Yet ANOTHER Opinion on Sex Offender “Frank Runninghorse”


From: Renata Sdao <>
Subject: PFP Party Leadership
Date: Friday, July 8, 2011, 1:00 PM

C.T. Weber
PFP Chair

Dear Mr. Weber:

I have been a PFP voter since coming to California in 1986.  Even when I lived outside California and PFP was not an option, I affiliated myself with the party and its principles and policies. I trace my loyalty to the PFP to the mid 1970s when I first became politically relevant.  After exploring numerous options, I knew that the PFP was the only choice for me.

I’m writing you because I am concerned about allegations circulating regarding the character of the person appointed as PFP Chair of Contra Costa County.  There are concerns that the State Central Committee erred in not conducting a more thorough investigation of this matter and that it was dismissive of those who urged it to do so.  The charges being alleged are severe.  This is not the case of a reformed dope smoker but of someone whose original accusations included pedophilia and child pornography and the SCC owes a duty to its members to thoroughly investigate and to respond to all inquiries regarding its investigation.  If we want to be a relevant voice in the political arena our ethical values need close examination.  Both Republicans and Democrats have ousted prominent members for lesser offenses.  Are we sure we want to go this far?

The PFP is a small organization and a scandal of this caliber could cause serious damage to the party. If the allegations are true, we need to consider whether this is an appropriate person for party leadership.  If not, then they need to be addressed clearly and publicly.  Please relay my concerns to the SCC.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Renata Sdao

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