Spy or Not a Spy?


I want to sponsor a debate between two different categories of my detractors.  One group is from the private investigative industry and the other is from the Peace & Freedom Party.  If you’re not a regular reader of this blog, you may want to use the search function for the terms “Saucerman,” “Von Geldern,” and “Runninghorse” to see where these people are coming from per my past blogs.

Runninghorse arrested & not just for running off his mouth

On the one hand, Tom Lacey and registered sex offender Steven Bruce Orcutt, aka Frank Runninghorse (a phony wannabe Native American name) have accused me of being an agent of COINTELPRO according to a series of emails that were recently forwarded to me.  If you’re not familiar with COINTELPRO, check out the Wikipedia article on it:


It’s really pointless for me to deny being an agent provocateur to Lacey and Orcutt.  They believe what they want to believe.  One of their beliefs is that they’ve been around in the leadership of PFP since time immemorial.  If they actually were as important as they think when PFP was a real party that was taken seriously, they would know that I obtained my own FBI files and government files on my father in 1978, that I distributed copies of them to PFP members and to the ACLU of Southern California, and that I even displayed a copy of them on KNBC TV Los Angeles during one of my past congressional campaigns.

In spite of the fact that almost everything I need to say to the public I say through this blog, their sycophant supporters in PFP keep accusing me of using aliases to disparage them and other party leaders.  They used to claim that I was some clown called “Red Rover.”  The latest imbecilic accusation without a shred of evidence is that I’m supposedly “Barbara Simpson.”  Okay, well I do have a name that’s usually female, but it isn’t Barbara.

Rick Von Geldern

On the other hand, private investigators Ed Saucerman and Rick Von Geldern, both of whom are considered to be disgraceful to the industry by most private investigators who have had to deal with them, accused me of being anti-law enforcement during a battle over SB 209, a measure that would have imposed mandatory continuing education requirements on licensed investigators (they opposed the bill, I supported it).  They based this nonsense on my quotation in a letter of a resolution passed by the California League of United Latin American Citizens which any reasonable person realizes was taken out of context.  What demonstrates that Saucerman is either in idiot or a liar is that after accusing me of being anti-law enforcement, he asked me to endorse him for Vice President of the California Association of Licensed Investigators.

So, here’s what I want to do:  I want to sponsor a debate or panel discussion between Tom Lacey, Steve Orcutt, Ed Saucerman and Rick Von Geldern in which Tom and Steve try to prove that I’m a law enforcement COINTELPRO agent while Ed and Rick try to prove that I’m not and that in point of fact I’m anti-law enforcement.

Now as an “oh by the way,” I recently received an email from an individual who’s afraid of Orcutt and asked me to keep his/her identity confidential, but here’s the preliminary report of Orcutt’s conduct that he/she is concerned about:

….Two weeks ago, under his Frank Runninghorse guise, he and his “associates” attended the Occupy ContraCosta County’s GA and immediately began attempting to change the GA’s character by denouncing consensus and adherence to non-violence. My gut feeling was to get away from this guy asap…..

…….Already cracks are forming between the original members and Runninghorse’s posse just seems to be intensifying the fracturing. Steven/Frank is an agent provocateur if his actions are any indication…..

(Emphasis added)

Hey!  Did I say that?  No, somebody who I’ve never met and never heard from before and who didn’t know who I was until they found my past blogs about Running Mouth on the internet said it.  Hmmmmm, very interesting.


UPDATE:  11/6/11

Things are moving fast on this story.  See the update on Frank Running Dog’s latest escapades at somebody else’s blog:




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