Frank Runninghorse’s Martyr Complex

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The Detectives Diary is an innovative tool combining Private Investigation and Journalism. In 1984, Steve Harvey's Los Angeles Times "Around the Southland" Column entitled Jan Tucker's program of providing low-cost "Opposition Research" services to indigent and working class candidates for public office, "Take Cover: Hired Mudslinger Rides into Town." A 1996 Los Angeles Times article by Henry Chu carried a sub-headline identifying Tucker as a "P.R. Guru." In November 2012, Tucker became Criminal Justice Columnist for Counter Punch Magazine and a commentator for Black Talk Radio. As a private investigator since 1979 and a former First Vice President of Newspaper Guild Local 69, Tucker takes these skills to a new level in the pages of the Detectives Diary with insightful and unique exposures and analysis of history and current events. State Director--California League of Latinos And Chicanos, Former seven term Chairman of the Board of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, Co-President San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter-National Organization for Women, former National Commissioner for Civil Rights-League of United Latin American Citizens, former Second Vice President-Inglewood-South Bay Branch-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, former founding Vice President-Armenian American Action Committee, former First Vice President, Newspaper Guild Local 69 (AFL-CIO, CLC, CWA), Board member, Alameda Corridor Jobs Coalition, Community Advisory Board member--USC-Keck School of Medicine Alzheimer's Disease Research Project
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7 Responses to Frank Runninghorse’s Martyr Complex

  1. Jan Tucker says:

    HERE IS A RECENT POSTING WHICH CONTAINS MORE BIZARRE ACCUSATIONS, OBFUSCATIONS, AND PREVARICATIONS BY Steven Bruce Orcutt, aka Frank Runninghorse, aka Runningmouth, Running Dog, and Running Nalgas:

    On Wed, 12/7/11, Frank (STEVEN BRUCE ORCUTT) and Ambika wrote:

    From: Frank and Ambika
    Subject: [pfp-scc] REPLY TO AL HABER
    To: “Al Haber” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
    Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 4:37 PM

    Frank Runninghorse’s reply to Al Haber is in yellow.


    to: Frank Runninghorse, aka Steve Orcutt

    It is a typical COINTELPRO tactic to ‘out” radicals “work names” to the police
    and the bosses so they AND THEIR FAMILYS can be more easily victimized. It is also a sign of racist
    disrespect to refuse to use a persons chosen name. White racists often made a point of referring to Muhamad Ali as Casius Clay to show this disrespect.

    from: alan haber
    re: dispute with mds,

    responding to your letter, november 30:

    i am glad to read more of your story, and be more informed i knew nothing of your sex offender status. That is not an issue between mds and yourself.

    I’m glad your more principled than that. But that IS the issue the “Contra Costa 99%”
    attempted to expel me on, which “secret MDS” expressed their “solidarity” with. Not any
    of the bogus lies you mention latter on in this post. They thought that was heir best shot
    because the people in Occupy Concord mostly knew me and knew those allegations to be bogus lies if they were presented. As it was, not only could they not get “consensus”.I offered to step out of the group if they could get a simple majority. The actual vote was
    22 opposed , 4 in favor. After losing they showed their dedication to the democratic process by quitting. Are these your principled allies ???

    I summarized on the phone, when we talked, the outstanding questions and complaints:

    that you have represented yourself as “mds” without actually joining,
    that you create chapters which you say are “mds” without the membership actually joining mds
    that you connect mds and sds, MDS/SDS without an agreement from sds or from mds
    that you use, or simulate our button logo, without approval.

