my ticket stub from watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in Universal Studios, in the presence of three witnesses.  As to the bombing of his house, the only time I was ever there was when I served him with a subpoena.

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