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Registered Sex Offender appointed as Chairman of Contra Costa Peace and Freedom Party
by Red
Wednesday Aug 18th, 2010 11:31 AM

The Inquirer, the student newspaper at Diablo Valley College, recently broke the story of the arrest of Steven Orcutt of Concord, California for an assault on campus. Orcutt who postures under the name “Frank Runninghorse” was discovered to have failed to register as a sex offender as required by Megan’s Law whild attending school. The 56 year old was convicted in 2005 after being charged with four felony counts including one of possessing child pornography.

The Runninghorse story can be viewed online by going to The earlier 2005 arrest and conviction leading to the requirement thatOrcutt register as a convicted sex offender is covered in the Inquirer article from the May 2010 campus incident.In July 2010, Steven BruceOrcutt was appointed as County Chairman of the Peace & Freedom Party Contra Costa Central Committee by the only member of that organization to be elected in the June primary, SherriBorgg, Peace and Freedom candidate for Board of Equalization when she was filling vacancies on the countycommitttee. The appointment can be seen by clicking on and the going to the section on “county committees” . What is a feminist-socialist political party like Peace and Freedom Party doing appointing someone like thisRunninghorse monster to any sort of leadership role?Orcutt is apparently now claiming that his arrest and conviction for molesting the 14 to 15 year old was a police set-up, an issue he never raised at trial where his defense counsel was able to plead him down to a single misdemeanor from the initial four felony charges.

by Peace Consciousness

Wednesday Aug 18th, 2010 12:11 PM

It is not our place to throw stones at our brothers and sisters of Earth, 2 wrongs never make 1 right.

by Donna

Thursday Aug 19th, 2010 3:12 PM

You can read the Inquirer story by going to the student newspaper at Diablo Valley College which was the publication which broke the story on Orcutt’s arrest at that campus and the discovery that he had failed to register with the campus police as a convicted sex offender.
For the announcement of Steve Orcutt’s appointment as county chair of the Peace and Freedom Party of Contra Costa County, the party’s own website is the source . After the page pops up, click on county committees and scroll down to Contra Costa.
The fact that Orcutt uses the name Frank Runninghorse and tries to pass himself off as a Native American on various college campuses is disgusting. It is especially insulting to Leonard Peltier, the party’s nominee for President in 2004 as well as to those Native Americans who have actively worked for Peace & Freedom Party previously such as Joel Meza and Robert Chacnaca.

by Bob in San Carlos

Friday Aug 20th, 2010 11:16 AM

Seeing SteveOrcutt in action is a study in social pathology. He, FrankRunningdog, is alatter day version of the Know nothings.Orcutt preys upon a myriad of college campuses (mostly of the junior college variety) posing as an officer of SDS and also as an American Indian. The American Indian thing is a facade, “FrankRunninghorse is a stage name, and a pretext totry and impress new students into thinking theyhave meet a “real revolutionary” and ethnic freedom fighter.Runningmouth (as he is also known) has previously claimed to be a member of the long gone International Workers of the World, better recognised as the initials IWW. Steve asserts that he is a member of the IWW’s Frank Little Club – a two or three member group, that tries to take over leadership of local Bay Area movements by coming in and shouting down those concerned about serious issues.

I am interested in finding the police report on Steve Orcutt’s arrest in 2005 which lead to his conviction as a sex offender. Anyone know what jurisdiction it happened in? Maybe Contra Costa County where he lives in Concord and attends Diablo Valley College for over 20 some years.

Read my lips. who appointed this creep to any position of leadership in anything?

by Jan B. Tucker

( admin [at] ) Wednesday Mar 23rd, 2011 1:42 PM the implications of Steve Orcutt, Scott Catamas, and Robert Leo St. George’s escapades as sex offenders

like my title says, who cares if steve is regestered as a sex offender, almost 10% of all resestered sex offenders are child molesting monsters in the first place, 20% are known to commit sexual assault of any type, and 80% of registered sex offenders are convicted for taking a leak in bushes or street wall (the majority being transits). i have no problem if people are required to registered for actually commiting sexual assault like rape to anyone, especially children. but lewd offences like taking a leak when u have to go and then get put to prison for 18 months, registed for life, poraled for life with monitoring and not residing within 2000ft of school and park for taking a leak on the street. that is waste of tax payer money in prisons and criminal reg programs. also its unknown if he commited those offences or he was staged (possibly blackmailed by our county or national government to shut him up, or whatever).

by Barb

Thursday Mar 24th, 2011 1:21 PM

Well, we care because in this case a51 year old man, Steven BruceOrcutt, unlawful violated a14 year old child and also he was charged with child pornography. He has no business serving as the co-chair of the Contra Costa County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party. This monster is also seeking appointment as a member of the State Central Committee of the party at the upcoming meeting on the first weekend in Fresno.Let the chair of the party C.T Weber know that you oppose this appointment.

by activist

Monday Aug 29th, 2011 3:04 PM

Runninghorse was at the Tea Party / Green Party protest in Napa this weekend, taking a leadership role with the young Napa Greens who did not have much experience.He took the lead in helping to sideline the protest into an alley along the side of the Fairgrounds where the Tea Party event was, where the police then blocked everyone off and no one could hear them — classic. I’d heard from a woman in the earlier protest with mostly Labor people that they did the same thing to them.