    Al ,as I told you on the phone . We did join MDS , filled out he paper work ,attempted
    numerous times ,repeatedly to solicit a response from the so-called national office,with no response. We didn’t want to send money to what we assumed was a defunct & unresponsive office. The website showed only very old entries.Right now if you go the MDS google group it lists our email as “membership pending” and its been that way for months. We assumed because of this total failure of the NO that we were on our own. We had a big discussion about this .Some of our members were reluctant to join a defunct
    organization . But because we already had been working with or been members of DVC SDS
    for two years and we wanted to create a off campus , community based allied organization
    and had the local base to do so, we decided that the MDS concept ,even without a real national organization was worthwhile. We liked the idea of a organic connection between
    organized Community college students and organized working class community’s linked as powerful allies. We took on the project with the logical understanding that we were the
    only functioning chapters. Again because of the TOTAL FAILURE of the NO to ever
    respond to us. What kind of a organization does’nt respond to new chapters ? One that either doesn’t want to grow or is defunct.
    Even when we ordered expensive MDS T-shirts [from a private company thru the MDS website] we still
    got no response from the organization. Even more amazing ,when we tracked your E-mail
    address down thru one of our North Bay MDS activists Roger Wilkins, thru his good friend Mike Delacore [who we have worked with also around Single Payer Healthcare ] and began sending in near daily reports on our many successful activities ,we still received no response.
    So please do not try to hide behind the $ 1 dollar membership fee , which each
    one of our 30 members would gladly have paid if the NO {National Office} had shown even a faint pulse of life. That is a obvious ploy. It is not our fault that the NO did not
    do their job. We did ours. To use a football analogy , the NO dropped the ball ,but we picked it up and moved it way down the field into our own endzone . That you object to that is beyond all reason and understanding.
    We went ahead and started several SDS &MDS chapters and spent several hundred $ on banners ,made close to thousand picket signs and produced & distributed over 50,000 leaflets.And put MDS on the map in Nor Cal, which before us nobody had
    ever heard of.

    Also we have heard that your leadership style has been heavy handed, intimidating, divisive, bullying,
    and offensive, to repeat some of the words i heard from some of our friends and members who have witnessed your work. Highly subjective reports but not to be unnoticed.

    Al who have you ‘heard’ these reports from ? Our political opponents ? Do they have names ? Do they have axes to grind ?In a real democratic organization or society , members and citizens should have
    a trial or at least a hearing before judgment is announced against them. The accused
    should have the right to know who the accuser is , not some shadowy anonymous source
    that can’t be refuted or rebutted. The accused in a “democratic society ” should have a right to examine and a chance to refute the so-called evidence. The accused should at least get a chance to tell their side of the story to a impartial body ,[not friends of the accuser].
    The judges should be transparent and named , not a secret conspiracy.
    Only in “Alice In Wonderland” and Banana Republic kangaroo courts are the verdicts issued before the trials. Any “democratic society” that doesn’t follow these principals
    is more properly called fascist ,Stalinist and hypocritical.
    I was afforded none of these rights before summery judgment was passed against me.

    It is my speculation that Andy Licterman and his son Mark are your secret sources. Andy told me he knows you. He worked with us for a while , but left when Mark left SDS after
    he became involved in a ultra left/anarchist grouping in DVC SDS that tried and failed to
    hijack a highly successful SDS led United Front ,democratically planned March 4, 2010 rally & demonstration against education fee hikes and funding cuts. Mark attempted to censor me after I wrote statement explaining to the campus what happened and disassociating SDS from the ultra left/anarchist group’s illegal pulling of fire alarms that
    alienated much of the campus. The statement was not passed by the chapter as a whole
    because we needed a timely response to the crisis and couldn’t wait a week for the next
    SDS meeting , the mainstream press was already spinning it it against SDS . The Statement WAS individually signed by 8 out of the 10 elected SDS officers and later adopted by the branch as a whole. After Mark Lictermans censor motion failed to win a majority. He and the ultra left/anarchist grouping walked out of he group. They split because they lost the vote. How many times has SDS seen that happen ? Mark’s grouping
    soon split again and then dissolved entirely . He remained bitter. His father Andy ,who
    doesn’t live with Mark , choose family [blood] over political principals and broke off
    his relationship with our local pre MDS formation ‘United for Healthcare Justice” ,despite
    our encouragement for him not too.

    We were particularly concerned about the division in a Contra Costa occupation group, where mds was identified as a divisive agent. We do not want that association. That incident prompted us to write, rather than observe from a distance, and to dissociate ourselves from this split, done in/with our name, but not with our participation. (Your letter here elaborated some issues on which the rupture came, non-violence and consensus, which are questions on which we debate, not on which we divide.)

    It is simply amazing to us that you would side with a group that tried and failed to expel
    your own group [mds] without so much as contacting us and at the very least ,listen to our side of the story. It boggles the mind of any reasonable person. It is also flabbergasting
    that you can describe defending oneself and the largest radical group in the Concord Area
    {SDS /MDS}from a unprincipled ,undemocratic ,redbaiting purge attempt in Occupy Concord as “divisive”. Should we have just allowed ourselves to be bullied out of the ‘Occupy”
    with out even asking for a vote ? They were divisive .Their purge attempt was divisive.The proof is in the lopsided vote, what the people thought . Is the democratic judgment of the entire Occupy Concord
    movement also being questioned by “secret MDS”. First they[Sputnikites] brought COPS into the meeting .Do you support that as well ? Then 4 white middle class purgers quit when they could get no support for a unprincipled smear & redbaiting campaign and expulsion . They
    were not expelled, even tho they actually put forth a motion to expel themselves [ I kid you not ]. Nobody voted for it.
    You call me the “divisive agent” , please explain the logic.

    Your widely distributed and ignorant attack on us as “cointelpro,” possibly from your old nemesis, an alleged agent named Jan Tucker, was insulting, slanderous, inappropriately paranoid and contentious.

    First as can be clearly counted, a little over 50 people were made aware of the slanders
    ‘secret mds” had publicly made against Real Nor Cal MDS & me ,and our reasoned response
    and appropriate inquiry into it. That is basically just informing our active membership and our very closest working allies . Who need to know ,so they don’t get blind sided again by another COINTELPRO type “sucker punch”. Thats not as you mistakenly state ” widely distributed”. If we had sent it out the 1000+ MDS/SDS contacts that get our daily E-BLASTs , that one could call “widely distributed”.
    We were hoping to come to some
    reasonable, principled, democratic resolution with ‘secret mds’ before we aired our dirty laundry in public . At some point we will have make public this tragic farce and the lessons learned from it.
    Exposing Jan Tucker is neither “ignorant” nor a “attack on you”, unless your are in bed with him. His COINTELPRO type attacks are indeed ” insulting ,slanderous ,inappropriately paranoid and contentious “Ask PFP leaders about him.

    Representing yourself as elected to peace and freedom leadership, when other peace and freedom people say “appointed” is more the fact, also shows a stretching of the truth in a self serving way.

    Peace & Freedom Party leaders, I expect , will soon be issuing a statement to correct this bogus assertion of yours as well as several others that you made about PFP after apparently listening to more secret sources . Have you bothered to talk to anybody on either the PFP State Central Committee[I was voted on 24-4] or Contra Costa County Central Committee[I’m the Elected co-chair of PFP c5]

    We are not looking for this style in our leadership. Participatory democracy, accountability, responsibility, getting along and building the organization, are the qualities we want associated with the movement for a democratic society.

    Who is this “royal we” that determine these questions and decides they are going to disenfranchise whole state sections of active MDS. Has their been a convention to discuss and vote on such a drastic action as expelling what is apparently MDS’s largest and most active chapters ? When was it ?Where was it? Where was it announced.?
    We claim the
    decentralized democratic right , to select our own leadership , our own campaigns, and operating rules ,”styles” and traditions.Thats ‘Participatory democracy’ We will decide what to do with- in our own branches, without Top Down bureaucracy , & heavy handed ‘trustee ship” imposed from above. Isn’t that what the LID piecards tried to do to you back in old school SDS days. I will be putting forward a motion to Real Nor Cal MDS chapters to demand a MDS hold a convention to address these Questions.

    The mds working committee has been considering, agonizing with no pleasure, how to respond in the wider movement to the people you addressed. A letter of response has recently been sent. It is not a “cointelpro” plot; It is activists dealing with a political/organizational situation of your creation.

    Who is on this ‘secret ‘ committee ? How and when were they elected ? We have read
    so-called ‘working committees” piece. It is outrageous and disgraceful. Sticking their
    nose into Occupy Concord business and making ‘Solidarity” statements to red-baiting, cop loving enemies of SDS/MDS is the “creation” of the “situation”. Before that, we didn’t even know “secret mds” was alive. You say its not a COINTELPRO plot , but this is exactly like other “posion pen” campaigns the FBI has used many times to sow division in Organizations. You seem to have leaned nothing from years of revelations about this from Ward Churchill ,Kilpatrick Sales and others. the first step in Fighting COINTELPRO 101: is contact and communicate with your members and allies before engaging in or responding to smear campaigns . Ask Bunchy Carter Black Panther who was killed as a result of a “poison, pen” campaign. This is the first thing we did when we read the slanderous so-called ‘solidarity’ with the Sputnikites piece. ‘Secret mds’ failed to do the
    ABC’s. Your slipping Al, you should know better. This aint your first rodeo!
    In my previous letter to “secret mds” I posted my phone # [925] 798-3698 and requested mds members of the supposedly “accountable & transparent” body to contact
    me. So far silence , once again failing the ABC’s of fighting COINTELPRO 101.