Frank appeared on the scene just before the march and made himself busy handing out signs, organizing everyone, handing out some kind of flier, and standing on the crate to pose as a leader — he was an “instant organizer” who then helped lead the group down the path the police wanted them to go down to neutralize them.

He also misled a local 9/11 group here in the Bay Area in getting them to buy a copier that he kept at his place, and then he used for his own work. He would show up to table at events totally stoned, his eyes all red, and with fliers that were utter nonsense, scribbles, basically.

Either Runninghorse preys on activists for his own reasons, or for the reasons of others, but in the end, you don’t know his agenda, he uses a fake name and has a prison record.

Is this the person we want leading our college activists around?


Here are posts about another Runninghorse supported event:

This is not support, this is co-optation by fringe wingnuts

by keep it real

Friday Jan 7th, 2011 12:32 PM

This is really pathetic. Where to begin? Sigh…The Santa Cruz Coalition to free Julian Assange and Bradley Manning is anything but a coalition. How many local Santa Cruz organizations were contacted about joining this coalition? Let’s see, no WILPF, no RCNV, no Women In Black, no Veterans for Peace, et al. The list is very telling by who wasn’t contacted or included.

The list of endorsers misrepresents several organizations:

–The State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party has not endorsed this event, and neither has the P&F Party Santa Cruz County Council. Neither of the above were approached for an endorsement. If anything, it should read, Contra Costa County Council of the Peace & Freedom Party.
–The Students for a Democratic Society should read Diablo Valley College chapter of SDS.

Both of the above endorsements were provided by Frank Runninghorse and do not accurately reflect any endorsement by the parent organizations. Frank Runninghorse’s problematic history has already been addressed in previous posts.

–The League for a Revolutionary Party sounds like the Revolutionary League for a Workers’ Party, and is most likely Steve forgetting what he named his organization, membership of one.

As to the rest of the speakers…

James Cosner, a professor of history. Uh-huh… An adventuristic activist prone to solo actions that serve to discredit the causes he champions. Last sightings in Santa Cruz … arrested for illegal postering in support of Mumia, and briefly ran a speaker’s group at the Vet’s Hall featuring ex-BLA, ex-AIM, and other ‘overthrow the government’ types.

Don’t know Bob Meola. Perhaps Berkeley folks can enlighten us?

Everyone in Santa Cruz knows Robert Norse, and he, like Cosner, also engages in actions that serve to discredit the causes he champions. (I’m being very polite here.)

Steve Pleich, recently ran for SC City Council, with a decent platform. Possibly the least discredited activist on the speaker line-up, but if he hangs with the rest of these guys any longer, all bets are off.

Steven Argue is the Revolutionary League for a Workers’ Party and Liberation News. To portray himself as a mere member of these so-called organizations is blatant chicanery. They are Steve and Steve respectively, and nothing more.

MDS is the Movement for a Democratic Society, and the parent organization was not contacted for an endorsement. Probably another Frank Runninghorse chapter and endorsement.

And, finally, where is the supposed march going? In this time of heightened tension downtown, Steve proposes a march to where? The “Coalition” doesn’t say. Irresponsible, at the very least. In a flier sent out, there is mention of buses of people coming in from San Francisco and Oakland. My prediction is that there will be no buses, but the police will have a beefed up presence nevertheless, and crack down due to the un-permitted nature of the event. (Correct me if cop puncher Steve applied for a permit from the SCPD for his march, hah!)

If folks really want to support Bradley Manning, (and you should), then go to the official Bradley Manning support site and join their efforts. Also helping out with Manning’s defense are Courage to Resist . These two organizations both have mailing lists and further info on how to get involved and are giving actual support. It is telling that neither of these organizations have endorsed the Santa Cruz event. Bradley Manning & Julian Assange deserve real support, not posturing from pseudo-revolutionaries.

If you want to go to the event, then by all means do so, but please do not donate any money at the event. There is absolutely no accountability with the individuals involved. Send your money to the above two legitimate organizations.

Stay informed and stay aware…

Looking up Aghast

by Now THERES a vote of support!

Saturday Dec 11th, 2010 8:13 AM

Wow Steve Argue, you have the support of Steve Orcutt?…er, I mean SteveRunninghorse!?-The same Steve Runninghorse who ta 40-year old ran for student body president at DVC, but then lost the position because he wasn’t actually taking enough classes?

-The same Steve Runninghorse charged and convicted in 2005 at age 50 for having sex with a 14 year old, and for possessing child pornography?

-The same Steve who subsequently failed to register as a sex-offender when he returned to DVC?

-Steve who was arrested for battery of a student in 2010?

-Steve whose more commonly called “Runningmouth”, and who actually has no native american blood in him?

Steve Argue, I take it back. If you have an endorsement like that ,you MUST be okay.



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