    Our one clear request is that you stop using the name of mds, MDS, or movement for a democratic society, or our logo, for any of the activities of yourself or allies, and that you cease to represent mds to the public in signs, banners, leaflets or personally.

    We will have meetings and collectively and democratically decide what to do. As of right
    we don’t accept that secret mds has the organizational , political ,legal or moral authority to make any demands on us without holding a a democratic convention. We don’t accept
    your self appointed vertical authority over us. You do not Own the letters MDS.

    Call yourself and “your” chapters something else, choose your own name, not ours, until whatever questions are outstanding here are resolved.

    We would be sorry to lose 4 chapters in Contra Costa and North Bay, But they were not actually chapters and they had no members of whom we knew, who were members of our organization.

    If you wanted to run a dictatorship you should have contacted us back in the summer of 2010 when we informed you we were planning to start a branch and before we invested several thousand $, thousands of activist hours and organized dozens of actions and public events building up our chapters. If you had responded then with such a top down attitude we probably would have used another name , because it is very NOT Inspirational.

    Speaking for myself, from what i have heard, and it is true i do not know you and have no window to your soul, and you have a long story in the movement,

    Al this is the wisest thing you have said so far

    I encourage you to some self reflection. Let Tucumseh’s horse rest, running or otherwise. Take a little pasture and watch what’s going on. The tribes are gathering by themselves. Try out the consensus process where everyone has their voice and no one dominates. There are new energies in activism. They need a freedom to develop. You seem of the gung-ho, ego-first, get-it-done, be-in-front activist leader style.

    This sounds very hypocritical coming from you [turning out to pasture]who has been doing it a few years longer than me and are still stirred to organizing on occasion. FYI, I have worked in “Consensus ” groups and still do and find the process deeply flawed as well as anti-working class and racist. As far as my leadership style goes . I am not the president of any of the several
    groups I work in and prefer the role of “advisor” and elder statesmen or other simple duty posts.Sometimes my comrades draft me into prominent positions ,but I don’t seek them.

    That may be, or have been proper in some situations. MDS and most of the movement now, as we know it, has shifted more to an organizer model, where the job of the organizer is to create leadership opportunities for people being drawn into the movement and the organizer is in the back, getting other people to speak and be in front.

    This I agree with and actually try to practice it. If you did know me , you would know that.

    Again in my view, i think it would be beneficial for the movement as a whole in the East Bay and North Bay to have some convocations to assess our strengths and needs, and clarify some of the leadership and participation standards to which we aspire. This would be good in every region and locale. Yours is not the only situation.

    If you wanted to take this rebuke, which our response definitely is, seriously, you would support some general convening a movement convocation for criticism and self criticism, appraisal and direction, and listen to what people say, especially about you.

    If this is a call for a convention , to this then I am for it

    We may have you all wrong, your actions and interactions, and you are actually a stellar feller, wrongly maligned, and misunderstood in your good intentions.. If so we will hear about it. and if so, reevaluate what could be hasty and ill informed opinions. Until then, listen to what a group of people who are no fools, and not born yesterday, long in the movement, have to say.

    I believe you indeed will hear about it. I hope your are true to your word that you have
    the capability to “re evaluate” “hasty and ill informed opinions” .
    Again who comprizes
    this “long of tooth” group of political Yoda’s that I should humble myself before. I have a bit track record myself.

    And, whether you listen or not, stop using the mds name or logo in anything you do, until this is all behind us, if ever. And you insult yourself, more than us, to consider this a cointelpro action. As your letter recommends, it could well be a good idea to have a program, workshop, study guide on police and police type tactics within the movement, Our complaint and criticism is not one of them.

    You will be hearing from more than a few who think other wise.

    I hope you can hear this criticism. You wrote ill and ignorant of our organization. A place to start would be an apology.

    We are the “Ignorant” ones ,and I owe you an “apology”. That s turning black into white and up into down. Straight out 1984’s school of “doublethink”

    Frank Runninghorse
    SDS, Real MDS,OGC, PFP, Occupy Concord

    alan haber

    On Nov 30, 2011, at 10:40 PM, Frank and Ambika wrote:

    > Brother Al Haber
    > The group that tried and failed to expell
    > SDS/MDS out of Occupy Concord ,did so because
    > of political differences. Primarily because (1)we objected to their inviting armed police into our
    > General Assembly meeting ,and (2) the fact that we were not committed to pacifism as a philosophy even tho we supported non -violence as a tactic and (3) our position in favor majority rule as opposed to their sacred cow of ‘Consensus”.
    > It was for these reasons that they came after us. But since
    > they were basically losing the popular debate on
    > all points. They thought they came across the
    > perfect “ad homenim ” attack when one of our enemy’s informed them I was a “sex offender”.
    > They switched to what they thought would be a decapitating blow in their purge attempt. They
    > were shocked at MDS/SDS support when the vote
    > came down to 22-4 against the purge and even 3 members of their group voted against it and remained with us after they quit.
    > Since then, in a sour grapes effort
    > they have latched on to the old COINTELPRO
    > “poison pen” campaign launched and led by
    > Jan Tucker , a former President of the ‘Private
    > Investigators Association’ [full of corrupt ex cops].
    > Tucker uses many allieses to spread his lies and is a master of dirty tricks.He has conspired with the cops against other activists. He was also involved with the crew that tried to smear Judi Barri
    > { IWW/Earth First} and my friend Darrel Cherny as they were being prosecuted as terrorist by the FBI after a bomb exploded in their car and nearly killed them.
    > Unfortunately this is the crowd that some MDS
    > members ,who have never had any contact or communication with us decided to send a “solidarity” letter to . The pathetic, now defunct
    > CC99% group that attemped and failed to expell other MDS members.
    > It is quite sad that so called experienced
    > radicals could be so easily manipulated by
    > reactionary forces to do the FBI’s work for them.
    > We suggest that National MDS leadership begin
    > a series of education classes on COINTELPRO
    > tactics and how to counter them.Because surely with the growing OWS movement they are pulling out all stops to create division and wreck he movement. We also suggest that other Calif. MDS
    > members contact us to clear up this tragic Faux Pas . [925] 798-3698
    > We have repeatedly attempted to contact the National Office , but other than receiving the T-shirts we ordered, have recieved no response.With the exception, very recently of a brief and unexplained admitance of writing the so called ‘solidarity” statement with attempted purgers.
    > We were accused of not attending Bay Area MDS meeting, but were never informed of any. Of course we have regular monthly MDS meeting in the 3 East Bay chapters, on top of all of our other organizing MDS/SDS activity.
    > Below is a statement I produced over
    > a year and a half ago on the sex offender issue.
    > By the way . After the public sex offender controversy erupted,
    > I resigned from all my public posts in the several
    > groups I work with. In all cases my resignations
    > were unanimously rejected and I was re-elected to all my posts. Including Co chair of the Contra Costa Co Peace & Freedom Party ,which is one of the healthier and most active counties. I was also recently elected by 26 -3 vote to become a member the PFP’s “State Central Committee” despite another Jan Tucker campaign to stop me.
    > Al you are a venerable and respected elder in this movement . I would think you would want to do some ‘damage control” and prevent this type of
    > stupid mistake [or worse] from ever happening again. You should call for a investigation and
    > a retraction of the slanderous statement.
    > Frank Runninghorse
    > ##################################
    > BY Frank Runninghorse
    > There are over 80,000 registered “sex offenders” in California. I am one of them. This “sex offender” category is very broad and includes urinating in public, participants in high school-college romances and peeking toms among others on the relatively harmless end of the spectrum. On the other end are the violent rapists and sexual predators of children and the innocent, who are a serious threat to society. They are a small minority of this category of “offender.”
    > Most “offenders” must register with the local police at least annually for the rest of their lives or any time they move. New laws making residence in cities or towns impossible are making “sex offenders” who have done their time into social lepers. No other category of crime is monitored after the punishment has been served. Not even murderers!
    > I register every year on my birthday.
    > Since 1969 (41 years), I have been a student rabel rouser, social justice activist ,union militant and a radical organizer. I have fought in many struggles and had many conflicts with administrators, bosses, racists,corrupt politicians ,KKK & cops and made powerful enemies. I’ve been arrested over 40 times in my life, almost entirely for political activity. Mostly simply for using my “free speech” and I almost always win those cases. I have organized with others, demonstrations in 6 Bay Area cities on behalf of death row inmate, political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. The police view Mumia as a “cop killer” and hate his supporters. I have had to go to the Concord Human Rights Council to restrain police harassment against me in the 1990’s.
    > After 9-11-2001, I helped organize the 9-11 Truth Alliance and began writing and publicly speaking about CIA complicity with the 9/11 hijacking, in particular Ali Muhamed aka “Mohamed the American”, a CIA/FBI Green Beret who was central to the plot.
    > I have also been arrested at DVC [Diablo Valley College ]before. In 1996, the campus Republicans had the police arrest both me and my pet goat “Billy,” the Frank Little Club mascot, for passing out voter information on the racist Prop 187 on election day. Billy was wearing a sandwich board saying “Don’t Scapegoat Immigrants, Vote no on 187.” That year I became the 1st elected Student Body President of DVC. {student population , 22,000} beating
    > opponents from campus Republicans & Democrats.
    > The point being the police and FBI have had animosity towards me as an unrepentant radical still surviving and fighting back from the sixties. They tried to silence me many times and failed. This context is important to understand what follows.
    > Five years ago, in Oakland a young hooker approached me at a gas station. She asked for a ride. She said she was 18, she looked at least that. She was going to Laney College and was “working” to pay bills ,she claimed. She propositioned me. I accepted (unwisely). I foolishly gave her my phone number when she asked for it. Later, she began calling me and we had a couple “dates.” She maintained her story about “working” her way through college.
    > At all times, I believed that I was engaging in harmless consensual sex between two adults. This was verified when I later passed a lie detector test. She was a professional hooker with an arrest record for it and dozens of ”clients.” She had a 28 year old boyfriend and bought him a car with her earnings, she said. She was way beyond innocent. She had a polished and practiced story she “conned” her clients with, if she was indeed under age.
    > On the day of the arrest, she called me again and pleaded for a “date.” Years later, she called me and told me the police used her to set me up.
    > The police who arrested me boasted they “finally got” me, and they had some “boys” the “Peckerwoods”(Nazis) out in “West County” (Richmond Jail) that were going to “rip me a new asshole.” At the time, I thought they were just trying to scare me. When I got out to “West County”, the “Peckerwood” Nazis were on the lookout for me and within 2 hours launched a gang attack on me with some sort of brass knuckles, shattering two bones in my face and breaking two ribs. I believe that if I had fell to the ground instead of fighting my way out and running, they would have “put the boots” to me and killed me, it happens occasionally to inmates with a “child molester” jacket. Nobody cares. The Guards look the other way.
    > After the attack, the guards told me to keep my mouth shut and follow the “code,” or I’d regret it. I was sent to a disciplinary unit for fighting and placed in a cell with a “Peckerwood enforcer” who was in the unit for attacking other prisoners who the racist gang deemed needed “punishing”. ‘Enforcers” are thugs who carry out violent attacks to rise in the gang hierarchy. I was physically busted up and unable to defend myself. If I had not been able to establish a connection with my Peckerwood cellmate, he could have easily finished the job his fellows had started. Several days later a concerned administrator who was “shocked” at the sequence of events transferred me out.
    > I ended up in the medical unit in Martinez, maximum security 23 hours a day “lock down” facility where the “Woods” were not as much of a danger, but still a presence. A $400,000 bail was set, preventing me from bailing out and keeping me in the “killing zone”. I and a racially integrated group of inmates established a “Nazi Free Zone”
    > and defended it against the ‘Peckerwoods” ,refusing to comply with their racist rules against ‘race mixing”.
    > I spent my life’s savings of $5,000 to get a lawyer. But to go to trial he would need another $10,000 ,which I didn’t have. So when the DA offered me a deal to plead “No Contest” (not admitting guilt) to a charge that could be reduced to a misdemeanor and a six month sentence to be served on “electronic home detention” ,where I could stay at home, go to work and make my house payment, I accepted. I wanted to get out of the Nazi “killing zone”, heal up and save my home of 20 years. My lawyer also informed me that even though I had been conned about the hookers age, I was still responsible if she was underage as the DA claimed. (No proof of her age was ever provided, but her sister claimed she was a minor.) I decided to accept the deal and plead “no contest” to “lewd acts with a minor.” That’s how I became a “sex offender.”
    > It should be noted that “Ne Ne “,
    > the young hooker ,refused to cooperate with the DA & the police after she was released from jail.She even refused the mandatory “victims restitution” money that I was required to pay to complete my probation. She stated she ‘wasn’t a victim’.
    > But the sheriff’s department vetoed my “home detention,” that I had been promised and I served my ‘county year'[ 6 months] in maximum security lockdown and another 3 years of probation and mandatory “sex offender therapy,” which have all been completed. During the probation period
    > I was forbidden from engaging in political activism or I would be sent to prison,on ‘probation violation’ even tho I had already “done my time”.
    > I was not aware that I needed to register at DVC as a “sex offender” to take a P.E. class until the bogus “battery” arrest occurred.This arrest , resulting from me non -violently placing a leaflet under the arm of a conservative student govt. political opponent ,was never filed by the DA.The bogus charge was dropped. It merely severed as a vehicle to publicly ‘out’ me as a ‘Sex offender’ in the college newspaper, which was otherwise prevented by law.
    > I repeat, I am not now or ever have been a pedophile, child molester or involved in child pornography. I understood my actions to be between consenting adults. I passed a Lie Detector test to this effect ,before I was allowed to complete
    > the mandatory & expensive “Sex offender Therapy” that
    > was required before I could get off probation.
    > MY BAD
    > Yes, I’ve made mistakes, getting involved with a hooker was foolish in retrospect. I recognize that prostitution and in particular underage prostitution represents a complex social problem that indicates the oppression of women and other social ills.I’ve paid dearly for my mistake. I’ve done my time, healed my broken bones,paid my fines, completed my costly therapy. I’ll wear the stigma of a”sex offender” for the rest of my life. These are the facts and I face them.
    > I realize that those who oppose social justice and the right to a public education ,will attempt to use my past mistakes and this smear campaign, as a “red herring” to diffuse, derail and divert the student and social justice movement. This I regret deeper than any price I personally have had to pay, which is extensive. The 5 year old sexual escapades of a middle age student must not be allowed to cloud the issues or muddy the water of the crucial ongoing movement to save public education, defend free speech and fight for social justice. These are the real issues that must be focused on and dealt with before all of our rights disappear.
    > I believe I would be compounding my past mistake if I were to take the easy way out and dropped out of political activism and remained silent. I feel an obligation to continue to stand up and fight for the just causes of the people that I have been involved with over these past 40 years. It would be cowardly of me to stop now. I will face the music and take my lumps for my past mistakes and continue to speak out when I see injustice. I hope to collaborate with other students, members of the community, faculty and allied organizations. I hope to be as effective as possible.
    > first published and publicly distributed on
    > May 2010 , revised Nov 2012

  2. Jan Tucker says:

    Reposted from an email by C.T. Weber:

    On Thu, 12/8/11, C. T. Weber wrote:
    Date: Thursday, December 8, 2011, 1:14 AM

    No Jan Tucker is not Monty Kroopkin. I know Monty Kroopkin and the last I heard he was still living in San Diego.

    C. T. Weber

  3. gadfly says:

    As a former Frank Little Club member I recently was wondering whatever happened to Runningmouth. When I was young I was a naive leftist, but as I grew up I realize became a moderate and think most political activists are nuts. Proof positive is all these leftists who continue to support Steve even after all his convictions of sex abuse of a minor etc. They try and blame some in on cointelpro crap, but honestly anyone who ever really got to know Steve is prob not surprised he was involved in these crimes.

    Steve does serve a purpose though, over the years he has turned tons of people off to his socialist agenda. Even before all his convictions he was always shown to be a scumbag. Just ask anyone who ever rented a room in his slum hole house (hell he even rented out his SHED) or worked for him. He claims to be a socialist but underbid unions with his tiling contracts by screwing over people who worked for him. He also was one of the biggest misogynists I ever have met.

    If anything I hope the P&Fers etc still keep supporting him just like they did that nutcase Bill Callison. It just hurts their chances of ever getting elected to anything. Keep up the good work exposing these guys who prey on young college kids. Seriously is there one sane person in the P&F party? I really dont keep track of this stuff anymore but I see Marsha running for office from time to time and think WTF? And when they ran Bill for office I was like does the media ever vet these guys.

  4. gadfly says:

    BTW remember old Bernie Ward? All the leftists tried to claim he was innocent even after he pled guilty! Glad he is in prison

  5. Jan Tucker says:

    Don’t remember Bernie Ward. Who was he?

  6. gadfly says:

    He was a KGO talk show host who called himself the “Lion of the Left” he was caught trading child porn using AOL (after years of ranting about pedophilia in the catholic church). All his supporters claimed he was set up or doing research for a book. Excuse after excuse even after he pled guilty.

  7. Jan Tucker says:

    Ah yes, so similar to Runningdog whose initial charges before his plea included possession of kiddie porn.

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